Chapter 419: Dharmadhatu (23) XTB's Thoughts


“Kneel.” Floatingcloud said with a piteous tone. “Kiss my feet and obediently kowtow. Submit to me, and I can spare your lives. In addition… by my charity, I shall grant you all the eternal life that you yearn for even in your dreams.”

Silence. Eventually, Xu Yangyi breathed out. “Should I call you Fellow Daoist Floatingcloud now? Or Dream Walker?”

“I was thinking to myself how you were able to survive for so long… and I figured that’s how it was… Fellow Daoist Floatingcloud… you truly do have amazing courage and luck so good that it’s scary.”

“You… forcibly possessed the Dream Walker!”

“That’s why you can use divine abilities. That’s why you have the ability to transform qi into living beings. The Dream Walker… really is extraordinary. In some respect, it does indeed possess the legendary ability of immortals.”

As soon as Xu Yangyi spoke, Moonless and Rocjourney looked at him in shock. Bladevessel was an exception, though, his gaze just slightly flickering. Rocjourney was dazed for a second, and then cried out involuntarily, “H-He forced a possession on the Dream Walker?!”

“How?! What kind of terrible beast is the Dream Walker?! How was he able to forcibly possess the Dream Walker with his mortal body?”

Xu Yangyi closed his eyes. A few riddles had finally been solved.

The Clearcloud Realm’s everything could be said to be the fancy of novels. In his mind, a timeline had already taken shape. The Yuenü Tribe had brought in the first Dream Walker—forming the Clearcloud Realm’s dream—and Earth had sent away the second. After this… a matter that caused the Clearcloud Realm’s history to reverse had appeared!

That was the Cosmos Sun’s descent.

He hadn’t expected that Floatingcloud himself had also been on the Cosmos Sun! The sub-brain hadn’t spoken of this matter back then, leading him to believe that Floatingcloud had only dispatched the vessel instead of boarding it.

As it turned out, the fact was the other way around.

And the time of the crash just happened to be when Zhang Guangyao was acclaimed as Grand Master.

Because of the Cosmos Sun’s crash, the Clearcloud Realm’s sole cultivator, Zhang Guangyao, had arrived to this place through some unknown methods and discovered Floatingcloud. Furthermore, it was a mystery what methods had been used to strangely imprison the other. Then, as the plum tree withered in the place of the peach tree, Zhang Guangyao assumed Floatingcloud’s identity to enter Earth and become today’s Daomaster Floatingcloud.

No… there’s still a question… Xu Yangyi urgently contemplated, How… was Zhang Guangyao able to seal off Floatingcloud here? This… is the Dream Walker’s lair! Even for Foundation Establishment like us, it’s still extremely dangerous to get in. Back then, he was initial Foundation Establishment at most. How could he get here?

“Unless…” He opened his eyes, licked his lips, and looked straight at Floatingcloud. “He… is the Dream Walker himself! He has a massive connection with the Dream Walker, at the very least! Or maybe it’s because he entered the Final 10,000 Miles that he’s connected to the Dream Walker!”

“If that’s how it is, then everything is explainable… Enihilus said that the second Dream Walker wants to devour the Clearcloud Realm, so it needs opportunity. It’s truly in touch with the Clearcloud Realm, and understands that this legacy is the first Dream Walker’s. This opportunity… was very likely Zhang Guangyao. If he’s connected with the Dream Walker, then everything makes sense!”

“And the Dream Walker caught onto this rare opportunity to access the Clearcloud Realm. An opportunity that doesn’t even happen once in a hundred years…” Once this thread was straightened, Xu Yangyi could virtually guess the following direction. “Zhang Guangyao ascended without a hitch, and the Dream Walker delivered him into a Greater Thousand Realm. But the price… was that he had to sell out the entire Clearcloud Realm! No wonder… No wonder that Daomaster Floatingcloud on Earth has never issued any exploration missions. He doesn’t dare to come… he doesn’t to dare face the realm that bore and raised him! Maybe he even let out a sigh of relief when the Clearcloud Realm’s Realm Anchor was lost!”

Xu Yangyi’s voice became increasingly louder. Everyone raised a brow as they looked at him, their faces containing surprise and doubt. At his side though, Rocjourney was already lost in thought upon hearing him.

