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Chapter 414: Dharmadhatu (18)

Spiritual sense was unable to pass through, and the gaze was moreover unable to see clearly. The nest almost filled up the entire passage. It was irregularly shaped, and endless black qi permeated it. It resembled an unopened eye, peering through every creature here.

However, the just-slain Nightmares numbered ten thousand after all, causing a little vacant corner to appear on the irregular black ball. Inside this little vacant corner… glints of obsidian light were slowly wafting out, as if it was a black sun that these hundred thousand Nightmares were revolving around.

“The Nightmares… all flew out from here?” Rocjourney only felt the inside of his mouth become a little dry. He hadn’t expected at all that this passage was actually so dangerous.

Xu Yangyi had already swallowed a good few medicinal pills. This item that only he could make allowed his recovery speed to far out-strip ordinary people’s. Likewise, he solemnly gazed at the black ball. There were so many… a hundred thousand Qi Condensation-level entities… Not to mention Foundation Establishment, even a Core Formation cultivator would harbor a grudge if they were here!

Swoosh… Swoosh… The farming hoe’s azure light was like electricity, charging towards the massive Nightmare nest. Rocjourney gasped coldly. Just as he was about to restrain the light, a hand grabbed onto him.

“What are you doing?!?!?!” Rocjourney turned his head, his forehead slick with a heavy layer of cold sweat. He glowered at Xu Yangyi. “If we don’t turn back and stop, we’ll just be courting death!!!”

“Then if we stop we might survive?” Xu Yangyi’s voice was flat, yet his tone didn’t allow question. “As soon as the Dream Walker wakes up, the great dream will shatter. Everyone will be buried along! You’re still worrying about personal gains and losses here?!”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh! Wind, sharp as a knife, made their clothes ripple. Rocjourney glared daggers at him and growled, “There are a hundred thousand Nightmares here! They’re blocking the entire passage! To go through is to die!”

But before his voice even fell, a sudden clap of thunder rang out from a silent place. In the Nightmare nest, one, two… a thousand… ten thousand… several thousand dark-green gazes quietly awakened in the darkness.

“REEE!!!” A wave of world-shaking roars rang out. The azure light was still 3,000 meters away from the Nightmare nest, but the nest now came to an immediate boil!

Hordes of Nightmares screeched. It was like black clouds were leaving the Nightmare nest one after another. In no less than five minutes, they transformed into a bottomless barrier that cut across the passage. And in the place they left… a giant shadow no less than a hundred meters in size was hanging upside down on a pitch-black 200-meter-sized object.

Swoosh… Two green lights, far beyond all the Nightmares, opened in the darkness. Golden slitted pupil stared ahead at the azure light, like the reaper. Soon, a pair of wings slightly fluttered, and a large abyss-like mouth opened and wildly howled, “SCREECH!!!”

This Nightmare… transcended all others! Following its appearance, all the Nightmares cried out in glee! Their cheers echoed throughout the firmament!

Peak middle Foundation Establishment!!!

BOOM!!! An enormous wind pressure came from ahead. Rocjourney gritted his teeth and formed a seal with both hands. “Permanent and Impermanent, Bodhi Heart!”

Huuummm! The farming hoe let out green light that glittered even brighter than before, and turned back in the air. Just as it was about to fly away, though, an ice-cold hand was already on Rocjourney’s throat.

“You’re insane…” Rocjourney gritted out, sweat soaking his clothes. “That’s a middle-stage Foundation Establishment Nightmare… What can you do to it?!”

Xu Yangyi’s icy voice was heard from behind. Although he was panting for air, his voice carried an obvious intent to attack. “You’re the seal, and I can’t kill you, but if you dare take half a step back, I’m going make sure you can’t move. Once I leave the second level, you’ll see a real nightmare!”

“How can we keep going?! “How?!” Ahead, black clouds pressed down. The countless Nightmares had already left their nest and were racing towards them. Rocjourney’s skin turned numb, and he couldn’t help but snarl, “It’s peak middle-stage Foundation Establishment! You and I are just at the start of the middle stage! My status is so honored! Only I can seal that monster! A fully demonized peak middle-stage Foundation Establishment! A hundred thousand initial-stage and middle-stage Qi Condensation! Who do you think you are?! The Highest Laozi?! The Buddha Tathagatha?!”

“You and I are merely middle-stage. If you want to die, I won’t keep you company!!! You are unworthy! SCRAM!!!”

Before Rocjourney even finished speaking, he only sense a stabbing pain in his mind. Without even time to scream, his head went spinning. Gasping, Xu Yangyi stood at the very front and then grabbed onto his body. Xu Yangyi’s azure light glimmered even more and charged straight at the hundred thousand Nightmares!

And in the middle of the Nightmares… their king, like a black moon, already had its wings completely unfolded!

“Fool…. Trash!” Rocjourney screamed at the top of his lungs, but he was no longer able to budge an inch. “I’ve cultivated for centuries! I’m not scared of death! But If If I don’t see the Dream Walker dying to the hands of an idiot like you… ! I am unwilling!!! Wolfbane… you will plunge the Clearcloud Realm into eternal damnation! Buddha will not forgive you!!! The Garden of the Twin Sal-Trees is here. Man acts, and then the heavens observe!!!”

“You are willful and obstinate in your actions! You won’t have a good death! You are doomed to receive Buddha’s ten-thousand-year curse!!! You will not enter Core Formation! Forever, you will wallow in the bitter sea!!!”

“SHUT UP!!!” Xu Yangyi’s thunderous voice rang out in Rocjourney’s ear. Afterwards, the demon slayer concentrated all his attention.

