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Chapter 358: Spiritmaster Xiao Zuo’en (1)

Inside the silent room, Master Tian and Li Mingfang gaped at the meter-plus-long fire dragon with wide eyes. They were both deeply astonished in body and heart.

Swoosh… Xu Yangyi softly waved, and the fire-dragon vanished without a trace. Afterwards, he vaguely brushed an eye over Li Mingfang.

“M-Master!” Li Mingfang suddenly jumped up, his face flushed red. “Beifeng City’s Li Family is willing to provide all requirements for you! The Li Family can satisfy anything, as long you propose something!!!”

As a businessman, he understood the concept of grasping opportunity all too well. This young man’s mere move was something he’d never seen! Never even heard of!

With the backing of such a spirit-master, not to mention surpassing those top companies, even the three major national qi corporations weren’t out of reach! Behind the three major qi corporations were three great state-magi! However, the three state-magi were never heard of being capable of qi manifestation! 

Master Tian also stood up, his breathing rushed. He said with reddened eyes, “Master Xu, although the Li Family isn’t number one among all qi corporations, its treatment towards spirit-masters ranks in the top five! Even ranking at the top of the entire continent!”

“As long as you agree, the Li Clan will take charge of all future cultivation resources!” Li Mingfang licked his lips that had become chapped due to tremendous excitement. His voice carried the trace of an excited rasp, “And once you work for the Li Family for fifty years, you’ll get 5% of the Li Family’s shares! Oh, no, they’ll be original issue stocks! Sir, you, your family, and descendants, will never grow hungry as long as the Li Family doesn’t fall!”

“And, the Li Family will hold a university lecture for you free of charge! A lecture trip around the continent! We’ll also take on all resources for you to apply in fifty years to the ten spirit-masters who’ve made a major impact! All you have to do is say the word!”

The room became quiet again after the pair’s rapid-fire succession of conditions. There was only the sound of panting. Xu Yangyi didn’t answer. He gently sipped his tea and eventually said, “You’re taking charge of things?”

“You probably aren’t the one calling the shots in the Li Family.”

Quite simply, if Li Mingfang was in charge, that police captain wouldn’t have dared to be so impolite to him. Xu Yangyi even theorized that this person in the Li Family might’ve only been in a second-rate group. There were many people who likely didn’t know his name. The promise Li Mingfang had made was not something his status could handover.

Li Mingfang nodded. “That’s right… esteemed father Li has seven sons, and I’m the one with the least success. In any case, though, I have 5% of shares in my possession. So, I can still afford your price.”

Xu Yangyi thought to himself. “I’m not interested in your stocks or your empty name in the slightest.”

The currency of a lower realm was wasted paper to him. What’s more, they’d always mentioned “qi”. After qi solidified to the utmost, “spirit stones” were formed, yet this word hadn’t been mentioned. This could only explain that they didn’t know anything about spirit stones. Perhaps the entire Clearcloud Realm was unaware. 

Deep despair flashed across Li Mingfang’s face, but Xu Yangyi’s words in the next second pulled him together again.

“If I serve as the Li Family’s spirit-master, what duties are there?”

“There aren’t any duties!” This time, Master Tian immediately followed, “Only… when there are some disputes once in a while will you be required to go out and take care of some minor business, that’s all.”


“Yes. Like our Li Family, there are other families. Because there are disagreements over some qi-rich areas, both parties write out a price that’s more or less the same. No one wants to step aside, so… that’s when the spirit-masters come into play. Whichever family has the stronger spirit-master gets the land. This applies to land, but it isn’t limited to just land. That’s the rule of the Clearcloud Realm’s qi corporations.”

Xu Yangyi nodded. “I can agree to your request. I only have one of my own.”

Li Mingfang didn’t light up with joy. In his opinion, he’d put forth such generous treatment, even exceeding the Li Family’s current quasi-high spirit-master by a fold. Nonetheless, Xu Yangyi hadn’t even agreed to this. In that case, the request he proposed certainly wouldn’t be simple.

“I want a plot of land,” Xu Yangyi said indifferently. “Absolutely quiet and absolutely secret. The qi has to be strong, too.”

“I need the usage rights to this land for at least twenty years. During the time I use it, no one can enter, unless they gain my permission. It has to be around a thousand meters in size.”

Instead of looking for a place to reach Foundation Establishment himself, it would be better to have a more suitable native do it.

Li Mingfang stared blankly, quickly sinking into contemplation.

The price of a qi-rich plot of land was incalculable. It could be said that sitting on it earned a profit. The price… could even reach up to 3% of originally issued stock. He didn’t have much land like this under his control! Any single plot was of peak importance!

A minute later, he lifted his head up and firmly clenched his teeth. “Fine as can be… the Li Family richest plot is being worked on by a development team. I can call them back, but…”

Xu Yangyi laughed, “There’s no harm in buts.”

“But… this land is being used by Master Xiao…” Li Mingfang awkwardly lowered his head and sighed, a crafty glint flashing through his eyes. “If he doesn’t allow it, we can’t do anything at all. After all, he previously signed a contract…”

“Anyways, there’s no issue with the second-richest plot. If Master Xu wants, we’ll call back the development team at once.”

“Master Xiao?”

