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Chapter 407: Dharmadhatu (11)

The middle-aged man’s gaze was brimming with anger, and he disdainfully brushed an eye over Xu Yangyi. “What damn use is an insignificant Foundation Establishment cultivator? I still haven’t given him the bill for opening the seal! Get him out of here!”

“I’ll have to trouble you,” Xu Yangyi said with a calm expression, “But who is this?”

Enihilus murmured, “Fellow Daoist Rocjourney. He has already been here for centuries.”

Xu Yangyi nodded. “So he’s a middle-stage Foundation Establishment gardener.”

The area became quiet. Rocjourney glared daggers at Xu Yangyi. After a long time, he began to coldly laugh, “In that case… I’ll let you know the difference between you and a gardener…”

Before his voice even fell, the view before his eyes suddenly brightened! In the next moment, ten purple fire-dragons erupted from under his feet and formed a purple cage, forcibly trapping him inside!

Xu Yangyi had brazenly attacked!


The Ten Cardinals Purgatory unleashed a sky-shaking howl, and ten fire-dragons lunged down at the center of the cage in unison. Rocjourney stared blankly and then shouted in anger, “Such dog courage you have!!!”

“Shifting Flowers On Tree!”

Boom! The fire-dragons almost burned a hundred meters! Vast fields of grass and flowers were torched, yet Enihilus simply furrowed his brows. While he didn’t speak out, Rocjourney’s extremely furious voice was already echoing all around like rolling thunder.

“You dare damage the Garden of the Twin Sal-Trees?!?!?! You trash, you don’t even have the qualifications to be used as fertilizer!!! I’m going to crush your bones and scatter your ashes… scatter them into the endless sea!”

Enihilus remained quiet.

Because of his sect, he absolutely wouldn’t speak harsh words. However, he was likewise disappointed. The one to arrive was actually a Foundation Establishment cultivator! That was right… before the entity down below awakened, it was only Foundation Establishment. Still, such a Foundation Establishment being could even be considered a headache for the Core Formation cultivator who had previously come!

That moreover wasn’t to state… that there was only one chance to reseal that entity again. But in any case, he didn’t want that chance to be squandered in the hands of a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Xu Yangyi’s gaze flashed. In the fire-dragon, scorched wood burned. There was no longer a trace of Rocjourney’s silhouette. Yet in the next moment… a wild squall seemed to sweep through the grass, the entire lawn blowing backwards.

“DIE!!!” Like a clap of thunder, an angry shout rang out again. In the sky, a large golden fifty-meter-sized hand suddenly formed! With harsh winds that flooded the sky, it directly pushed down on Xu Yangyi!

Boom! While the palm had yet to come, its spiritual pressure arrived first! A middle-stage Foundation Establishment divine ability was much stronger than an initial-stage one! In addition… Rocjourney evidently wasn’t a normal Foundation Establishment cultivator! Under the palm’s pressure, Xu Yangyi seemed to face a giant mountain. Surprisingly, the ground around him uniformly caved in! A fifty-meter-sized palm imprint appeared with a boom!

Xu Yangyi’s gaze turned cold. His arrival here was a mystery, and this person didn’t know how to distinguish between right and wrong. He felt that the middle-aged man’s prior disdain wasn’t worth his action, but this time… he was actually the attacker!

“You want to play hide-and-seek?” he chuckled darkly, and his clothes fluttered underneath the massive spiritual pressure. His hands weaved seals at lightning speed. “Get out here!”

Pill Cauldron Is My Heart! Myriad Spirits Suppression!

Hum… In his mind, a hum sounded, and his spiritual sense wildly swelled! A few tenths of a second later, a sharp, formless hiss suddenly echoed from where he was standing! With a casual wave of his hand, his spiritual sense fired out all around! Streaks of black qi, visible to the naked eye, surged everywhere like a fountain!

Rumble! Black and gold violently collided in the air! A hundred meters of the garden swayed! Both sides vanished into nothingness at the same time, and great spiritual pressure turned into wind pressure, chaotically blowing countless flowers and plants through the air.

“Hmph!!!” a cold snort rang out, “Insignificant talent!” [1]

“Rocjourney…” At this time, Enihilus’s voice suddenly rang out. “Get out the way!”

