Chapter 84: Meeting Old Friends (2)


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Chapter 84: Meeting Old Friends (2)

 Hu Jiaojiao tossed away a Sprite bottle, in passing. It landed in the road and flipped around noisily. The weather was blistering, yet a problem had occurred with the car. A group of people in bright and neat clothes under the sun was the same as a joke. No one would be in a good mood.

Vroom! Just at this time, another black car drove by. Hu Jiaojiao originally wasn’t of the mood to look at the car, but to her shock, she saw Xu Yangyi in the back seat. 

The other seemed to look at her like a commodity, glancing indifferently.

“Fuck!” Hu Jiaojiao’s Hermès handbag angrily pounded on the group’s car. In her heart, a nameless ghastly fire blazed in waves. The whistles from before seemed to have become firewood, and this emotionless glance caused her fury to erupt in an instant!

“Hu Ba, fix the car.” She coldly said, “I’ll be driving next.”

“How come?” Her elder cousin walked over, helped her shake her fan, and laughed, “Are you upset?”

“That idiot just drove by!” Hu Jiaojiao said grumpily. 

“Which idiot?”

“The one that swung his hand out first!” Hu Jiaojiao kicked the tire. “He even fucking glanced at me! You didn’t see the look in his eyes! It really made me fucking angry!”

“Who gave him the guts to look everywhere!? I didn’t see, but even I’m mad! The fuckin’ hell he lookin’ at!”

Spewing out her resentments and rolling her eyes, she clenched her teeth as she sat down in the driver’s seat.

A look? Alright, Momma’s gonna embarrass you to death! Got the guts to rumble with me?

Just him? Hu Jiaojiao sneered loathingly, the folds at the corner of her mouth pulling. As soon as she began paying attention to Xu Yangyi, it was because of his appearance. Indeed, he was handsome. In addition, she was hard-pressed to admit it, but he had quite the manly aura. An attraction like a wild beast. Yet looking onwards, she just wasn’t satisfied.

His looks were quite decent and his car was even good? Get lost. Playing the rich kid in front of me? [1]

Without even thinking, her thoughts grew heated in an instant. It was by chance that her bottle of half-finished Sprite flew back as her car surpassed Xu Yangyi’s.

“Young Miss, the car is ready.” 

At this moment, the driver’s respectful voice rang out, and Hu Jiaojiao impatiently waved her hand. “Sit in the back!”

“Pick up the pace! Why’re you so slow!” The fire of her heart wouldn’t scatter, and she slapped the car door and yelled.

The two youths glanced at each other and shrugged. They both had a premonition that they would have to sort the shambles of this egotistical queen. 

“The next time I see Uncle Hu and the rest, I’m going to give them some advice. If Jiaojiao goes on like this, she’s going to stir up a disaster.” The youth furrowed his brows and sighed. “We’re trying to persuade her, but she won’t listen. Anyways, we’d hate to scold her. Mingshui Province is pretty good right now…”

“How’s that alright? There are many people in Mingshui Province that her parents don’t risk provoking.” The youth said helplessly, “There’s nothing to do about this. Besides, stop caring about her household matters. You won’t win any favors, inside or out.”

“Yeah.” The young man thought it over and sat down in the car. “I don’t know why, but I keep feeling a bit off. I probably didn’t sleep well last night.” Before his voice even fell, the car had already surged ahead in the wake of a swoosh! Its speed almost reached a furious extreme! 

A chorus of startled cries rang out!

“Slow down!” The young man’s face paled in fright, and the driver’s complexion was even more corpselike. The young man shouted sternly without thought, “Hu Jiaojiao! You’re courting death! I haven’t lived long enough yet!”

“Take it easy! Fuck!” The youth also shouted, his forehead wet with cold sweat. Upon hearing these words, he didn’t defend his younger cousin for the first time. “Jiaojiao, even if you want to find trouble for that guy, we’ll catch up to him sooner or later with our car’s speed! What are you in a rush for?!”

“I’m not!” Hu Jiaojiao yelled just as she stomped down on the accelerator. 

