Chapter 365: Foundation Establishment (1) XTB's Thoughts


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None of the stones or Xu Yangyi moved whatsoever. But at this moment, the stones were neat and carefully done, just like when they’d been set in dozens of years ago. In the wake of Xu Yangyi’s finger, they violently shuddered!

Soon a crash rang out like fine rain. The stones actually started drying out from the inside! In less than a minute, they were like muddy clumps drained of water. The clumps became flakes of flying ash, all of them scattering through the wind.

A trace of joy flashed through Xu Yangyi’s eyes. He had finally succeeded in training the Heavenly Opening First Erosion! Three whole years of time for the first star of the Nine Glorious Stars Descent, the first move of the Heavenly Opening Six Erosions, the Heavenly Opening First Erosion: Devour Blood!

“No… not just this…” He smiled and a soft green screen of light radiated from his seated body and mingled together with the golden light coming off of him. Unexpectedly, a kind of divine feeling was revealed.

Inside the room, his body ascended higher and higher. This was a Foundation Establishment cultivator’s embodiment of flight! Still, he knew that he hadn’t reached Foundation Establishment.

Nonetheless… he was already infinitely approaching Foundation Establishment!

He was merely one step short, a cultivator’s first major pitfall! The single step of Foundation Establishment!

“Ten years, a whole ten years. I haven’t finished one move… but three!” The light of his eyes pulsed, and the smile at the crook of his mouth became even fuller. Both of his hands slowly rose up, and the entire villa immediately seemed unable to bear the earth, making droning noises.

Huuummm… Crash… Outside the villa, Tian Guotao, who was about to return, bolted up on his feet and looked at the building in awe. Right now, the entire structure was swaying! Countless bricks, tiles, and pieces of cement were all greatly shaking! As if… someone inside was drawing out its bones!

Xu Yangyi noiselessly extended a finger and aimed it straight at the top of his head. He said in an apathetic voice, “Devour Bone.”

BOOM!!! The villa thundered loudly! In moments, a rumble was heard, and countless fractured cement boards were crushed into pieces!

The cement was perfectly undamaged, but all the steel bars and room beams inside collapsed! This led the entire villa to fall apart.

Rumble… An expanse of smoke and dust swept through the area. Tian Guotao fell into a daze and rushed over as if he was insane. He feared that something had happened to Xu Yangyi. As he came within ten meters of the villa, though, he came to a halt. Afterwards… his two legs began to shake ceaselessly.

Terrible… so terrible!

A heavy qi utterly different from his own followed in the wake of the villa’s destruction and finally exploded free!

Swoosh… There was no wind, but the grass on the ground all swished backwards. A small cyclone seemed to erupt in the villa. In the smoke and dust of the building’s collapse, Xu Yangyi was gradually ascending in a domain of azure light interwoven with gold. He rose up higher and higher, even going fifty meters all the way up!

“This is…” A droning sound rang out in Tian Guotao’s mind, and he looked at the shut-eyed Xu Yangyi with eyes wide and mouth ajar. “Flight…”

“This is the flight of legend! Only Grandmaster Zhang was able to reach this step! No… that’s only the Zhang Family’s legend!”

Now, right before his eyes was the true embodiment!

“Master Tian.” Xu Yangyi slowly opened his eyes. Even though he’d already restricted his might to the lowest, the area had still been utterly destroyed under the Heavenly Opening Third Erosion.

“I’m here!” Tian Guotao seemed to wake up from his reverie. Unable to restrain his emotions, he took a knee on the ground. “Please give me instruction, Master Xu!”

Xu Yangyi nodded, and the corner of his mouth slowly curved up. “You’ve worked hard in these ten years.”

Tian Guotao’s heart was beating chaotically. He felt… a nameless sensation. He felt that in these next several days, a great change would come upon Master Xu’s body. A kind of change… like phoenix’s nirvanic rebirth!

He didn’t know what this was. Some kind of feeling dimly told him that this step was the divide between heaven and man. If Master Xu passed it, he would transform into another kind of person!

“It wasn’t hard!” He was reverent and respectful. Under Xu Yangyi’s totally unrestrained and unmasked spiritual sense, fat beads of sweat slid down his face. He gritted his teeth and said, “Thank you for your direction, Master Xu. Without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today!”

Xu Yangyi laughed noncommittally, “I once said.”

“There is an event of good fortune for you in these ten years.” He closed his eyes again. “Prepare yourself…”

“Yes…” Tian Guotao’s throat stirred in excitement, crowing with hoarseness.

“Also, starting from now, anyone who enters the surrounding thousand meters,” Xu Yangyi paused and said coldly, “execute all of them.”

“No matter who it is.”


There was no conversation. The area sunk into silence once more.

Xu Yangyi began to pacify his mindset, preparing… to welcome the challenge now of intersecting heaven and man!

A day passed, two days passed, and after the third day… Xu Yangyi floated in the air, similar to an azure sun, and Tian Guotao guarded the area within a thousand meters like the most loyal steward.

A whole seven days.

After seven days, Xu Yangyi finally opened his eyes again and looked at the battle-ready Tian Guotao who wasn’t too far away. Without warning, he laughed, “It has begun.”

What had begun?

Before the old man even reacted, Xu Yangyi took a deep breath and answered the summons in his heart for the first time!