The brilliance of the golden and black spiritual light concealed everything. Although the formless Rocjourney didn’t see… he could clearly make out that a string of black qi hadn’t dissipated! On the contrary, the light was like two snakes intertwining. Hidden in the shining spiritual light, Xu Yangyi rushed straight to where Rocjourney was in the air!

In the next second, a miserable cry was heard, and the void faintly shook. Rocjourney’s silhouette appeared again.

He painfully carried his head, but looked to Xu Yangyi with a bloodshot gaze. “Insect… you actually injured me… Do you know who I am?!?!”

What answered him was a finger. At the same time, endless ice appeared on the ground! The ice sealed a hundred meters all around!

A ray of black qi rapidly spun at Xu Yangyi’s fingertip. In a flash, grass and flowers became ice sculptures. The qi was aimed at the raging Rocjourney!

“I don’t know who you are.” Infinite black light condensed at Xu Yangyi’s fingertip. The qi kept without scattering, and he icily looked at Rocjourney. “We’re both at Foundation Establishment, but you dare to speak so arrogantly. Where did you get self-confidence?”

Rocjourney stared blankly and then reared his head back, roaring with laughter. “YOU?!”

“Just by yourself?! You’re not even middle-stage, but you dare question me?”

His fill of laughter had, the bearded man lowered his head and laughed coldly, “A mosquito might bite a giant, but do you think it can kill one? How ridiculous!”

Before his voice even fell, though, the smile on his face suddenly went stiff.

This might… was odd!

The black light was gradually spinning more intensely! He even sensed… a boundless murderous intent within it! This spiritual force’s power seemed to cross centuries, separating space and striding through worlds to come!

He wouldn’t be able to withstand it!

“How is this possible?!?!” A feeling of extreme disbelief bubbled up in his mind. He had even forgotten to dodge, instead looking dazedly at the endless black light forming at Xu Yangyi’s hand. “Earth’s already in the End of Days! This isn’t a secret to the nearby Lesser Thousand Realms! If it weren’t for there not being any Core Formation cultivators in the nearby Lesser Thousand Realms, Earth’s current master position would be hard to guarantee!”

“He’s still a foot shy from middle-stage Foundation Establishment, and his realm is lower than mine! But this divine ability is actually making my skin crawl! My intuition is telling me to dodge!”

That’s right! He said he didn’t have a rank on Earth! Someone without a rank definitely couldn’t have obtained this level of divine ability! He’s lying to me… he must be! This move is just for show, it’s just pretty on the outside and crap on the inside! 

Upon thinking of this, Rocjourney readied himself for battle. His fists clenched tightly, and talismans brightened all over his body.

He was prepared to forcibly resist this move!

“I want to see… how long this fancy move of yours can last!”

Still… why was he so panicky in his heart?

Enihilus was already standing.

In his ancient eyes, he likewise looked at Xu Yangyi incredulously. As an outsider in this scenario, he felt this move’s danger.

It wouldn’t kill Rocjourney, but it was enough to leave him in a world of pain! He would sustain heavy injuries!

But… Rocjourney’s status was incredibly special. He couldn’t be allowed to be hurt!

“Stay your hand.” Enihilus finally stood out and said gravely. He recited a long Buddhist chant.

“Stay my hand?” Rocjourney stared blankly, but then said fiercely, “Old man, could it be you’ve gone insane?”

“He’s a rank-less initial-stage Foundation Establishment. Even if he an upper-realm cultivator, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten my identity?!”

“I don’t believe he’s actually this strong…”

Before he even finished speaking, he and Enihilus gasped at the same time.

In front of Xu Yangyi, a black longsword swiftly rose up. All the black light was absorbed into the blade. Yet simultaneously, the sword’s surface brightened not with black light, but with an expanse of golden light!

“Dao-Armament?!” In the end, Enihilus couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. “Dao-Armament… that’s a Dao-Armament! Daoism’s sole magik treasure! There is no other! Handed down from ancient times! Benefactor actually has such an item in his hands!”

Perhaps others may not have known, but how could he not be aware as the Dao Sect’s sworn enemy!

This was terrible!

On his old and shiny forehead, a bead of cold sweat eventually appeared.

Was this really a rank-less cultivator from Earth?!

Hadn’t Xu Yangyi said… that Earth was already in the End of Days? How could Xu Yangyi be around the level of ancient cultivators…? No, it was quite possible… that Xu Yangyi had already transcended ancient cultivators of the same stage!

