Chapter 489 - The Evil Ji Wanxin ChouFleur's Thoughts

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Looking at how hurt Miss Zhang was, Ji Yunshu said, “Miss, it is merely a bolt of cloth and isn't worth harming someone over it.”  

Miss Zhang was undoubtedly livid with the unwelcomed interference of Ji Yunshu, who held her wrist so tightly that it hurt. She massaged her wrist around as she studied Ji Yunshu. “Who are you?”

“This one saw that Miss was trying to hurt this lady with the scissors. Being my nosy self, I came over to meddle in this petty matter.”

“Since you know that this is a petty issue, why do you bother to interfere?”

“Because this one is a petty person too.”

“...” Miss Zhang choked on that audacious reply. She pointed her finger at Ji Wanxin. “She ruined the red cloth I was going to make my wedding gown with. Am I not allowed to teach her a lesson?”

Yes! You absolutely can! It’s even better if you can kill her!

Ji Wanxin did not expect to see Ji Yunshu here although she knew that she had arrived in Jinjiang. Furthermore, she did not expect Ji Yunshu to lend her a hand in this situation! She was puzzled. Thinking about what happened in Shanhuai Province, she could not help but feel a little guilty and anxiety flickered in her eyes. She did not have the courage to look directly up at Ji Yunshu and only offered up a feeble defence. “I… I did not cut the fabric.” Her words were not convincing at all!  

Ji Yunshu stared at her pale face as she let out a contemptuous laugh. “Second Miss Ji, you are evidently the one who cut this cloth.”

“What are you saying?” She lifted her head abruptly.

“This one said that the cut on this cloth was definitely your doing,” Ji Yunshu said in a firm tone.

“I… No, it wasn’t me!” With her teary eyes, she shook her head out of desperation. Her pitiful appearance was heart-wrenching! However, Ji Yunshu thought Ji Wanxin was extremely pretentious and her acting was nauseating.

Without much ado, she pulled the cut cloth towards her. She touched the fabric and said, “This fabric was shipped all the way from the west. It is made of superior mulberry silk and has a very smooth texture. Light will be reflected by the fabric but will not penetrate through it. It’ll also make a unique rasp when one applies friction on it. Moreover, it has great elasticity and can withstand heat. It’s one of the most superior fabrics. However, it also has a weakness, as it cannot withstand the corrosion of the salt water. Once it comes with contact with salt, the surface of the silk will turn black, just like you can see at the edge of the cut. This proves that it was cut by an item that contains salt.”


The owner listened to Ji Yunshu’s explanation and replied, “Young master, you are right! This cloth is indeed made of mulberry silk and can never come into contact with salt water. Once salt water is dripped on it, it will turn black.” Yet, he was still puzzled. “But the cloth was apparently slit by a knife or something similar. Moreover, if the cloth was stained by salt, shouldn’t there be black patches? Why is the edge of the slit the only area that turned black?”

Miss Zhang wanted to know the answer badly too, “Hurry up and tell us. What was used to cut the cloth?”

Ji Yunshu took a brief glance at Ji Wanxin. She saw the disquiet in her eyes and avoidance of any eye contact. She lifted the cloth in her hand. “This cloth was cut by something with sharp edges.” She pulled out Ji Wanxin’s hand that was hidden inside her sleeve, and as she spoke, raised it up. “The true culprit is the ring on her hand.”

The public was astonished. All eyes were fixed on the ring. The ring was of an irregular floral shape. The tip of the petals seemed to be blunt but were actually sharp. Only one with an evil mind like Ji Wanxin would wear this ring that might injure the others or even herself.

Inevitably, some of the people were skeptical of the statement. “So this ring is made of salt?” Your pea brain is made of salt! 

Ji Wanxin bit her lip as her eyes teared up. She tried to pull back her hand. “Yunshu, how could you accuse me of something I didn’t do?”

“Outsiders might not know you well but I grew up with you. Everyone in the Ji Residence knows that Second Miss Ji has a habit of soak her favourite ring into salt water for a few hours every three days. And, on every alternate day, you rub your ring with salt to clean it. Hence, your ring will definitely have salt residue. And, now, you used it to cut the cloth. If you wish to defend yourself further, I can send for someone to come here and examine the ring,” Ji Yunshu said confidently. Ji Yunshu flung Ji Wanxin’s hand away after she spoke.

With her weak and thin frame, she was almost thrown to the rack behind her. Her face was painted in fear and she sobbed pitifully. However, Ji Yunshu had all the evidence and Ji Wanxin could not disprove the claim. Her tame and soft eyes were now filled with tears.

After the truth was unveiled, Miss Zhang felt a tremendous rage. She went up and grabbed Ji Wanxin by her wrist furiously, “You’re such a wicked woman. People always say that Second Miss Ji has a kind heart, but that is definitely nonsense! You’re like a poisonous scorpion! You cut the fabric just because you couldn’t lay your hands on it. You’re really toxic.”

“I… I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“By saying that, you admit you were the one who cut it.”

“No. I didn’t know what happened. I might have done it unknowingly. It was an accident.”

“You’re so disgusting.”

Ji Wanxin felt truly ashamed as the audience around her started to mutter and point at her. All those hideous words rang in her ears. As Miss Zhang was also a straightforward person, the fight definitely would not end soon!

Seeing that the crowd had grown bigger, this affair would definitely be brought up to the yamen if the fight continued. As the one who interfered, she naturally would have to follow them to the yamen, but she did not have time for that. Hence, she told Miss Zhang. “Miss, in my opinion, Second Miss Ji might not have done it on purpose. As you said, your wedding is supposed to be a joyful event. We should not ruin it with an affair like this. Am I right? I suggest that Second Miss Ji reimburse you for the cloth that was cut. Miss, you can then choose another cloth in this store and Second Miss Ji will pay for it. What do you think?”

“This as a settlement?” That’s not enough! Ji Wanxin has to be at least cut on her face! 

Ji Yunshu leaned forward and muttered by her ear, “Miss Zhang, if this affair continues, you’ll be the one who’s at the disadvantage. Besides losing the silver you spent on this cloth, you might also ruin your reputation because of this. Why the trouble? Moreover, I’m sure you’re a decent and educated person. It’s better to be the bigger person here and let the incident go.”

“...” Listening to this, Miss Zhang hesitated, weighing the pros and cons in her mind. After some contemplation, she stared at Ji Wanxin reluctantly and said, “Fine. I’ll let this go. I’ll treat today as an unlucky day. However, I get to pick the cloth and you’ll have to pay for it.” Ji Wanxin pursed her pale lips and nodded.

The owner heaved a sigh of relief and immediately ordered his man to lay out all the highest quality cloth in his store. He was thrilled thinking that he was going to earn some money this time.

Miss Zhang then started to pick cloth boldly and without constraint. Shortly, she chose the most expensive bolts of cloth displayed, almost buying out the whole store. It seemed that Ji Wanxin would be paying a huge amount of silver.

As the case was settled, Ji Yunshu left the store quietly. Jing Rong was waiting for her at the exit. Of course, he had already learned about the incident that just happened.

Ji Yunshu said, “Let’s go,” before she quickened her pace and walked away.

However, Ji Wanxin was still managed to chase after her with the help of her maid. Ji Wanxin blocked Ji Yunshu’s way and she called her softly, “Yunshu!”

She then saw Jing Rong and her gaze fixed on him. She was intending to bow to Jing Rong, but he interrupted, “We’re in public. Skip that!” Jing Rong’s tone was extremely cold and he did not want to look into her eyes. Ji Wanxin was left in an awkward situation.

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