The bearded man hadn’t even pondered so deeply! Unexpectedly, Xu Yangyi had made such a thorough conjecture from the scant few words spoken!

He deeply eyed Xu Yangyi. This child… if Xu Yangyi could return to Earth then his future prospects would be limitless!

Floatingcloud’s face was as heavy as water. He didn’t say a word.

Xu Yangyi ended the discussion. It was already pointless to continue speaking of what followed.

The actual Floatingcloud was in no way willing to be devoured by the Dream Walker. After all, amidst the Dream Walker’s deep slumber, he had ruthlessly burned away all paths of retreat for himself and used forced possession. But surprisingly, the Dream Walker, which was underneath layers of seals, had been bested by him! Henceforth, Floatingcloud and the Dream Walker had launched a century-long struggle. Whoever took control of the great dream would be the master of the entire Clearcloud Realm!

In the end, he himself has arrived here and accidentally absorbed the seal’s required qi, causing a crack to appear on the seal. This sped up Floatingcloud and the Dream Walker’s battle. It was apparent now that Floatingcloud had actually forcibly possessed the Dream Walker! 

This was the true Clearcloud Realm!

Clap clap clap… After ages, Floatingcloud smiled as he applauded. “Fierce, fierce indeed… Your mind is meticulous; you’ve almost reconstructed this hidden history. Although there are a few gaps, it is not far away or off center.

“Yes, history is not important. What is important is whether you are willing to die to the hands of I, Fellow Daoist Floatingcloud, or to the Dream Walker. Or… continue living well.” Floatingcloud’s smile vanished, and he looked at everyone. “I won’t labor to talk about old times with you all. Tell me your choice… Submit, or die.”

No one responded.

“That was nothing more than a little joke just now,” Floatingcloud sneered, waving his hand without care. His manner of speaking was a tad relaxed. “How could I make a respectable middle Foundation Establishment cultivator kiss the muddy feet of a rotten old man like me?” He gracefully extended his hand. “Therefore, with this hand, you wouldn’t take offense, yes?”

He said in an indifferent voice, “I gave you a choice. In another three hours, I, the Dream Walker, will destroy the entire Clearcloud Realm. All of you will serve as the vassals of a dragon. Although it is a bit late, I will give you corresponding treatment.”

“There’s no way for peaceful coexistence?” Rocjourney gritted out. He, too, hadn’t expected that such a huge change would actually happen in this underground world. As the seal, he could only seal the Dream Walker, but could he even seal the Dream Walker which had already been almost fully possessed? No one was any the wiser.

There was only one chance, and he didn’t dare take any risks! Likewise, the ape-puppet at the side was dead-silent, as if it didn’t risk similar action either.

But before Rocjourney’s voice fell, Floatingcloud swung out with a resounding slap. Rocjourney easily dodged, gritting his teeth as he laughed. His palm was now glowing with an orb of azure light.

Floatingcloud drew himself to full height and brushed an eye over Xu Yangyi and Rocjourney with great contempt. “You are just a few insects, yet you still dare to speak of peaceful coexistence? Who gave you such an illusion?”

“Remember, the cultivation world has never changed. In the modern day, the mere oppression of the past has only been added with a slight garnish of premeal etiquette,” he sneered as he scanned Xu Yangyi. “Weaklings do not have the qualifications to speak of peace with me.”

“You have one minute.” He extended his hand and lightly slashed out. A deep gorge swiftly appeared on the ground. “In a minute, those who come here to stand will live. Those who stay where you are will die!”

This was the confidence of Great Circle Foundation Establishment!

A Great Circle Foundation Establishment cultivator and a late Foundation Establishment Dream Walker’s divine ability… this was in no way as simple as one plus one! In some sense, Floatingcloud was already infinitely approaching the position of Core Formation, a being worshiped by all! He had used nothing more than another kind of method!

“This is the celestial-like Dream Walker.” Bladevessel seemed to finally catch his breath, and he gazed coldly at Xu Yangyi and everyone else. In the end, his gaze settled on Xu Yangyi. “The strong follow him, and will become stronger and stronger…”

“Begone.” Interrupting Bladevessel mid-speech, Floatingcloud said apathetically, “Stay twenty meters away from me until you make clear your identity. Should you enter these twenty meters, I will kill you without pardon.”

