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Case of murder and illegal burial? The yamen guard pointed at Fu Bo and growled menacingly. “We’re just obeying orders to bring the murderer to the yamen. Who are you to obstruct justice? Don’t think I won’t arrest you lot as well!”

Fu Bo was held up by two others, his thin frame looking like it would snap at any moment as he shivered in the rain. He shook his head with all his might, eyes full of fear as he shouted, “Teacher Ji, I didn’t kill anyone, I’m being framed…”

“Shut your mouth! We have both material and testimonial evidence - wait till you find yourself at the yamen gates. Let’s see if you’ll claim your innocence then! Take him away!”

“Hold up!” Ji Yunshu stopped them once more, “Sir, I hope you’re not going to force a confession are you?”

“What rubbish are you spouting?”

“The only thing this one wants to make clear is, where has this so-called case come from?”

“Little scholar, you’d best keep your nose out of other people’s business. This case belongs to the yamen. If you dare cause any more trouble, I’ll have your…”

Thud! A rock flew across the hall and struck him square in the jaw before he could finish, forcing him backwards with sheer force. If not for his fellow Yamen runners catching him, he would have fallen flat onto the ground.

“Boss, are you alright?”

“Scram!” He was enraged and embarrassed, glaring angrily at the people in the hall as he screamed, “How dare you strike a government official? Men, round them up and take them away!” He reached for the sword at his waist, only to be foiled by another rock striking the hilt, pushing the blade back into its sheath.

By then, Jing Rong had already made his grand entrance with Lang Po scurrying behind, flicking his umbrella as he closed it upon itself.

That guard could only stare in shock at the man before his eyes; a man more charismatic than he could ever dream of becoming. That guard mustered up all his bravado as he retreated several steps, raising his voice as he questioned, “Who… who are you?”

Jing Rong gave him his signature smirk, “When has the Jinjiang yamen bred such a vile creature like you? Someone like you who wields their sword not to protect the people from bandits and thieves, but instead to cut innocent people down. You’re nothing more than a bandit - a complete waste of the government’s money!”

“You… where have you idiots come from? I represent the yamen!”

Lang Po lifted one foot and kicked that man in the chest, causing the latter to spit out a mouthful of blood. Lang Po exclaimed crossly, “Imbecile! My young master is not someone you can simply badmouth! If you weren’t a yamen runner, I’d already have sent you on your way to Hell!”

“You…” None of the other yamen guards dared to make another wrong move, lest they end up like their boss.

Jing Rong gave them all a death glare, “Listen up, you’d better answer my questions - who did this old man kill? Why did you say that he buried a body?”

“He did indeed murder somebody!”

“Explain yourself clearly!”

The chief guard clutched his pounding chest, spitting out, “During the recent floods, a female corpse was washed out from the forest. Someone witnessed Fu Bo burying something in that forest several days prior, and that corpse held a long band in her hand - that was Fu Bo’s waistband. That female corpse was first raped, then murdered!” Ugh! What?

Fu Bo was not only a murderer but also a rapist? Ji Yunshu’s eyes widened in shock as she turned towards Fu Bo.

Fu Bo was equally astonished, and he fervently denied, “No, that’s not true. I didn’t kill anyone. You must believe me, Teacher Ji!” His voice was loud, yet feeble, and he began to choke on his final words.

Ever since Ji Yunshu began running errands for the yamen five years ago, she had been in constant contact with Fu Bo. Whenever a corpse from a murder case reached the memorial hall, Fu Bo would boil a pot of white vinegar, awaiting her arrival and autopsy. How would such a kind soul commit such heinous acts? Ji Yunshu would never believe this!

That chief guard took a moment to catch his breath. He swallowed as he stole a fearful glance at Jing Rong and Lang Po, “That’s it, I’ve told you everything I know. We have enough proof to convict him and, if you value your lives, I recommend you keep your noses out of this. If you still wish to clear his name, come to the yamen yourselves. Lord Liu has ordered us to bring the culprit back; if anything goes awry, our heads will roll too.” Precisely so!

Jing Rong hesitated. He turned to Ji Yunshu, “You decide.”

She contemplated, before walking over to Fu Bo, “Fu Bo, don’t worry. If you’re innocent, I’ll definitely clear your name. Follow them over to the yamen first. I’ll be there shortly.”

“You must believe me, Teacher Ji!”

“Of course I do, but the yamen has their own operating procedures. If you didn’t do it, you’ll definitely be fine.”

Fu Bo was a mess; he was worried, frightened, but he could only nod. The guards didn’t dare to push their luck further and quickly brought him away.

As Jing Rong and Ji Yunshu returned to the hall, Lang Po wondered, “This Liu Qingping is quite ballsy, isn’t he. How did all his men develop such guts in just a few months?”

“It’s strange!” Ji Yunshu considered, “Lord Liu definitely knows who Fu Bo is, so how could he possibly believe Fu Bo would kill someone? Even if material and testimonial evidence were gathered, Lord Liu wouldn’t have his men so brashly come forth to capture him. What’s even stranger is that I didn’t recognise a single one of those so-called yamen men!” Strange, indeed!

Jing Rong could see right through her and immediately issued a command, “Pack up your things. We’ll leave for the city right away; there’s no time for dilly-dallying.”

“Understood!” His men replied in unison and scrambled off to do what they were told.

Nobody was happier to hear this than Wei Yi, He tugged at Ji Yunshu’s sleeve excitedly, “Shu’er, are we going home?”

“Yes, we are.”

“Mm!” He nodded happily, but his smile was somehow less radiant than before. As they left, Ji Yunshu retrieved her now dry painting from the small room next door, rolled it up, and tucked it safely into her sleeves.

As they stepped out of the memorial hall, Mo Ruo suddenly crept up upon Jing Rong, pointing at that knocked over teapot on the ground, “I’m just giving you a friendly reminder, that girl Mu Jin isn’t a nice character.”

“I know. I’ve already sent someone back to Anfu, but I don’t think she was sent by Jing Yi.”

“How so?”

“If Jing Yi wants to kill me, why not just use an immediately lethal poison, instead of one whose effects only reveal themselves a month later?”

Mo Ruo concurred, “That’s true, but who did you offend again?” He grumbled, “Isn’t one person like Jing Yi after your life enough? There’s one more for out you now!”

This… how would he know?

The entire party boarded their carriages and mounts, heading straight for the city, only arriving in Jinjiang as dusk fell. They stopped at Wei Residence and prepared to stay for the night.

Ever since Wei Yi and Ji Yunshu had left for the Capital, the Wei Family housekeeper Wei Bo, had not dismissed anyone from their estate. Instead, he used them to keep the family businesses in order. Seeing his own young master return, he could not stop tears of joy from flowing down his cheeks! Wei Bo was not alone, however, as the other servants began to weep as well. Wei Yi was the only one who bore a large grin as he carefully removed all that he brought from the bottom of his carriage, handing them out one by one. All of these strange trinkets thoroughly amused them and soon there was not a crying face in sight as they hustled for their fair share!

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