Boom!!! The inside of his mind went blank! The immense and massively bulging foundation platform suddenly began to spin! Soon… it hummed and shook!

BOOM!!! Meanwhile a resplendent white halo in the outside world scattered with Xu Yangyi as the nexus! A magnificent ring of qi was painted between heaven and earth. At the same time, the surrounding several hundred meters of land started to quake! Endless wind surged forth from all around. Each gust of wind carried slivers of qi, just like they were iron and now being attracted by a magnet!

Amidst the surge, wind interweaved and melded together. In the end… inside an area of a hundred meters approaching Xu Yangyi, visible streaks of qi unexpectedly took shape! They were akin to the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, fiercely rushing towards his body!

In the spirit storm, Xu Yangyi unleashed the Baihui meridian at the top of his head. In an instant, a ray of soaring white light fired straight out!

Swoosh… The light illuminated an area of a hundred meters!

“My god…” Tian Guotao, who was originally standing, tumbled onto the ground with a thud. He said in a shaky voice, “I-Is this an immortal?!”

“Qi… Qi that can only be collected through machines actually… It’s actually completely solidified now?! Goodness… t-this is unbelievable!”

Beep… Beep… Beep… At the same time, a few-hundred kilometers away in Beifeng City’s central area, the sound of beeps echoed. In the city’s tallest building, owned by the Li Family, all the machines inside the top-floor surveillance room were blaring loudly!

At the side, three specialists in white gowns were having a discussion. Upon hearing this sound, they were at first dazed, but then immediately turned to look at the device-filled room. To their astonishment, they discovered that apart from one device emitting an orange light, all the others revealed red alarm-lights!

“What happened?!” 

“Don’t tell me someone is attacking our Li Family?!” 

“This is Beifeng City! Who would risk something like that?!”

After crying out in surprise, they rushed over at once. The trio acted in tandem as if they were psychically linked, each of them operating an apparatus. 

Clack… They seemed telepathically connected again. In less than three seconds, they raised their heads all together and looked at each other incredulously.

Drip… A drop of cold sweat landed in front of a device. Amidst the cry of ear-piercing beeps, it seemed to be particularly distinct.

“How… How is this possible?!?!?!” The voice of a middle-aged man wearing glasses distorted somewhat. “A situation like this has never happened in the entire Clearcloud Realm! What about you guys? What’s going on over there! Hurry up and tell me!”

“Anluo County’s major qi area is moving!” A fairly young specialist was drenched in cold sweat and gritted out, “This has never happened before… The county’s qi… seems to be getting sucked in by something. It’s doing its best to separate from where it should it be!”

“It’s not the only one, though. The neighboring Heshui, Pingan, and Nitang Counties are all strategic qi locations! All the qi is moving!!! And in the same direction!”

I’m the same here, too!” The last specialist was likewise pale-faced. “All the qi of Qionghua and Cangming Counties are moving! All of it’s also heading towards the same direction!”

The middle-aged man’s Adam’s apple dryly gulped. “I’ve investigated where it is…”

“District A-31… the very center! All qi is moving there! The velocity is something rarely seen in the world! No, barely at all! And…” He shakily pointed at the the only machine showing golden light. “Over there… the qi’s already over capacity! It’s gone over District A-31’s central load! And it keeps on climbing!”

“Teacher Zhao! Teacher Chen! Teacher Yu!!!” At this time, the door was pushed open, and a young man ran in, panting for air. He shouted loudly, “All qi supply of Beifeng City’s seven counties is being cut off! Is it…”

Before he even finished speaking, his next words became firmly stuck in his mouth like a hand was lodged in his throat.

Beep beep beep… A grating screech was terribly sudden amidst the clamor and deathly silence in the room. He no longer needed to look… All the spirit-lands of Beifeng City, the Li Family’s foundation, were in a state of emergency!

“HURRY! Hurry and inform Director Li!!!”

Before the telephone was even dialed, a mature woman around twenty-six or twenty-seven years old was stationed on the top floor. She wore an office lady’s dress that revealed her outline and a fitting wine-red shirt. She was in a slim sapphire-blue woman’s suit, and she wore black high-heels with a crystal flower on each one. Her two jade legs were semi-covered by a layer of sensual black lace. An alluring triangular shadow took form underneath her knee-length skirt.

She was beautiful, but this beauty moreover carried a kind of maturity. Not of a honey peach, but a rose flower. Rose flower blossoming in the deep of night, still left unplucked. Her sweet perfume could be smelled.

At this moment, she abruptly sensed… that the sky appeared to flash. Her elegant eyes slightly raised upwards and scanned the horizon. In moments, she was on her feet, and gasped coldly. She looked on in shock beyond the wide window!

In a place far, far away… a pillar of soaring light suddenly shone! It was like a bridge between heaven and earth!

For three seconds, she stared in a daze and snapped over to the detailed map of Beifeng City hanging behind her office desk!

“That’s… the direction of District A-31!” She couldn't help but ball her creamy-white hands into fists. “Is it… him?”

“Young Miss Li Wanxue!” All of a sudden, her door was pushed open, and her secretary rushed in. She gasped for breath and said in a low voice, “Something big has happened! District A-31’s absorbed all qi from Beifeng City’s seven counties! All of Beifeng City’s qi is heading over there right now! It’s just like, just like something is sucking it in there!”

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