Volume 10: Chapter 28 - The Marshall's Daughter

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 28 - The Marshall's Daughter

Marshall Feng Hao nudged Dun Yu Xi, who was stunned. “Brother Xi, you know him?”

Dun Yu Xi sighed. “Not only do I know him, we worked together before. His teacher in my Kingdom's Royal Intermediate Magic Academy's principal. You should have heard of the third Magister in the world, Lao Lun Di. He was the hope of my Kingdom, who is the new generation that had trained to the Magister’s realm. We originally have great expectations on him. It was a pity that after some matter, he got in a conflict with His Majesty Ke Zha. Your Dalu should have also gotten the wanted order to arrest him.”

I said coldly, “That’s right, I’m a wanted person for the Kingdom of Aixia, but similarly, I’m also the God King’s envoy. Teacher Dun Yu Xi, you can say what had happened that resulted to me being wanted.”

I then used what I told the prince to them as to why I needed to reunite the various races and the reason why I couldn’t let Mu Zi go. They constantly nodded as they heard what I was saying. I realised that I had a potential in being a go-between.

After hearing my narration, Dun Yu Xi sighed. “So that was the case, it seems that we were wrong about you.”

Marshall Feng Hao smiled. “God’s envoy Zhang Gong, you have my respect in doing so much things for the world’s peace and harmony, but for the human race’s officers and soldiers, I hope that you can prove the sincerity of the Demon and Beast races in negotiating.”

I knew that he would say that. “That is easy. Everyone should know that the Beast race works for the Demon race. The successor in line for the Demon race is Princess Mu Zi, who had come to Aixia as a spy. The Demon Emperor had sent her here as a negotiator for the negotiation here. Does that prove their sincerity? Your Royal Highness, you should make your appearance.”

Mu Zi moved to my side and slightly bowed towards them. “Greetings to you, I’m the Princess of the Demon race, Mu Zi Mo.”

Dun Yu Xi knew Mu Zi. “Mu Zi, is that really you? You’re the Demon race’s princess? This is your original motive in coming to Aixia.”

Mu Zi replied indifferently, “That’s right, I’m the successor of the Demon race. The purpose in coming here this time is to negotiate with the Human race. Even though our races are different, we have the same enemy now. We should unite and resist our enemies. I had come with God’s envoy Zhang Gong here for that reason. I hope that we can reconcile.”

Feng Hao sized up Mu Zi. He was worthy to be a Marshall of Dalu as he didn’t lose his bearing even after seeing Mu Zi’s impeccable looks. I said excitedly, “Since the Demon Emperor had sent you to negotiate, it has proved his sincerity. I’ll report this to my Kingdom’s Emperor. Our Dalu doesn’t have any interest in fighting. I personally support you in negotiating.”

Under our cooperation, Dun Yu Xi didn’t have a choice but to support us so he had expressed his intentions in waiting for his higher ups to decide in this.

A familiar voice came from outside as we discussed the negotiation terms. “Father! Father!”

Everyone turned to look at that person that was barging in. I couldn’t help, but be shocked when I saw her. Wasn’t that the girl that I had saved from being trampled by horses? Why was she here finding her father? Who was her father? Once she entered, after seeing that there was so many people, she immediately stopped talking.

Marshall Feng Hao said fumingly, “This is an important place for military discussions. Who let you in?”

The young lady lowered her head and whispered, “But I’ve come to find you for some matters.”

Feng Hao said helplessly, “My apologise to everyone. This is my little girl Lian Na. I feel bad for this interruption.”

The prince said frankly, “I heard that Marshall has a pretty daughter. I didn’t expect that I’ll be able to see her here. This is like father and daughter going into battle.” His words meant to be a sarcasm as Lian Na wasn’t like Big Brother Shan Yun to come to battle with the army.

Marshall Feng Hao replied, embarrassed, “It’s my fault for spoiling her since young. Lian Na, you’re increasingly becoming outrageous. Why are you still not withdrawing?”

Lian Na seemed to have not heard him and looked fixedly at me. She suddenly exclaimed, “It’s you! Why are you here?”

“Lian Na, don’t be impolite. Do you know this God’s envoy?”

Lian Na neglected her father and hastily walked before me before saying lovably, “It’s really you. Father, he was the one that saved me that day.”

Mu Zi glared at me. I awkwardly replied, “My greetings to Miss Lian Na. It was only a coincidence that I helped you that day. You don’t have to mind it.”

Feng Hao cupped his fists. “It seems that Lord God’s envoy has saved my daughter. I thank you for that.” He only had one daughter in his life and was his treasure. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have spoilt Lian Na to be willful. He felt much appreciated in me saving his daughter, instead of him being saved.

“Marshall, you do not need to be so courteous. It was really just a coincidence. Your daughter might have come to you for some matters. Let’s stop the discussion here today and wait for the two kingdoms’ decision to come before discussing again. We shall take our leave.” What I wanted to do was mostly done already so what was the use in staying here?

Marshall Feng Hao replied anxiously, “No! God’s envoy, you can’t leave now. You’ve saved my daughter. How can I not repay your favour? Please stay here for a meal today.”

Mu Zi pinched in the back. It was obvious she didn’t agree for me to stay here. How could I not listen to Mu Zi? I politely rejected the Marshall’s kind intentions, but he expressed a resolution that wasn’t showed previously. He forcefully pulled me along to have a meal with him, no matter what I said. Since I didn’t have a choice, I could only agree. Xiu Si and the rest had found their excuses to leave first. Those fellows were so heartless. Mu Zi definitely wouldn’t leave as she wanted to watch me, while Ke Lun Duo had to protect her so the three of us were left.

The meal was extremely sumptuous. There were the prince, Marshall, Dun Yu Xi, cheeky little Miss Lian Na and the three of us at the table.

Lian Na was extremely enthusiastic as she kept getting dishes for me. Mu Zi, who usually had great appetite, was quiet today and ate very little. She also didn’t look at me, making me to be at a loss of what to do. The meal with Marshall Feng Hao and his passionate daughter passed with great difficulty. Lian Na had shown me an uncovered good feelings towards me. She unexpectedly didn’t care, even after I showed my scarred filled face. She still said that I was a hero to be able to able to withdraw after fighting against the Demon Emperor. I knew that she blindly revered me from her words. Power was the key in this world. Even though I was ugly, my exceptional power had overwhelmed the fact that I was ugly.

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