The driver said heavily, “Young Miss, my duty is to protect your safety. If you really are still going to speed up, then…”

Hu Jiaojiao firmly pursed her lips, finally slowing down the car. “I’m gonna have fun with whatever I want later on, and you guys aren’t allowed to stop me.” She snorted, and the anger within her heart grew further as she stifled her fire. 

“We’ll do it your way.” The young man recovered his lazy bearing, merely his brows formed a deep crease. “Anyways, your parents will end up cleaning the mess… But, Jiaojiao, I advise you, it’s fine if nothing happens to a family like ours. If something really happens, a big incident that can’t be contained…”

“Aren’t you a bother!” Hu Jiaojiao turned her head and said angrily, “Are you my parents? What do you care?”

“Fine, alright, alright, I don’t care. As you will.” The young man’s voice gracefully raised at the tail end of his words and he said no more.

Xu Yangyi was listening to music, and the car drove unhurriedly. This sensation of the rising sun and falling moon was leagues more vivid than the cold, lonely walls within the stone room. Everything was like a picture, not a dry and dull darkness.

If in the future, his realm high, he would traverse the entire world, broadening his horizons on all kinds of sceneries… Somewhat spellbound, he looked at the sunset that dyed the sky, the corner of his mouth slightly curving. His finger joyfully tapped on the car door.

Vroom! At the same time, a car flitted past at lightning speed from behind him. He vaguely saw a young beauty with her hair blurring into a wave. She was raising her middle finger at him and cursing. It couldn’t be heard clearly, but looking at the shape of her mouth, it seemed to be—idiot? Wasn’t this a bit familiar?

“Sir, that 6666 car moved ahead of us.” Li Zongyuan said in front.

“Follow her.” Xu Yangyi said neither swiftly nor slowly.

Screech! At this time, red lights flashed in front of the car, and Li Zongyuan hurriedly stopped in fright, yet discovered that the other car was driving. Although Li Zongyuan didn’t possess a cultivator’s zeal, he held a cultivator’s breadth of mind. He only furrowed his brows and started the ignition, driving again.

However, before he even drove five meters, he had no choice but to summon his courage and say, “Master, that GT-R… appears to be making a go at our Audi…” 

The smile at the corner of Xu Yangyi’s mouth vanished. What was the most annoying to a person lost in thought? 


He didn’t want to pay attention to these people, yet they had come bothering his hard-to-come-by pleasure, like a housefly. This matter really vexed him a little.

“Overtake them.”

“Sir… we can’t. The car in front slowed down first and then sped up just to keep us under control. They’re driving even slower than a crawling tortoise right now. At this speed, we won’t even get to the Four Great Joint Pools by tomorrow…”

“Awesome?” At the same time, Hu Jiaojiao looked at the Audi in the rear-view mirror with slanted eyes, spitting her chewing gum out of the car. “If you’re not gonna admit your wrongs nice and easy, then I’ll make sure you’ll never get past me, even the day after tomorrow!”

The young man and the youth in the back seat laughed wryly. They understood Hu Jiaojiao’s temper all too well. She was a stereotypical young miss. If she couldn’t vent her anger, then she would drag them along with her in hardship, devoid of the basic consideration of others.

“See, there’s going to be trouble later.” The youth sighed, “I’m sick and tired of having to clean up after her for all these years.”

“Who’s making you be her older cousin?” The young man looked at the sky with somewhat of a migraine. “We should’ve originally got there by now, but now? There’s no way we’re getting there in two hours.”

Xu Yangyi looked at the car ahead from the back seat. Indeed, the other’s driving skills were quite exquisite, firmly suppressing him. But not only were they suppressed, there was a line of at least four or five cars behind. Impatient drivers had already stuck their heads out and started cursing. 

“Is that a luxury car? Why don’t you let everyone else move?” 

“Speed up, GT-R! It was hard for me to get the weekend today to go out and see the scenery with my family! Don’t you have any decency?!” 

“Haven’t you backed things up for half an hour? What’re you complaining for? Did we mess with you?!” 

“Go look for whoever pissed you off! Can’t you see that this is only a one-car road?!”

“Get lost!” Hu Jiaojiao stuck her head out, and cursed, her anger soaring to the heavens. “Come pass me! If you can’t, then don’t fucking waste your breath!”

