Chapter 500 - Trapped ChouFleur's Thoughts

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Liu Qingping squinted his eyes as he said with a grin on his face, "Prince, this one will definitely prepare some high-quality tea leaves and have them sent to you."

Jing Rong gave him a pat on his shoulder, "Good boy!"

Speechless! The scene is so comedic.

Before Ji Yunshu entered the carriage, Liu Qingping went up and muttered, "You finish all the fruits in the carriage on your own. Don't share it with the others."


"Have a safe journey to Yufu. You'll definitely pass by Jinjiang again during your return trip. Then, I'll prepare fruits for you again."

She studied him and said in a serious tone, "You have to be a good official once you receive your official stamp."

Liu Qingping nodded his head firmly. Then, he sent the group off with his gaze before he finally left the scene. He quietly wiped off his tears as he was reluctant to see them go.

Ji Wanxin was hiding behind a wall close by. As she watched their departure, her curved, beautiful almond-shaped eyes glinted with jealousy and buried grudges. Holding the worn out brick wall, her fingers curved slowly and clenched into a weak fist.

Worried that she might catch cold, the maid beside her advised, "Second Miss, it's better for us to return to the residence. Third Miss has left."

With her gaze fixed on the group, she did not budge.

"Second Miss?"

With her eyes slightly squinted, "Very soon, Yunshu and I… will meet again at the Capital." A devious smile spread across her lips.

The maid did not ask or comment further.

Due to the prolonged standing, Ji Wanxin coughed in discomfort with her hand pressing against her chest. It was as though she was about to spit blood. Hence, she returned to the residence with the help of the maid.

The carriages were travelling at a steady pace on its journey out of the town. However, Ji Yunshu appeared preoccupied. Her head was lowered and her gaze seemed distracted. Jing Rong understood what she was thinking as he reached out to hold her freezing hand with comforting words, "We'll be back to pick him before you know it."

She felt the warmth through Jing Rong's palm and her hands trembled imperceptibly. After a long time, she lifted her head to look at Jing Rong, "I know."

The next moment, Jing Rong pulled her into his embrace. He held her thin shoulders tight and rested his chin gently on her head. Like an obedient kid, she leaned on his wide and comfortable chest. As she blinked her beautiful eyes, her eyelashes gently trembled before they closed.

At this moment, someone shouted, "Shu'er."

Hearing the familiar voice, she opened her eyes abruptly and removed herself from Jing Rong's arms. She promptly opened the curtain to take a look at the source of the voice. It was Wei Yi chasing the carriage while shouting her name!

"Stop the carriage!" She yelled at the groom. Immediately after the carriage stopped, she lifted her gown as she exited the carriage and ran towards Wei Yi.

They stood in front of each other. Wei Yi lowered his head to look at her while she lifted hers to look at him. At this moment, Wei Yi was bright red and panting but his face shone with his usual joyful and boyish grin. He stared at Ji Yunshu with his clear and tranquil eyes, glistening with sentiment and reluctance.

“Why are you here?” She was holding back her tears.

“I’m here to send you off,” as Wei Yi spoke, he handed her something, “This is for you.”


It was a stack of neatly folded letters. She received it and intended to open it before she was halted by Wei Yi. Wei Yi reached out to rest his hand on top of the stack, “Shu’er, read it on your journey.”

The next moment, Wei Yi opened his arms and gave her a hug. Eyes closed, he buried his head into her neck.

“Shu’er, I want to hug you again.” He exerted more strength and tightened the hug as he spoke. Ji Yunshu felt her chest tighten with emotion she stayed still in his arms.

The atmosphere turned completely silent at this second. All eyes were focused on the two grown men hugging. This was such an explosive tabloid exclusive. If there were a camera, we could sell this tape to the media and earn some pocket money.

The group had stopped for a long while. Tang Si could not comprehend what was going on and she mumbled, “What are we waiting for?”

Arms crossed, Mo Ruo, who was taking a catnap, said nonchalantly, “We’re trapped. There’s a greedy wolf ahead and soldiers pursuing.”


This phrase meant to be understood only by wise and scholarly people. Frowning, Tang Si decided to look out of the window to find out what was happening. She was petrified by the scene before her. “My Ah Ji is actually hugging Wei Yi? Two grown men - are not ashamed?” She clenched her fist out of frustration. Mo Ruo chuckled at her reaction.

With half of her body dangling outside the window, Tang Si furiously glared at the “lovely couple” who were still hugging together.

After a long while, Wei Yi finally let go of Ji Yunshu. With the same smile on his face, he said, “Shu’er, you have to come back and fetch me. I promise that I’ll diligently learn how to write and recite poems from Uncle Fu. And, I’ll get better and better.”

Comforted, she reached out to caress his head. “You have to take good care of yourself when I’m not around and listen to Uncle Fu. Do you understand?”



“Shu’er, too, have to take care of yourself along the journey. Remember to wear more layers at night and don’t catch cold. Otherwise, you’ll develop a long standing cough. Besides, you don’t like fish cooked with green onion. You don’t have to eat it from now on. I’ll ask Uncle Fu to cook another dish for you when you’re back and you’ll definitely like it. Oh, and…” A long list of reminders streamed from his mouth.

Ji Yunshu did not stop him but let him continued. Eventually, she failed to hold back her tears. Droplets of tears ran passed her cheeks and reached her jaw and neck. Finally, she spoke, “Thanks, Wei Yi.”

He shook his head and reached out to wipe off her tears as he said, "Don't cry, Shu'er. I'll be good."

She bit her lip. "I'm leaving."

"Have a safe journey."

She nodded her head lightly, clenched her teeth and hardened her heart before she was finally able to turn away. Wei Yi did not budge as he stared at the thin figure, lips pursed to seal his words inside his throat. That silence lasted until Ji Yunshu entered the carriage. Finally, Wei Yi took a deep breath before he faintly let out the words that was stuck in his throat, "Shu'er." The smile on his face turned awkward and slowly changed to an incomprehensible expression.

He stared at the group as they resumed their journey and slowly moving away from his sight, until he could not see them anymore!

Inside the carriage, Ji Yunshu strained to keep her composure and suppressed her sorrow. After a while, she opened the curtain and tried to look back. But Wei Yi was no longer there.

Jing Rong's heart wrenched as he looked at Ji Yunshu. He could merely stay by her side and not disturb her.

The group finally left Jinjiang and continued their journey north. Along the way, Ji Yunshu remained silent and appeared distracted.

The guards were not used to the lack of Wei Yi's chattering along the trip.

Some of them were asking, "Why do you think Teacher Ji left Young Master Wei behind?"

"You haven't heard about it? Teacher Ji was worried that Young Master Wei might get injured again during the trip, hence, refused to bring him along."

"Young Master Wei was such a remarkable friend. He did not hesitate to block the arrow for Teacher Ji with no regard for his own life. Who knew someone normally so obedient and agreeable could be so heroic?"

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The big 500! Leaving Jinjiang again and without Wei Yi... how the story has changed over these many, many chapters!

We have JWX to worry about still and Wei Yi seems like he'll lay low for a while before a roaring re-entry with that 'special status' of his. JR and JYS are closer than ever, but no sign of possible snu-snu on the horizon (Haiz). Tang Si has solidly taken over the role of comedic relief and is getting along well with MR...

What will be next?

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