Volume 12: Chapter 18 - Preparations Before Battle

Child of Light

Volume 12: Chapter 18 - Preparations Before Battle

“Zhang Gong, I love you so. You must survive and return!” Mu Zi’s voice resounded from behind me. My tears then started to flow uncontrollably. In the sunlight, they looked like strings of transparent gemstones, flying through the air in a moving and brilliant way. ‘Mu Zi, I wonder if I really will return after the battle with the Monster King.

I took in a deep breath in order to suppress my emotions. Before flying towards the fort,  I used my divine power to amplify my voice for me to shout, “To all members of the God Protector Domain, listen to my order, I am Zhang Gong Wei. Everyone please gather at the main entrance of the fort. Every member of the God Protector Domain are to heed my call……” I repeated the order a couple of times and with my cultivation, every inch of the fort should have heard my voice.

A couple of figures were seen rapidly gathering at the main entrance of the fort. Seeing their agile figures, my heart was slightly comforted, while I also flew towards the entrance of the city.

Within moments, there was already a vast number of men from the God Protector’s Domain that had gathered. They were lined up in orderly platoon formations. There were scorching flames in their eyes as they looked at me hovering in the air. Within the time to prepare tea, I noticed that roughly 8,000 members had already gathered. This was the majority of the forces of the God Protector Domain.

I said clearly, “Brothers, I just returned only few days ago. I’m sure that most of you should have seen my arrival. Even though the Monster race has been pushed back by us only a few days ago, a more brutal battle would be commencing soon. I have bad news for you : the Monster King has resurrected. In two days’ time, he will lead his forces to attack our fort. The main forces of the three Kingdoms are already gathered at the fort, so if it were to fall, the human race is finished and the continent will be invaded by the merciless Monster race. The main goals of the God Protector Domain is to protect this continent and stop the invasion of the Monster race. No matter what, we must defend the fort til our death and prevent them from succeeding. Even if we die for our goals, we shall persist.”

My voice could be heard throughout the fort and the 8,000 God Protectors stood still and silent. After a long time, I said solemnly, “The appearance of the Monster King so soon was beyond my expectations. You should all know Hai Shui. She is the same as Mu Zi, my beloved. Everyone, please don’t feel weird as to why I’m saying this now. It’s just that just a moment ago, I found out that Hai Shui’s body has been possessed by the Monster King. The current Hai Shui has become the sinister Monster King’s vessel. I order you, no matter who sees Hai Shui in the fort, you’re to immediately send out a warning. In the previous conflict with the Monster King, the remaining three elders sacrificed their lives to protect me. They have given up their lives for our final victory. Brothers, we must seek vengeance for the elders’ lives. Are you all willing to follow me and fight in the final battle with the Monster race?”

The five elders’ position in the God Protector Domain was even higher than mine. The most powerful experts among the God Protector’s Domain were the villagers led by the elders from the God’s village. All of their training up until now had been supervised by the five elders, they had very close relationships with each of the members from the God Protector’s Domain. After hearing the news of the elders’ death, the God Protectors instantly became enraged and many of their eyes turned blood red with fury. I didn’t inform them that Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest could no longer participate in the battle. This was to prevent it from affecting their morale, since only the ultimate forbidden spell could be used to combat the Monster King. If they were to know that the ultimate forbidden spell was unable to be activated, they might become dispirited.

“We’ll fight to our deaths to avenge the elders…..”

“We will fight with all our might against those bastards…...”

“Even if we die, we won’t let them take a single step into the fort…….”

Yells and shouts were constantly heard throughout the fort. Even though there were patrolling soldiers from the three kingdoms, they recognised that among all the squads, that they were the most valiant. During the past two years, the God Protectors’ heroic name had widely spread to become the role model for all soldiers from the Three Kingdoms. This provided the impetus to spread their shouts of resistance against the Monster race until death all throughout the fort.

With my blood boiling, I shouted, “I, the God’s Envoy Zhang Gong Wei, hereby swear that as long as I have a single breathe, I refuse to allow the Monster race to enter this fort!” However, I really felt my own demise nearing instead.

“To the God Protectors from the third, fourth, and fifth platoons. The 2,000 people within each, heed my orders! Starting now, you are to take turns patrolling the fort and send reports when any anomaly occurs. For the remaining God protectors, you are to immediately be on standby at the city gates, in readiness to battle the Monster race.” We could currently only use the terrain of the fort to our advantage. I wasn’t so dumb as to fight against the countless monsters head on in the plains outside the fort. With the powers of the God Protectors and the combined forces from the three kingdoms, the Monster race wouldn’t be able to enter the fort unless I died.

After commanding them, I flew to land in the command center of the fort. The strategists of the three kingdoms had gathered here. Seeing my arrival, Teacher Di asked frowning, “Zhang Gong, I heard what you previously said. What’s going on? Has Hai Shui really been possessed by Monster King?”

I nodded solemnly. “That’s correct, Teacher. I won’t be explaining that now. I need to trouble you, keep the soldiers of the Three Kingdoms on alert at all times, the Monster race could be invading anytime now. I’ll stay and wait for them here. After tomorrow will be the final battle to determine the life or death of the continent.” Upon saying that, I sat crossed-legged on the floor to recover my peak condition to effectively resist the Monster race.

I suppressed all emotion and tried my best to regain my calm in order to slowly enter into a meditative state.


In the morning two days later, the sun already hung high in the sky, bringing limitless light and warmth to the continent.

In the gulf outside Ström Fortress, a faint grey aura slowly lurked from within. It started to thicken and an abnormal demonic aura slowly emerged. The clear sky was gradually affected by that demonic aura and slowly dimmed. Constant rustling sounds could be heard coming out of the gulf, giving people a hair-raising fear.

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