Volume 11: Chapter 17 - The Mysterious Mask

Child of Light

Volume 11: Chapter 17 - The Mysterious Mask

The slightly petite man frowned. “Sir, these are all high grade goods and are my personal collections!”

I shook my head, “I don’t have much use for such items. If you don’t have anything else, I’ll leave now.”

The slightly built man seemed to be unable to get guest for a long time so anxiousness flashed his eyes. “Please take a look at this. This is my top grade item.” Upon saying that, he removed the lid wooden container, revealing an internal layer. There was something inside. It was as thin as paper and was faint silver in colour. It was something unknown to me, but I could indistinctively feel the tremendous power within it. It was unquestionably something extraordinary!

“What is this?” I asked.

The slightly built man replied, “I’m also not sure what it really is until now. I called it the Brave Mask. After wearing it, not only can it cover your appearance, it was also has an extremely good ventilation so you won’t feel stuffy wearing it. I heard from others that this item contains tremendous amount of magic power. It’s a treasure! How about this? If you want it, I can sell it cheaply to you.”

Mask? I became interested. I picked the Brave Mask up. It was smooth to touch and didn’t seem heavy. I couldn’t make out what material it was made up of. I lowered my head and carefully applied it on my face. The mask automatically stuck to my face after I felt a cool feeling. A different feeling filled my entire body. My senses was stronger after putting on the mask. The power in the mask was being absorbed by the fusion power in my body, forming a link between them. The Holy Sword at my chest moved slightly, making warm powers to surge up into the mask. The mask instantly gave off a faint silver gold light ray. Only my nose and mouth was exposed by the mask. This item was great as it was quite useful to me. It could cover up my ugly face. There was divine powers within the mask’s power. Was this a divine instrument?

The slightly built man asked anxiously, “How is it? What I said was accurate, right? Take a look, it gave off a light ray after you wore it. It must have recognised you as its owner.”

I smiled. “I want this item. How much is it?”

The slightly built youth rubbed his hands together. “This….About this, I bought this item for 10,000 gold coins. Since you’re so destined to be with it, I’ll give you a 8% discount so I will take 8,000 from you. What do you think?”

I was stunned as I remembered that I didn’t have much money on me. 8000 gold coins was undoubtedly a huge sum of money to me. However, I really liked this item so I replied, slightly embarrassed, “My apologies, but I currently don’t have that much money.”

When he heard that I didn’t have much money, that slightly built man’s expression changed. His previous fawning disappeared and a caustic appearance was shown instead. He extended his hand towards my face. “How can you be a mage without any money? Return that item to me. You’ve wasted my time.” When he was three inches from my face, the mask suddenly flashed and rebounded his hand away from me.

The slightly built man fumed. “What? You want to steal my stuff? Quickly return it to me.”

I replied awkwardly, “I really want this item. How about this? I substitute something for it.”

The slightly built man coldly snorted. “You? With your shabby looks appearance, I doubt that you will have something good to exchange with me. Quickly return it to me. I’m not selling it.”

“No, exchange it with the bag in his hand.” A deep and low voice sounded from outside the house. A tall figure appeared outside the door. When I turned my head, I saw a middle age robust man. That person was taller than me. He was almost the same height as Big Brother Zhan Hu. He was wearing an ordinary warrior uniform. From his aura, he was quite skillful. With his vicious pair of eyes staring at me and fierce-looking appearance, he definitely wouldn’t kindhearted.

The slightly built man said respectfully, “Big Brother, you’re back. This fellow wants to steal my item and has wasted most of my day.”

That robust man glared at him. “Didn’t I say to let him exchange the bag in his hand for that mask?” He turned towards me. “Are you going to exchange?”

How could I exchange Sukrad’s staff with him? I shook my head. “I can’t exchange using that. Why do you want my bag?”

That robust man snorted. “If I didn’t have such eyesight, I’ll have wasted my many years in making a business of selling and purchasing magic items. The thing in your bag should be a magic staff. I could feel the power coming from it when I was outside. It can be used to exchange for my Brave Mask.” My Sukrad’s staff was a Dragon God’s staff. I could exchange it from this mask with unknown powers, but how could I bear to exchange it? The Sukrad’s staff had an extremely good usage to me. With it, I could greatly improve the strength of the staff. I really love this mask. What shall I do? I used my inner version to look through the items in my space pocket to see if there was anything worth to exchange it with them. I discovered a thing while I was dreading.

“How about this? I can’t exchange my staff with you. But I can use another thing to exchange it with you. I guarantee that you won’t lose out. How about that?”

That robust man replied, “Take out that item to let me have a look. If it really is a good item, we can negotiate. But don’t you even think of tricking me. I know how much an item is worth with one glance. I’m a well-known treasure expert at the fort.”

I replied, in smiles, “Rest assured, I’ll definitely make you satisfied.” Upon saying that, I slash at the space to reach into my space pocket to retrieve an item.

The robust man was shocked. “Space magic? You’re really a high leveled mage?” Mages were extremely popular profession in the world. Those who were at least at the high leveled mage were extremely respected by people.

I didn’t care about his shock and passed the item over to him. “I want to use this item to exchange with you. What do you think?” It was a scroll in my hand.

The slightly built man replied, “What is that? You want to exchange our treasure with a paper?”

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