Chapter 459 - Two 'Jerks' As One ChouFleur's Thoughts

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Jing Rong simply nodded. Mu Jin smiled gently and cued her maid to bring over something she had prepared earlier. 

The maid carefully handed a book to Jing Rong, “Young Master, this was the stakes for today’s poetry duel. Since you’re the winner, this book, ‘The Miscellaneous Chronicles of the South,’ now belongs to you. Please accept it.”

He squinted as he pushed it back to the maid. “It’s fine. ‘The Miscellaneous Chronicles of the South’ is a precious ancient book. Miss should keep it to yourself.”

“This…” The maid did not know what to do, looking over at her Miss. 

Mu Jin then took over the books and replied softly, “Young Master Jing’s verse was remarkable and admirable. I was not your match, and there is no doubt that I lost the duel. I had set up a duel stage here at the Lantern Festival with ‘The Miscellaneous Chronicles of the South’ as the prize. Now that Young Master has won, you’ll have to accept the prize. This is the rule and you shall not break it.” She handed it over again but Jing Rong refused to accept it! 

A few of the scholars who lost the duel spoke. “Miss Mu Jin, since this Young Master does not want it, you might as well give it to us.”

“Only a talent is worthy of this book. You gentlemen lost the poetry duel to me, how can I give ‘The Miscellaneous Chronicles of the South’ to you?”

“Miss Mu Jin, I think you’re biased.”

The audience giggled. Mu Jin was not embarrassed, continuing to smile as if nothing happened. On the other hand, Jing Rong’s face turned icy-cold as he reluctantly took the book from her hands.

“Fine, I’ll keep this book.” He left after finished speaking. 

As Mu Jin watched the silhouette walked away, joy was painted on her cherry-red lips. 

Jing Rong threaded through the crowd and nonchalantly sat down at Ji Yunshu's table without speaking. He kept his gaze away from anyone and started drinking immediately, his expression extremely sour. 

Ji Yunshu stayed quiet, as she knew that the Prince was angry at her for sneaking out of the residence without his permission. She lowered her gaze and turned around to look at Mo Ruo who was still gulping down wine. 

All of sudden, Wei Yi foolishly asked in an excited tone, “Brother Jing Rong, why are you here?”

“I’m here to catch the thief.” He replied emotionlessly as he took a sip of wine. 

“Thief? Is there a thief? Your belongings have been stolen?”


“What is it?”

“My person.”

Huh? Wei Yi was puzzled as he looked Jing Rong up and down, then turned around and asked Ji Yunshu, “Shu’er, do you know about this?”

Such nonsense. How would I know! She had no idea how to answer Wei Yi. She glimpsed at the stony Prince discreetly, but unfortunately, was caught red-handed.

Jing Rong raised the corner of his devilish lips and asked coldly, “Is it fun?”

There was a brief silence. She nodded. “Quite.”

“Sneaking out is such an interesting hobby.”

“The Prince’s interest in poetry duels with that lady is a good hobby too.”

“Sour about it?”

“This one likes my food spicy, not sour.”

“Just admit it if you’re jealous; no one’s blaming you.”

“I…” She furrowed her brows a little as she became tongue-tied. Then, she decided to change the topic. “Where is Brother Lang?”

“Him? I’ve dismembered him.” He raised his right brow slightly as he scolded sternly, “Don’t you worry. You’re the next in line. I’ll deal with you after I’m done with him.” How vicious

Ji Yunshu’s lips twitched and kept silent. 

Mo Ruo, who had been watching, chuckled as he spoke, “Normally, the husband supports and the wife follows. It has now been turned around. The husband spies and the wife lies.”


Under the table, Jing Rong kicked Mo Ruo mercilessly. Mo Ruo held his hurting knee and cried out, “Ouch!”

“You deserve it!” Ji Yunshu glared at him angrily.

“Fine, fine, fine. I shouldn’t have messed with either of you. All of you are my brilliant masters! You’re worse than Wei Yi.” Grudgingly, he lifted the wine cup on the table.  

Out of nowhere, a hand with slim and long fingers covered the wine bottle. Mo Ruo’s gaze traced from the wrist and stopped at a pair of tranquil yet fierce eyes that was embedded on a small and delicate-looking face. The lady was wearing red, with her hair was tied up in a bun held together with a silver hairpin that looked nothing like those of the people from the Central Plains. In fact, there were a lot of unique accessories all over her body, most of which have never been seen in this area before. As the wind whirled by, her necklace made of a string of bells rang loudly, sounding creepy. She had one hand placed on top of the wine bottle, and the other playing with the red ribbon that was tied around her waist. On the red ribbon, a tiny skull was embedded on one end, and a small yellowish ancient scroll was tied on the other end.

This person seemed very strange indeed!

However, her weirdness paled in comparison to her mischievous moves and elfin eyes. She smiled gently, while at the same time deliberately lifting the wine bottle that she was holding and took a big gulp. The sweet wine spilled out from the corners of her mouth and streamed down her neck, wetting the clothes in front of her chest and dripping on the ground. 

Mo Ruo looked at her in disgust and confusion. “Where did this crazy brat come from?”


The girl slammed the wine urn on the table with a huge amount of force before she wiped her mouth with her sleeves sloppily and swallowed the wine. She stared at Mo Ruo. “You’re the crazy brat. Does this wine belong you?”

“This wine is not mine, but why would anyone snatch wine from another person’s hand?” He said as he pointed at the stack of wine urns, “Didn’t you see? That’s all wine. You could have gotten it from there.”

“I don’t want to. This lady likes to snatch from others.” 

“Oh? This is an illness, then. You’ll have to cure it.”

“Cure?” The lady sneered. She bent her body slightly and took a closer look at Mo Ruo. “Then, do you have the cure?”

Mo Ruo was a well-known jerk with a sharp tongue. Those who offended him would not be spared. However, this lady seemed to be even sharper than him. Nonetheless, he was not bothered as he reached out with his finger and quickly trapped the lady’s wrist and took her pulse. After a short while, he flung her hand away, startling her. 

Mo Ruo said in a serious tone. “Your pulse is hasty, characteristic of a sinking pulse. Just like how stones will sink to the bottom of the lake, the pulsations cause deep, piercing pain. This all suggests that you have contracted an illness. Get six grams of Qianqiu, three grams of Shuigeng, twenty-one grams of Shanghuazhuo, then boil them together for six hours, mix with well water and drink it once a day. That will do.”

The lady massaged her wrist as she said furiously, “What nonsense is that?”

“Didn’t Miss ask me for a cure? I’ve prescribed you the medication, you only have to follow my instruction.”

The lady smirked and propped a foot up on the stool. With the air of a hooligan, she said, “So you’re a fraudster. This lady doesn’t understand any of your nonsense.”

Jing Rong replied her casually, “Sinking pulse is a kind of internal illness and it doesn’t show on the outside. Qianqiu has the best medical effect out of all the plants, it can reduce the heat in your body. Shuigeng can clear your pulse, and Shanghuazhuo can calm your mind. Mixing all of these with the well water will form a combination of heatiness and chilliness. It’s the best medicine to treat this illness.”

“What does it mean?”

“The Young Master means that you have an illness, an internal one. The laymen call it the Illness of the Mad Dog.”

Jing Rong and Mo Ruo looked at each other and snickered. Two ‘jerks’ as one, they were undefeatable!

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Tsk tsk Mo Ruo is so naughty! 

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