Volume 10: Chapter 25 - Annihilating the Bandits

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 25 - Annihilating the Bandits

Mu Zi said excitedly, “Ah! That’s amazing. Our hope has increased once again. I’ll go and tell them now.”

I nodded. “You should go tell Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest for them to be prepared.”

Mu Zi bounced away vivaciously. In this period of time, she had become increasingly lively, probably due to Xiao Rou’s influence on her.

After dinner, the prince and Shan Yun came back together from the Prince’s interim manor. Even though the Prince seemed to have lost a lot of weight, his spirit was exceptionally high and his complexion was rosy.

We had welcomed them into the lounge.

“Uncle, you’ve worked hard.”

“Haha! Zhang Gong, what does this small amount of work count for? I’m willing to suffer much more, in order to make this a success. The trip to Xiuda was much smoother than expected. His Majesty had frankly agreed to the negotiation and passed me full authority. When Zi Hao Jin heard that there were five God inheritors from our Xiuda, he was proud like they were his children. He said that us humans have gotten used to peace and doesn’t wish to continue fighting. It’s the best choice to follow what the citizens wants. Moreover, there was God’s intervention among with this matter.”

Xiu Si said, “Your Highness. You will be a main contributor if this negotiation were to work. Initially, we weren’t confident, but after hearing your good news, we are much more confident now.”

The prince smiled. “You’re the heroes of Xiuda and humanity. You can all just call me Uncle like Zhang Gong does from now on. His Majesty has already dispatched envoys to pass his intentions to the other two kingdoms. After a short while, the other kingdoms should have gotten an order to come here. It’ll be up to them whether this negotiation works. I feel that Dalu shouldn’t be a problem, but the Kingdom of Aixia that is the problem. Regarding overall strength, their kingdom that has all of their citizens learn magic is the strongest among the three kingdoms.”

Due to the prince’s words, I had immediately thought about the few teachers’ powerful magic prowess before nodding in agreement. “If there’s no other way, we’ll use action to scare them. Uncle, we’ve greatly improved our powers in this period of time. It should have some use during this negotiation.”

The prince replied, satisfied, “You’re such hard working youths. It’ll be your era from now on. I heard from Ah Hu that you have a force in the mountains at the border of the three kingdoms.”

Xiu Si glared at Zhan Hu. “That’s right, we’re only just a small troop with a few thousand small teams.”

The prince smiled. “In the news that I had received that isn’t the case. Recently, the small teams that you said have already eliminated all of the bandits on the borders of the all three kingdoms. There is over ten thousand of them. Your ‘small troop’s’ fighting power is a little too strong. Their current movements in clearing up the borders has brought them into the eyes of the three kingdoms, even though they have made a huge contribution to the citizens in the various kingdoms.”

Xiu Si and I looked at each other. Actually, we already received that news.Currently, our forces had covered the enter area that wasn’t maintained by the three kingdoms. In the letter that the five great elders had written, they said that they had annihilated the bandits in the surrounding to increase their powers. They had completely obliterated those bandits that had greatly jeopardised the lives of citizens, while those that had small wrongdoings were forced to surrender.  They were currently giving those people intense training in hopes that they could be sent out for battle in the short period of time remaining. The total age of the five elders had surpassed 400, so Xiu Si and I were reassured about them taking charge. Even if we were attacked by the main army, we wouldn’t be afraid. In the reply that Xiu Si had given to the five elders, it had some suggestions. For example, due to the troops’ disorganization, in order to supervise, we would definitely have to send some of our people back. This was only a few days back. Yet, it was beyond our expectation that the prince’s information gathering was that effective.

I clenched my teeth before calmly saying, “So what if the three kingdoms has placed their focus on us? I don’t want to lie to you. We had established a town in the surrounding mountains, where the three kingdoms intersect, as our town’s walls. Our main forces are there. We’ve seen the strength of the Monster race. If I don’t have a force that I can command as though they were my arms and legs, how can we fight against the Monster race?”

After the prince heard my words, he frowned. “Even if that is the case, I hope that you don’t act too ostentatiously. If you arouse the three kingdoms’ encirclement and annihilation, it wouldn’t be good.”

I looked at Zhan Hu, who was silently looking downwards, before refuting, “We don’t have any animosity to the three kingdoms. Our sole enemy is the Monster King. If the three kingdoms can’t accept that and attack us, the one that is at the losing end will be you guys. I’ll tell you this fact. At our base, under the leadership of the five elders, they possesses the Sword saint power.”

The prince was shocked. “Sword Saint?” Sword Saints and War Gods were something that every citizen from the Kingdom of Xiuda, who respected martial strength, wished to become. The prince naturally knew what a Sword Saint meant.

I continued, “So, I hope that you’ll support us in this case. Regarding how we will be after the elimination of the Monster race, we’ll have to wait and see when that time comes. Perhaps, there aren’t many of us that will survive the ordeal.” Saying that, I was a little mournful. To all the brothers that follow us, as long as I have a breath, I definitely wouldn’t allow the Monster race to easily harm you.

The prince gradually calmed. “Zhang Gong, don’t misunderstand. Our Xiuda doesn’t have any ill intention towards you. If you need anything, we can also help to replenish your forces regarding the logistics aspect. Before I returned here, His Majesty warned me repeatedly to ally with you as a prevention for unnecessary suspicions.”

As expected of a politician, after knowing our tyrannical power, he immediately changed his attitude. But my previous good nature towards the prince had slightly diminished. “Uncle, don’t worry. We have a mission to protect the world's peace and harmony, so we are definitely your ally. To us, all creatures, be it the Demon race, Beast race, Nature Elves, Dwarves, Humans and other races, are our ally. The only enemy we have is that fellow, who is planning to disrupt the peace and harmony. As for the supplements, we have our own means so we won’t need to trouble you for that.” The increase in power had given me confidence. No matter what, we were currently a over ten thousand squads strong. I really didn’t need them to supplement us, as for every gem that I sold at random could sustain us for a while. Moreover, currently, we were constructing a self-sufficient system at our base. If that were to succeed, it would be sufficient to provide for our people.

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