“Yes… Master Xiao Zuo’en.” A rare, proper look appeared on Master Tian’s face. “Master Xiao is stronger than I am. Right now, he’s the Li Family’s pillar. Moreover…” he paused and said full of hidden meaning, “He… is one who has the character ‘En’ in his name.” [ref]“En” = 恩. First tone over the E. This character means favor, grace, kindness.”

Xu Yangyi became interested. “One who has the character ‘En’?”

“Yes…” Master Tian explained in detail, “State-Magus Mu, Mu Yang, State-Magus Cui, Cui Xusheng, State-Magus Zu, Zu Huai’en. Any of the state-magi’s disciples use their master’s character in their name, representing that he is his student… Master Xiao is the fifth-generation disciple of Master Zu Huai’en…”

Xu Yangyi smiled faintly. He studied Li Mingfang for ages and then said, “Then take me where Master Xiao is tomorrow. And get ready to call back the development team on his land.”

“Yes… huh?”

“Didn’t hear me clearly?” Xu Yangyi slowly stood up. “Prepare a quiet room. No one’s allowed to enter without my permission. Also, I don’t need servants, and I don’t need to eat, either. Don’t use these things to disturb me.”

“Alright, no problem. Uncle Long, you take Master Xu to rest.”

Uncle Long walked in respectfully and took Xu Yangyi out. The door softly closed. Only then did Master Tian sigh, “He figured it out… Old Li, you… are taking on a bit too much danger… Luckily, he didn’t get angry.”

“He wouldn’t get angry,” Li Mingfang said certainly. “He’s got such confidence. Naturally, we have to weigh his power, as well. This is plot with the richest qi! Master Xiao is State-Magus Zu’s disciple, so we gave him this land. Plus, he didn’t restrict us from mining it. Now, Master Xu’s gone and barred anyone from entering. If Master Xiao doesn’t allow it, we can’t do a thing. But if Master Xu wants it, he’ll have to take it himself.”

“Moreover…” he snorted coldly, “ever since Master Xiao came, what hasn’t he demanded? What has he done right? He’s been asked plenty of times to show up, but he actually keeps on raising his price like his life depends on it! I’ve wanted to drive him out for a long time now! For a super-greedy guy like him to be a spirit-master… the heavens really are blind!”

“And I’m blind as well…” he finished speaking and sighed. “Master Xiao’s stuck in Section A-31 like a root. He clearly wants to suck me in dry… How was such a tumor invited?! He’s still State-Magus Zu’s disciple, though.”

Silence. After several seconds, Master Tian sighed, “Old Li, I can’t do anything. I… am not his opponent.”

Li Mingfang waved his hand and said lowly, “Then… what do you think of Master Xu?”

“Master Xiao is in no way his opponent!” Just as Li Mingfang’s voice fell, Master Tian immediately confirmed. “Old Li, didn’t you see? I’m afraid that even State-Magus Zu would concede to that move just now! My experience is shallow, and although I don’t know who’s stronger between State-Magus Zu and him, he can definitely take down Xiao Zuo’en in twenty moves!”

Time passed quickly. Xu Yangyi didn’t meditate but instead opted to head straight to sleep. The qi here was too thin. Meditating and sleeping were more or less the same.

On the morning of the next day, Master Tian was already waiting at the door for him. Upon seeing Xu Yangyi come out, he laughed, “Are you prepared, Master Xu? Then shall we go now?”

Xu Yangyi nodded and got into car together with the old man. An hour later, they arrived at a private aircraft area outside Baizhai City.

“Please.” Master Tian took the lead to get up from his seat first. Five minutes later, a helicopter droned and slowly ascended from the ground.

The State of Shangchen was a landlocked nation. The Endless Sea couldn’t be seen. During the entire journey, Xu Yangyi didn’t rest. He instead examined the Clearcloud Realm’s mountains, rivers, grasslands, and forests.

A majority of the landscape wasn’t different from Earth. There were a small minority of plants he couldn’t name. What made him feel regret, though, was that the aircraft was too high up. His spiritual sense couldn’t spread out so far, so he couldn’t clearly see whether there were any familiar spirit plants below.

“If there aren’t any spirit plants, my cultivation is going to be delayed. Once I reach Foundation Establishment, concocting pills is going to be the same as cultivating… no…”

He pressed down on his temples achingly. His current worry wasn’t whether or not he could cultivate. The damn Eternal Alchemy Canon and the pill-cauldron meridians in his body required the ignition of flame! He was none the wiser of the Vermilion Bird Fire’s tracks right now! He knew there was no way for him to go get it, either!

It wasn’t a question of delaying his cultivation, but whether or not he could continue cultivating!

“I’ll get to Foundation Establishment first and talk about this later.” He closed his eyes and allowed his spiritual sense to spread. The aircraft turned at a mountain, and his brows suddenly furrowed. This mountain… the backside was unexpectedly all like crystal!

Regardless of grass or wood, or perhaps the mountain itself, it was like one piece of extremely pure crystal!

Down below… he could feel strong qi! Although it was far from comparing to Earth’s great mountains, the region was much richer than some county cities! It was just that… the inside was being firmly confined by this crystalline shell.

“This is the Crystallized Forest. Legend says that it was a large graveyard in the old days. I’m not sure how it became like this. The surface is also very durable. Even the strongest drilling machines can’t tunnel through.” Upon seeing Xu Yangyi open his eyes, Master Tian quickly explained, “Our destination, Spirit Land A-31, is in this forest.”

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