The next half of Bladevessel’s words choked in his throat. He stuttered in response and retreated twenty meters away, his face flushed red.

“Celestial?” Floatingcloud sneered, “How could such legendary beings exist in this world? If Great Sage Sun established that seal untold years ago, wouldn’t the thing below be his malevolent intent? Relying on just two Foundation Establishment cultivators at the twin sal-trees to look over this great door?”

“Make your decision.” For the first time, Floatingcloud looked icily to Moonless, his laughter carrying indescribable enticement. “As long as you exist in my dream, you will never perish. Immortal? Ridiculous… ‘Tis nothing more than a legend. Only my dream can bestow upon you all the true realm of immortals. Of course, you may dream for a long time in this dream realm, or never awaken at all…”

Power was unveiled, and benefits used to entice!

Floatingcloud has used Bladevessel to establish his might and afterwards used benefits to attract. Xu Yangyi and Rocjourney immediately looked to Moonless.

Right now… it was four versus two! 

If someone switched sides, the situation would instantly become three versus three!

This was a bloody battle of six Foundation Establishment cultivators, the Clearcloud Realm’s six only Foundation Establishment! Like a demon-god… Floatingcloud had forcibly possessed the Dream Walker!

Moonless was stationary.

“I know you come from Earth. If you collaborate with me, I can send you back. In addition… I can make the entire Clearcloud Realm support you. You and I… are both Foundation Establishment. It’s not necessary to wager our lives against each other here. You should know… how great a Foundation Establishment cultivator’s odds are of assailing Core Formation, with a realm’s assistance!” Floatingcloud’s voice became softer. “Come… come here… come to me…”

Silent, Floatingcloud appeared to be very patient. Only after a minute did Moonless slowly speak out, “Is it true… there are no immortals?”

“Hehe… immortals, only in my dream do immortals exist! If you want to become such a phantasmal existence then you will!” Floatingcloud let loose a stream of hearty laughter. “Come… come to me, and I dare to swear a Dao-Heart Oath that I will do as I say!”

“If there are no immortals then what are you still chasing after? However, I can use another kind of method to realize your pursuit!” Floatingcloud gloated.

“But only in a dream,” Xu Yangyi said apathetically, “You’ll still be a handful of yellow dust once you return to reality.”

“And yet I can guarantee that there’s not the slightest difference from reality should you be in the dream! You are the dreamland’s master! If you don’t want to wake up then you don’t need to! In this place, you can create and destroy, bringing about a history! To become a true creator-god!” Floatingcloud laughed merrily, meeting Xu Yangyi’s words with an equal riposte. 

Xu Yangyi spoke calmly, but his hand behind his back was already balled deathly tight.

There’s no way he’ll go over… 

He… Moonless, definitely wouldn’t stand at Floatingcloud’s side. And how could he, Xu Yangyi, the magnificent Wolfbane given flesh, serve underneath another!

His great enmity hadn’t been avenged and his heart’s most innermost desire hadn’t been fulfilled. He absolutely wouldn’t stand at Floatingcloud’s side just for a vapid dream of fleeting brilliance and glory, a dream of golden millet. [1]

Moonless’s step was of critical importance!

At the same time, doubts continued to spread in Xu Yangyi’s mind. Although his thoughts were organized, he still lingered on Floatingcloud’s words. Floatingcloud could rely on the strength of Great Circle Foundation Establishment to pressure everyone into declaring their standing! If someone refused to obey, he could just kill them! Why did Floatingcloud want to feign civility?

Was it a desire to talk after not having seen anyone for too long? Xu Yangyi didn’t believe in such a senseless reason. Or was it because… Floatingcloud had no choice but to act this way? In cowing Bladevessel, thus killing the chicken to warn the monkey, was there in fact another goal hidden under the chicken blood-soaked ground?

After experiencing the Danxia Temple campaign, Xu Yangyi clearly understood that sometimes a minor, unremarkable thing might ultimately be able to change a combat situation!

1. “A dream of golden millet”. This is a reference to a Tang dynasty novel called Record in a Pillow. This term is similar to another dream-related phrases introduced in this novel, such as the Dream of LoulanDream of Nanke, and Zhuang Zhou and the Butterfly.

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