Chapter 522 - Like a needle in a haystack ChouFleur's Thoughts

Bone Painting Coroner

Liang Tian unconsciously held his wrist and hid it behind himself.

He had hidden the problem with his hand very well over the years. Even people who lived with him didn't know. After all, this would affect his future career!

But now that Ji Yunshu had publicly exposed him, there was no need to continue lying. Otherwise, he would be regarded as a murderer. He swallowed a few times in hesitation before he answered. . "Yes, I have a bone disease in my hand."

The crowd looked at each other in surprise.

Ji Yunshu stared at the hand he was hiding behind him. "In fact, you don't have to worry so much. Metacarpal disease is common and is treatable. You only need to find the right medicine."

" impossible. The doctor said that there is no cure."

"There is a cure."

She glanced at Mo Ruo.

Bro, over to you. Write a prescription. It won’t take long.

Mo Ruo really wanted to give himself a slap. Why did he come over in the first place? Why didn't he go with Wei Yi or go to the Yamen alone and be carefree? Why did he have to jump straight into this bottomless pit and dig his own grave?

Throughout this whole journey , Ji Yunshu had been solving cases and he saving people alongside her. It’s really exhausting.

Liang Tian's eyes brimmed with hope. His hand would be saved!

Just as he was about to express his gratitude, Teacher Yu spoke harshly. "You may not have killed anyone but you gamble. You can't stay anymore. Mingshan Academy does not have a student like you."

He was shocked!

Liang Tian shouted, "Sir..."

Thud! He kneeled, full of regret. "This student knows he was wrong. I no longer dare to do that. Sir, please forgive me, please give me another chance."

No mercy! Teacher Yu had been teaching for many years. There were indeed bad and ridiculous students, but no one was addicted to gambling as Liang Tian. If he were allowed to stay in the academy, it would ruin the reputation of both the academy and him as his teacher.

He waved his sleeves in anger. "Take him away. From now on, he is no longer a student of Mingshan Academy and should never mention it outside."

"Sir..." He cried out, tears welling in his eyes. He was the first person to be kicked out of Mingshan Academy! How embarrassing.

Two of the students, according to the instructions of the Teacher, stepped up and got Liang Tian up and dragged him away. His pleas could still be heard in the distance for a long while.

Sitting in the chair, Teacher Yu was so angry that he held his chest in pain. He had just recovered from the pain of Guo He’s death, and now he was almost suffocated by Liang Tian.

Mo Ruo immediately stepped forward. "Teacher Yu, your health is the priority. Since you handed over the matter to Teacher Ji, then let her do it. It’s better to go back to your room. I will take your pulse and prescribe some medicine for you."

Teacher Yu opened his mouth but only nodded without speaking. Mo Ruo and his own students helped him to leave.

Before leaving, he reminded the students that they must follow Ji Yunshu’s orders.

But in fact, for now Ji Yunshu was unable to conclude.

At present, with this skeleton, she could only determine the identity of the deceased and that he was injured before he died. Everything else was still a mystery.

She wondered, "Although the murderer is a man of great strength, but if we only use this direction to check, it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack."

After all, there are so many strong people in the world!

Shang Zhuo, who had been silent in the crowd, stepped forward and walked up to Ji Yunshu, modestly. "Since the teacher believes in Teacher Ji, we naturally believe in you as well. As long as we can find out who killed Guo He, we will do whatever you need us to do."

He believed in Ji Yunshu! He also knew that this scholar was not an ordinary person. To be precise, the whole group of people accompanying the little scholar were not ordinary people.

Ji Yunshu nodded to him politely. It was rare that there was a clear mind among the students taught by Teacher Yu.

She said, "Teacher Yu trusts me, so I will try my best to investigate the case. Before the officials come, please don't leave. Now there is not much evidence, there is no conclusion. You guys can leave first. When I find new evidence, I will call you over."

Everyone nodded and left.

In fact, everyone had wanted to leave long ago. The moment that the infiltrating skeleton appeared from salvage, they felt cold and sweaty. Now they had to go have a drink to calm their nerves!

Shang Zhuo stayed where he was and took a darting glance at the skeleton. "Guo He’s death is really unexpected and regrettable. I was not only a classmate with him but also lived in the same room. We had a good relationship, but now..." He sighed and said, "Please find out the real murderer, and give Guo He his justice."

"I will try my best!"

"Thank you very much!" He left with a bow.

Now, there was only Ji Yunshu, Jing Rong, Lang Po and Tang Si sitting on the stone steps, as well as Ziran and his guards.

"A bunch of useless scholars!" Tang Si burst out cursing. She got up and wobbled towards the skeleton. She still couldn’t walk normally after kneeling for the whole night. "Look at those scholars. They looked like they saw ghosts. Isn't it a bunch of bones? What’s there to be scared of?"

She reached out to a rib and was about to pick it up. Ji Yunshu immediately grabbed her hand and pushed it to the side.

"Don't move it."

"What are you nervous about? Isn't it a few broken bones? Is it a treasure?" She covered her nose, and the palm of her hand fanned the tip of her nose. "I have to say that this skeleton is really stinky."

Of course! How could it be otherwise after spending a year at the bottom of the well?

Tang Si wandered around the skeleton, like a general inspecting troops. She mumbled as she walked, looking rather like a bona fide detective.

Ji Yunshu ignored her, but stared at the skeleton carefully. "There must be some other evidence in the skeleton." She was certain!

But there was nothing more than the five wounds that existed on the skeleton.

In that case, it’s better to continue investigating those wounds. She picked up the rib and gently pressed it with her finger at the injured position. There was nothing unusual. Then, she held the head again and turned it over, looking at the wound behind the brain.

If you look carefully, you would find a clue!

The wound here was different from the other four wounds on the skeleton.

There was a clear groove on the back of the brain!

It didn’t look like a wound from a fist, it was more like...

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