“You want me to yield the road? Fine! Get that bastard behind me to get out and apologize! If he apologizes, then I’ll get out the way!”

Xu Yangyi raised his chin and Li Zongyuan stuck his head out in tacit understanding. “What are we going to apologize for?”

“You…” Hu Jiaojiao clenched her teeth and shouted furiously. “What do I care about you?! In any case, it’s you that has to apologize!”

Xu Yangyi nodded and Li Zongyuan pulled his head back in.

“Fuck! Which family’s idiot is this?! Is her father Li Gang!?” The last vehicle was a rather ordinary car. The driver appeared to be a twenty-one or twenty-two-year-old university student. Slamming the steering wheel, he said angrily, “Did anyone take a photo? Take a photo, and we’ll get ready to spread it on Weibo! If she wants to be so popular, then we’ll give her a helping hand!” [2]

“I took a photo! I’ve been taking photos. This is really pissing me off!” 

“Do it. I came out this weekend to have fun and go to the Four Great Joint Pools for a while, but I ran into such an idiot in the end.”

All the surrounding voices were drawn into Xu Yangyi’s ear. His face absent of a single trace of change, he said, “Run into them.”

“Okay… Huh?!” Li Zongyuan believed himself to heard mistakenly.

“I said…” Xu Yangyi cranked up the car window and looked chillingly at the car ahead. “run into them.”


Li Zongyuan inhaled deeply and the car went back in reverse by two meters. Followed by the forceful stomp of the accelerator and the wake of a loud rumble, the Audi and the GT-R suddenly crashed together!

Bang! A loud noise rang out, and the five cars on the road were all stunned!

“Fuck!” The student in the last car suddenly shouted out in fright. “A tailgating accident!”

The red tail-lights of all the cars didn’t have enough time to flash, and they stopped their ignitions in unison. Everyone left their cars and looked at the two cars ahead in astonishment.

“A crash?” A middle-aged man looked were the two cars had hit and gulped. “These brothers have quite the temper. They dared to hit that car…”

Countless cell phones were raised up at the same time, all aimed at the two cars.

Boom! At the same time of the crash, everyone in the car ahead was intimately close to having their foreheads touch the object in front of them. Hu Jiaojiao’s first reaction was… couldn’t this idiot drive?!

Yet within the young man’s heart, alarm and anger mingled together—he had observed the previous scene. This wasn’t some tailgating incident! From the start, the other party didn’t care what their car was! Or what their license plate was! This was just to screw with them! They had stepped on a hard nail this time! Furious, he recognized this foolish girl was practically goddamn rotten bad luck!

The entire traffic lane stilled. Everyone had left their cars, but no one from the two cars in the accident had exited their vehicles.

“Continue.” Xu Yangyi’s eyes carried a frosty wisp, and he looked at the car ahead. “You’re not allowed to stop before I say so.”

“K-Keep on hitting?”

Xu Yangyi didn’t respond. His gaze already explained all.

Some people loved to play the housefly. In regards to such houseflies, sometimes, he was truly disinclined to care. However, if they really caused him trouble, he wouldn’t mind swatting them to death with a palm. For example… in a time when he had just recently ended his monotonous secluded meditation of over half a year and begun enjoying the picturesque scene of mountains and rivers. 

Without answering, Li Zongyuan pursed his lips and reversed two meters again. Everyone in the surroundings was dumbstruck.

“He’s… He’s still going?” The four college students in the last car were also frightened. Even the middle-aged male driver from before was dazed in place.

Forget about the first time, there was a second? This wasn’t a big temper, this driver was incredibly irrational!

1. Get lost is the best approximation. In Chinese, the slang is more like “Go to your grandfather” or something like that. Northern dialect of “get lost”, “scram”.

2. “Is her father Li Gang!” Is a cultural reference to a case in China during 2010. This guy was drunk driving and while bringing his girlfriend back to his dorm, he hit two people, causing the eventual death of one of them. As he was being arrested, the guy shouted out “Go ahead, sue me if you dare! My father is Li Gang!” because he thought his father would give him immunity. His father happened to be deputy director of the local public security bureau. This caused public furor and outcry and the guy pretty much got reamed for it. In January 2011, this guy (Li Qiming) was sentenced to six years in prison and fines.

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