Chapter 473 - Should He Be Worried? ChouFleur's Thoughts

Bone Painting Coroner

Although Wei Yi’s complexion had been improving since he woke up, he still barely spoke a word..

When it was drizzling, he would drape a cloak over his shoulders as he stood outside his room, lift his clear, pure eyes, and watch the raindrops slowly roll off the eaves. When it was sunny, he would look at the evergreen trees in the yard. Their shadows would form a beautiful ink painting on the ground, one that you could hardly tear your eyes away from.

Wei Yi would stand there for hours on end.

No matter what the servant girl asked of him, be it to take his medication or to put on an extra coat, Wei Yi did not respond. Even when mentioning that there would be stir-fried meat for lunch, Wei Yi would only stand in silence. Where had the hyperactive Wei Yi disappeared to? Wasn’t meat his one true love? No matter what she tried, Wei Yi could not be moved. The little servant girl had one last trick up her sleeves - but Ji Yunshu had to be involved!

By the time the girl had this idea, Wei Yi was standing in the yard, illuminated by faint rays of sunlight that were filtered through the clouds. Unmoving, he watched a tattered leaf high up on a branch of the trees, nibbled full of holes by worms. That leaf swayed back and forth in the breeze, threatening to fall off at any moment.

Ji Yunshu retrieved a grey cloak from that little servant girl and placed it over his shoulders as she walked over to his side. “Are you refusing the medicine because it's bitter?”

Wei Yi shook his head.

“Let’s head back inside, your wounds haven’t completely healed yet.”

He gave another shake of his head.

Ji Yunshu knew his mind was set. She traced his gaze, landing on the same leaf above; tiny rays of light shone through the little holes, forming a mesmerizing picture.

They stood side by side for a long time, before Ji Yunshu asked, “Have you found something?”

Wei Yi blinked, carefully pondering before he eventually pursed his thin lips, “It’s beautiful.”

“The trees? Or the leaves?”

He broke out into a warm smile, gently spreading from his lips to his eyes. He slowly turned to look at Ji Yunshu fondly, lovingly even, “Shu’er’s the most beautiful!” He meant every word; a lover’s gaze emanated from his smiling eyes, yet his innocence and naivety from before was very much intact.

Ji Yunshu’s cheeks began to flush as she looked up to meet his gaze. It was difficult to explain, but her chest tightened - it was as if Wei Yi was a completely different person. In that moment, he was someone that she knew intimately, but at the same time, not at all.

Wei Yi suddenly moved, breaking her out of her trance; his bony, slender left hand gently touched Ji Yunshu’s dainty right hand, clenching it tightly in his own as he closed his fingers around hers.

Ji Yunshu was startled! She first looked down at her and Wei Yi’s hands for a few moments before looking up at his chiselled profile. It was as if nothing had changed; his gaze was still fixed upon that same serenely fluttering leaf.

His grip tightened slightly, but Ji Yunshu did not struggle free, leaving her hand in his as it was.

The gentle breeze enveloped the two of them as they stood hand in hand in the shade of that tree. Their shadows were mixed into the shade overhead, a picturesque reprieve.

Ji Yunshu was not as calm as he was; ever since Wei Yi woke from his grave accident, he was indeed a changed man. Not only did he speak very little; his entire personality had changed.


Some time ago, Jing Rong had silently appeared and begun to watch the two of them from a distance away. He felt exactly like Ji Yunshu did - Wei Yi seemed like an entirely different person ever since he opened his eyes. Coupled with what Mo Ruo had previously told him… he wasn’t sure anymore; should he be worried, or not?

Just then, Lang Po came scurrying over and whispered into his ear, “Your Highness, it’s just as you predicted. Prince Yi has indeed sent a scout to snatch those men from us. Ziran has just sent a report indicating that this scout has already been drugged and captured. He was immediately sent back to the Capital and should arrive in a few days.”

Jing Rong gave a curt nod, nothing else.

Lang Po was puzzled, but once he peeked into the yard, he understood. “Your Highness…”

Jing Rong cut him off with a raised hand. He turned to him and sternly commanded, “Inform Ziran immediately - make sure he watches that man properly. This Prince wants Jing Yi’s shadow assassin to reach the Capital’s Supreme Court… alive!” His eyes bore his signature killing gleam.

“Understood!” Lang Po answered gruffly before leaving to fulfil his mission.

After some time, Jing Rong headed off in search of Mo Ruo, only to find him chattering along with Tang Si. The two of them were seated at a stone table as they laughed away. Weren’t the two of them always at loggerheads? Why - no, how - have they become such good friends?

Jing Rong sat down at their table without another word like an unwanted intruder, pouring himself a cup of tea as he sipped crossly.

Mo Ruo and Tang Si stopped in their tracks, both turning to look at this uninvited guest of theirs. Mo Ruo could not pass this opportunity up, “Why the frown? Don’t tell me, you saw something you didn’t like when you went to Wei Yi’s?”


“Come on, stop with that long face. If you have any troubles, just voice them!”

Jing Rong did not answer.

Tang Si was up to her usual tricks. She pushed herself into his field of vision before asking, “Your Highness, don’t you want to know what we were talking about just now?”

“No thanks!” His reply was cold, unforgiving.

“Hmph, party-pooper!” She snorted.

Mo Ruo chuckled secretly to himself. He gave a lazy stretch as he walked over to the bamboo patch, breaking off a twig and twirling it in his fingers. No sooner had he done that when Ji Yunshu appeared. She first eyed Jing Rong, who was still sipping away, then Tang Si. “Miss Tang, could I perhaps trouble you to step away for a minute?”

Hmm? “What for? Is there something that I cannot hear?”

Ji Yunshu’s expression was steely; it was Mo Ruo who placated Tang Si, “Listen to Teacher Ji - it’ll only be a while.” Surprisingly, Tang Si actually followed suit, fiddling thoughtlessly with the red ribbon on her waistband as she skipped off without another complaint.

Ji Yunshu was baffled, “When was she this obedient?”

“If she wants to learn the medicinal arts, of course she must listen to me!”

The heck, could that even be possible?

Mo Ruo sat himself down, “Tell me what you want to know. I think you’re here for the same purpose as Jing Rong is.”

Ji Yunshu shot Jing Rong another glance before speaking, “I want to know how Wei Yi is.”

Time stood still.

Mo Ruo kept his eyes on the spinning bamboo stick in his fingers, “Wei Yi’s doing well.”

“You know that’s not what I’m referring to.”

“Then what is it?”

“I’ve entrusted Wei Yi to your care for half a year. You’ve been treating him for me these past few months, surely it was not all in vain?”

“I’ve said this before - curing him would take anywhere from a few years to thirty.”

“Mo Ruo, please be honest with me.”

Mo Ruo paused, before looking up at her, “So, what have you noticed?”

“I… I don’t know.” She averted her eyes, looking instead at Mo Ruo’s hands.

Mo Ruo treaded the waters, “To be truthful, I’m not entirely sure myself as to how Wei Yi is. He might be better, but he might not be. As to whether or not he’s fully recovered, that’s difficult to ascertain for sure. Maybe you could just assume that his condition’s already improved.” His words were as unfathomable as the ocean, as fleeting as the spring breeze, and Ji Yunshu did not know what to think.

Jing Rong was the one who finally cut through the stale air, “Since Wei Yi’s much better, let’s leave right away. We can’t lose any more time in Anfu.”

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Ooh Wei Yi is changing eh... And looks like Tang Si is going to stick around!

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