“Apologize!” Enihilus’s head spun around. The sleeve of his gown floated up, and he glared at Rocjourney. “Apologize now!”

“To him?!” Rocjourney fell into a daze. Soon, fiery anger erupted in his heart!

“You actually want me to apologize to this trash?! Given how honored my status is?!”

Before his words finished leaving his mouth, Enihilus had already strangely appeared before him. Radiant light flared all around from the monk’s old eyes, and he gritted out, “And what if… he attacks? I know that you must not be harmed, but does he? Granted he truly kills you on the spot, what use would your status be even if it was more honored!”

However, Xu Yangyi didn’t give him a chance to speak!

In the scintillating golden light on the Animus Armament, an image that Xu Yangyi hadn’t met for a long time quietly emerged.

A leopard-headed man saddled atop a horse with a boar’s head.

The Deity Tai Sui!

He hadn’t expected that using the Animus Armament to wield the Heavenly Opening Six Erosions would actually cause such a strange scene to appear!

Was this because of Ming Guangzong? Or the Animus Armament?

In top of that… a shaking sensation spread directly from the sword hilt. As if it was telling him… that this was the Heavenly Opening Six Erosion’s true might!

“This move… is a lot stronger than when I use it with nothing. Now that I carefully think about it, Wei Zhongxian’s move back then reigned over the entire lotus sea. What level of power was it at? My current realm is higher than his, but the power isn’t as strong. His strength was directly instilled by Celestial Master Zhang. This move, though… maybe it in itself has to be used with a sword. After all… the fifth erosion of the Heavenly Opening Six Erosions is the infamous Tianqi Explosion! The Xuan-Yuan Sword’s disaster!”

Upon thinking to this point, his spiritual force stirred. All of a sudden, without a sound, a deathly still and ominous qi, invisible and ring-shaped, quickly surged out all around!


While the atmospheric pressure was fast, the icy power was even faster! In the moment the qi erupted, it rushed out over 200 meters in the blink of an eye! And the cold air in this erosion overtook qi in an instant! It actually formed drifting frost in the air!

Two hundred meters of qi completely froze and shaped an absolute domain of cold ice!

Frost hovered, and cold ice reflected their shadow. The illuminated ice was like a mirror, snowy jade swept like dust!

“Huff…” Enihilus inhaled deeply, a tangled ball of confusion in his mind.

This person… was more fierce than ancient cultivators!

It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen ancient cultivators, but of the scant few he had seen… this person before him was in no way half a bit weaker!

Although he was not Core Formation, Xu Yangyi was enough to be called a supreme powerhouse below Core Formation!

However, now wasn’t the time to think about these things. Enihilus could sense… that sword seemed to have just underwent a “baptism”. The moment was short, but its power suddenly soared! It rose to the point… 

That in the blink of an eye, it had come before the middle of Rocjourney’s brows!

Although he was Great Circle Foundation Establishment, he surprisingly couldn’t react in his absent-minded state!

“STOP!!!” He couldn’t contain himself. At this moment, he, an elite cultivator of Buddhism, couldn’t take it. He used all of his strength to holler, “This place is the Garden of the Twin Sal-Trees!!!”

“You cannot hurt him!” Enihilus finally sighed deeply, and swung his tattered monk’s robe. A Great Circle Foundation Establishment cultivation fully erupted. Following a brittle crack, hacking noises soon barraged the ear. In the sky, countless azure leaves floated and wrapped up the frost. In his anxiousness, the monk had attacked with full power, only seeking to disperse this fatal world of ice and snow!

Bang bang bang! Numerous light echoes rang out. Enihilus’s gaze quickly flickered, and his body wildly trembled for a few seconds. Once he settled down, he studied Xu Yangyi deeply and said gravely, “He… is the seal of this place!”

“If Benefactor harms him, you will forever be unable to return to Earth!”


1. This is a pretty interesting idiom. “雕虫小技”, used to denote little skill, minor accomplishments, just a way to say you suck. The background originates from the history of the Sui dynasty by Lin Delin (530-590 CE). The exact translation would be “To carve an insect, little skill”, but this saying takes into account two sayings. “Carving a dragon” and “Carving an insect”. Carving a dragon indicates essay writing, but carving an insect points to showy calligraphy. So it becomes a comparison of which has more depth.

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