Chapter 471 - The Hungry Wolf ChouFleur's Thoughts

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With his very last scrap of charity, Jing Rong decided to let Jing Yi go and not force him into a dead end. However, he was not certain if he would make the same decision if it happened again. 

Ji Yunshu understood Jing Rong’s dilemma. Born as a royal, he was fated to be part of the fight for the throne. His status as a Prince acted as an invisible thread that was slowly pulling him into an abyss of agony. She initially wished that he could leave the Royal Court to be a carefree prince in the outskirts, but reality proved her wrong. She could not force a peaceful and serene life on a Prince. She knew all along that the war had never stopped. 

She stared at Jing Rong’s tranquil and sincere eyes. “Go ahead and do what you must do.”


“I always knew that the fight of the royal heirs was inevitable. I don’t believe in heaven or deities, but I believe in destiny. You were born in the royal family and it is your fate to be involved in this. Prince Yi has always been hungry for power and would never be the perfect candidate to be the Emperor. As you said, if he were crowned, the hardworking officials in the Royal Court and the people of the country will suffer under his reign. I’ve been trying to keep you away from the chaos, but, in actual fact, I’m hurting you by doing that. You have your own plans. Why are you restricting yourself just because of me? You want to take revenge for the Crown Prince and seek justice for Kong Yu for being manipulated. Your grudges and hatred are not any less than those wronged spirits. Prince Yi disregarded your brotherhood and tried to harm you multiple times. Now, he even involved Wei Yi in the war. You told me before that you would not interfere with my decision to get involved in cases. What right do I have now to stop you from this?” None at all!

They looked into each other’s eyes, Jing Rong’s eyes wide with surprise. Ever since the very beginning, he barely got himself involved in the fight of the throne. But now, Ji Yunshu’s words were like a hand that pushed him right into the war. 

Ji Yunshu continued, “Before leaving the capital, you told me that after the right person takes the throne, you’ll stay with me regardless if I want to run away from the people or ride the horses under the sunset. Am I right?”

“Yes, that’s my promise to you.”

“Fine. Then go ahead and do what a prince is supposed to. When you’re done with your task, I’ll return to your side and fulfil my promise,” she said in a solemn tone. At that moment, Jing Rong could not say he was moved by Ji Yunshu’s words but felt overwhelmed by his responsibilities as a Prince. He nodded firmly.


“Your Highness!” Lang Po ran through the rain and arrived hastily. He stood at the door and shrugged the rain off his shoulders. The rainwater from his hair and shirt splattered all over and some got onto Ji Yunshu’s forehead. The cold of the water seemed to penetrate through her skin and spread underneath it. She could not help but shiver! 

Jing Rong saw this and stood in front of her before he questioned Lang Po with an emotionless expression. “What’s the matter?”

Lang Po glanced at Ji Yunshu guiltily, then replied in a lowered voice, “Your Highness, Miss Mu Jin… She’s here again. According to her, she brought some warming tea over, asking if Your Highness wants…”

Jing Rong interrupted him bluntly. “You deal with her yourself. This Prince does not want to see her.” 

“It’s been two days since Miss Mu Jin started pestering me. Prince, I will not be able to endure this further if this continues.”

This Prince doesn’t care about you! Jing Rong threw him a cold glance and said mercilessly, “If you can’t stop her and let her step inside my residence, this Prince will dismember you.”


“Go,” He ordered sternly.

Lang Po’s manly face was painted with the expression of being wronged. Besides not being a scholar, he was barely educated. He was a tough guy who solely dealt with knives and swords. Yet he was forced to deal with Miss Mu Jin for the past two days, listening to all the literature and poems from her had made his ears sore. He was about to become crazy. No, he was definitely losing his sanity!

Just when he was about to leave to stop Miss Mu Jin, he shouted, “Oh no!” He slapped his forehead and immediately told Ji Yunshu, “Teacher Ji, I’m sorry for my poor memory. Before I came over, Young Master Mo ordered me to send a message, saying that Young Master Wei has woken up. He asks you to head over as soon as possible.”

“Wei Yi is awake?” Ji Yunshu’s eyes sparkled. 

“Yes. That was what Young Master Mo said.”

The corners of Ji Yunshu’s lips raised and formed a beautiful smile before she ran out of the room and grabbed an umbrella that rested against the pillar. She opened it and ran through the rain straight to Wei Yi’s room. Jing Rong saw this, then took another umbrella and followed right behind her. Lang Po was stunned for a short while before he decided he should follow too. 

They took a corner and arrived at the corridor. Ji Yunshu kept her umbrella right before she bumped into another person. “Ouch!” The person lost her balance, fell backwards and landed on the ground. “Bam!” This was accompanied by the shattering of porcelain that fell on the ground and broke into pieces. 

Ji Yunshu was in a shock as she dropped umbrella on the ground. A slimy liquid with a faint jasmine scent was stained all over her body. She focused her gaze and saw Miss Mu Jin sitting on the floor among the mess. Beside her was a broken porcelain bottle.

“Miss Mu Jin?” Ji Yunshu said in shock. 

Ji Yunshu quickly bent down to help her out as she apologized, “I’m sorry. This one did not do this on purpose.” Mu Jin massaged her aching shoulder as she stood up from the ground with her furrowed but thin and beautiful eyebrows. She panted faintly as she replied, “I’m fine.”

“Did I hurt you?”

“Young Master Ji does not have to feel bad. I was the one who walked without looking.” She smiled. She then noticed the stain on Ji Yunshu’s clothes, hence she reached out with a handkerchief and said, “I’m sorry to have dirtied Young Master Ji’s shirt.”

Ji Yunshu took a step backwards. “It’s fine.” Then, she pointed at the broken bottle on the ground and asked, “What is this? It smells good. It has the scent of jasmine.”

Mu Jin looked at the broken bottle sadly. “That’s the jasmine water I made. I’ve added in some sugar and it’s the perfect remedy for warming the body. I was about to send this to the Prince.”

“Oh.” Ji Yunshu twitched her lips. 

At this moment, Jing Rong and Lang Po arrived. As they saw the scene, they were both surprised. What happened?

Mu Jin went forward and bowed the moment she saw Jing Rong. She put on a humble, feminine manner, but there remained a clear hint of the hungry wolf stalking its prey hiding below. “Has Prince’s injury gotten better?” She asked. Jing Rong’s face showed no expression, neither did he answer. He merely stared at the broken porcelain pieces on the ground.

Mu Jin was a smart lady. She caught his gaze and immediately explained, “It was my fault. I did not look at my surroundings when I was walking I accidentally bumped into Young Master Ji and even dirtied his clothes.” It was evidently Ji Yunshu’s fault as she was running before crashing into Mu Jin. However, now Mu Jin tried to imply that Ji Yunshu was instead the victim, but this was a label that Ji Yunshu did not dare accept!  

Jing Rong had no concern on this topic. He looked at Ji Yunshu and said, “You should go over first.” Ji Yunshu gently patted the part of her clothes that was wet, nodded and left. After she left, Jing Rong ordered Lang Po, who was still beside him.  “Please entertain Miss Mu Jin.”

“Yes!” He replied.

When Jing Rong was about to leave, Mu Jin reached out and grabbed his arm. “Your Highness,” she called. There was desperation and desire in her tender and soft eyes. She longed for Jing Rong to stay!

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