His left hand picked up the supreme-grade spirit stone, and his right picked up the Animus Armament. He was unable to deal with the heartache, but he brought the armament down on the stone with every fiber of his being!

Clang… The Animus Armament steadily pierced into the spirit stone. All of sudden… the entire space trembled!

There were no more than a hundred supreme-grade spirit stones in China. Here and now, what Xu Yangyi absorbed wasn’t from the outside, but truly from within! Without warning, as if the armament met a thunderbolt, the entire sword began to shake!

Huuummm… A surge of white light, like a descending sun, wrapped up Xu Yangyi in white radiance. Furthermore… a flaring spiritual force came from the armament! In almost an instant, Xu Yangyi returned to peak form!

“This is a thread of spiritual force from a supreme-grade spirit stone?” In shock, he eyed the fist-sized stone. Although he had cut the surface, the spirit stone had definitely received major damage. However… how could he care so much now?

“Heavenly Opening Sixth Erosion…” The spell revolved, and all his qi frantically poured into the armament. As he extracted qi out from the supreme-grade spirit stone, the area that revealed two-sixths of the imprints on the longsword was no longer like a mirror. On the contrary… it became a true sword of qi!

I Sacrifice My Spirit To Xuan Yuan! [1]

Swoosh! An ominous wind exploded from Xu Yangyi. As the wind reached where the Nightmare king was located, the king slightly paused and immediately unleashed a crazed scream. Just as it extended its massive black wings, it tightly bundled itself up! 

At the same time, the surrounding hundred thousand nightmares were likewise stunned. In the next moment, as if they had received some command, the all-covering black cloud returned to the Nightmare king and bundled around it! The enormous black moon reformed!

“Scared?” Xu Yangyi gasped for air. The power was too tremendous… The supreme-grade spirit stone’s spiritual force went beyond his imagination! However, the armament still wasn’t done absorbing the stone’s qi! It was as if a traveler in a desert finally saw an oasis.

“So am I… I can’t control it at all…” His hand hummed as it left the armament. At this moment, the sword’s body wasn’t erupting with a black aura… instead, an indescribable qi came forth!

The aura… of bravery!

Even a more cowardly person would feel roused from a strike of this qi.

The Animus Armament shook chaotically. Three seconds later, it suddenly let loose a dragon’s cry and stormed towards the black moon, with a sky of white light!

In the limitless darkness, a white beam of light, akin to the rising sun, stood against the several-hundred-meter-sized black moon.

“Heavenly Opening… Great Explosion…” Xu Yangyi’s hands formed a seal, and the white light suddenly turned red! An enormous mushroom cloud, far more terrifying than when he’d faced Nalan Liusu, loudly erupted through the entire passage!

“I wish you good luck.” Xu Yangyi licked his lips and sat down in the air. He fished out a medicinal pill and swallowed it, powerless to continue fighting.


Red light illuminated the darkness, burning each nook and cranny, and exploded from the very center of the black moon. There was no sound… everything seemed to be calm. Only a red sun bathed the surroundings. The deathly red was the crimson of nirvana, incinerating everything.

BOOM!!! The blast wave formed a visible tide at the very bottom. An endless black shadow was entirely ripped apart in the wake of a soundless scream. The Nightmares made no noise, or perhaps they did screech. Still, nothing was heard in the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion… 

Blast waves detonated for no less than ten minutes. Everything then returned to normal.

And while he black passage was the same black passage as before, the black moon… had already vanished without a trace. The Nightmare king within had been utterly annihilated in the explosion.

All around, numerous massive spatial cracks were even darker than the darkness. They opened one after another, and one could even see roaming blue lightning inside. Although it was unknown what level of might the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion could reach… it had already caused space here to almost collapse.

But amidst this, a sword was floating in the air.

It wasn’t damaged by a hair. Shockingly, it was the Animus Armament!

“Legend says you crossed moves with the Xuan-Yuan Sword? An emperor’s final reliance?” Xu Yangyi waved his hand, and the sword promptly flew over as if it had heard its master’s summons. He flicked out a finger, and a dragon’s cry echoed. “Who created you? When the Xuan-Yuan Sword caused the Tianqi murder, you actually came out completely unscathed? What kind of object… are you?”

To him, the Animus Armament was no longer too great of a point of doubt. Presently, he was curious of its true nature in itself.

Behind him, a trembling noise rang out, and Rocjourney finally stood up. Shocked, he surveyed the passage. His lips faintly trembled, and he wore an excited flush on his face. With extreme disbelief, he looked all around with wide eyes.

“You… You did it…” His voice was filled with complex feelings. “You actually did it… A fully demonized peak middle-stage Foundation Establishment Nightmare… A hundred thousand initial-stage Qi Condensation ones… You actually did it?!”

“What was that divine ability just now?! Unbelievable… you actually… urk… urk!”

Before his voice even fell, Xu Yangyi’s hand was around his throat, bringing Rocjourney to meet Xu Yangyi’s eyes.

“You’re the seal?” Xu Yangyi’s gaze revealed an unspeakably chilly glint. While he and Xu Yangyi were at the same stage, Rocjourney felt cold sweat on his back. Even his face was gorged red.

“You’re the seal?” Xu Yangyi was nearly gnashing his teeth, squeezing Rocjourney’s neck to the extent that cracking noises rang out. “Hmm?”

“Just because the forebear used you as the seal, does that mean you don’t have to fight, and you can just run off?! Hmm?”

“The twin sal-trees where Siddhartha Gautama died, the only place capable of growing bodhi seeds, created trash like you?! Hmm?!”

1. Xuan Yuan - the name of the Yellow Emperor.

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