Volume 11: Chapter 25 - Entering the God Rended Canyon

Child of Light

Volume 11: Chapter 25 - Entering the God Rended Canyon

Fei Yu was shocked. “Why? This shouldn’t have happened. Could it be that father doesn’t want me anymore?”

Ke Er Lan Di shook his head. “No! That’s not it. His Majesty passed down the order probably due to his identity.” He looked at the direction that Zhang Gong Wei had left before completely understanding the motives of Tian Feng.

“Identity? What identity does he have?”

Ke Er Lan Di looked at Fei Yu. “Once an opportunity has been missed, you can’t gain it back. Your Highness, he’s the God’s Envoy that you revere. He’s the Child of Light, Zhang Gong Wei, he who can solitarily cast forbidden spells and is the youngest light element Magister. The huge gulf behind us was created by him and his friends.”

Fei Yu’s complexion instantly paled. “You….You’re lying. How can he be the Child of Light with such an ugly appearance?”

Ke Er Lan Di smiled wryly. “Your Highness, why would I lie to you? I’ve personally witnessed his tyrannical strength. He’s currently ugly, but I had heard that he was once a handsome youth. He had turned to such a state from fighting against the Demon Emperor. The dark elements corroded his body and rotted his meridians, which resulted to his current looks.”

“No! This is impossible. I….I want to find him.” Upon saying that, Fei Yu turned to the direction that Zhang Gong had disappeared and ran like a mad woman to pursuing after him.

Ke Er Lan Di shook his head and with a flash of his body, he gently hit the back of Fei Yu’s neck, causing her body to soften and collapse towards the ground. Ke Er Lan Di carried Fei Yu’s body and sighed saying, “Is appearance that important? Does the beauty or ugliness of a person proves anything? Your Highness! You just let go of such a precious opportunity.”

Like the flash of a light, the 9 figures soared into the sky towards Ström Fortress.


When I was high in the sky with cold breeze blowing against me, I intentionally got rid of the power protecting my body, letting the cold wind hit my body, rustling my clothing. With my long hair trail behind me, an invigorating chill passed through my body, making me feel energized. I consciously caressed my smooth, but ugly face. My moodiness slowly disappeared. Being ugly wasn’t my fault, but I couldn’t scare people with it. I definitely wouldn’t casually remove the mask to prevent what had happened from occurring again.

Before I had completely relaxed, the Holy Sword in my chest suddenly activated, stunning me, resulting in me pausing in mid air. The Holy Sword’s powers constantly surged out in all directions, filling every meridian in my entire body. It was a nice and warm, a comfortable feeling. Just then, I forgot about all my previous moodiness and completely submerged myself in the warmth of the Holy Sword. It felt as though I was in my mother’s warm embrace.

After I immersed myself in its warmth for a while, I suddenly regained consciousness. The Holy Sword’s power must have undulated due to the powers of the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lie, nearby. This was great! I didn’t expect that it would be this easy to find him.

When I focused on what was below, I saw a narrow crevice on the flat plateau in the Demon race territory. The crevice was extremely deep. This should be the God Rended Canyon. I suppressed my happiness and releasing t my power to charge downwards. My body moved like a shooting star to head into the Canyon, while emitting a faint golden light.

When I was above the plateau, I immediately charged into the canyon. A invisible and gentle power suddenly blocked my body descent forcing me back into the sky. It was as though I had landed on a cotton cushion, it didn’t hurt me at all. I stabilized my body, stunned. After pondering on it, I understood that the God Rended Canyon had a protective shield. It was the same type of shield that the God King had arranged when we first went to find the Holy Sword.

I thought for a while before flying and stopping right in front of the boundary. I closed my eyes and focused entirely on the Holy Sword in my chest. My mind completely fused with the sea of warm power as it gently called out, sending signals towards the boundary.

When the white light that surged out from me came in contact with the boundary, it initially resisted my power but as I constantly released the power from the Holy Sword towards it, the obstruction gradually disappeared. I tested it by moving my body and was happy to find that the boundary no longer resisted me. The power of the Holy Sword from my body gradually entered the boundary.

As I entered it, I greatly understood the might of the boundary. It was at least 10 metres thick. Even though I was enclosed with the Holy Sword’s power in the boundary, it was as though I was entering a swamp, I could only slowly advance forward.

Finally, all of the pressure was gone. My body lightened up and fell into a world that was filled with clean air.

When I was in the canyon, I realised that my surroundings were full of vitality; insects’ and birds’ cries could be heard everywhere. The interior of the canyon was filled with vegetation. It seemed like it had been a long time since any large animal came here, as the canyon didn’t have any paths. The ground was covered with dense layers of thistles and thorns, making it impossible for me to get through by walking, so I continued flying.

With my cultivation, I could use my fusion powers to forcefully cut out a path, but I didn’t want to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere here.

The fusion powers in my body constantly undulated. Even though it wasn’t intense, it didn’t weaken. This brought me to a spot which I thought that the remaining Radiant God’s Power should be in a opening, but there were only plants around without any signs of a opening.

I circulated the three gold dans in my body, preparing all of my senses to reach their peak. While I probed my surroundings, I simultaneously took off the cloth covering the Sukrad’s staff and gradually inserting my fusion powers. I could clearly feel that the protective boundary had briefly appeared nearby. I had a clear view of the 3.3 meters around me. I first surveyed my surroundings before circulating the power in my body to thoroughly search the place.

The vitality of my surroundings made me exceptionally comfortable. It was as though every blade of grass contained tremendous power. However, after thoroughly searching through the place, I still couldn’t find any sign of an abnormality.

While I hovered in mid air, I couldn’t help but to become nervous as I had already done my best in searching the place. But there weren’t any indications. Like this, it would be useless no matter how hard I tried.

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