Volume 2: Chapter 11 - Xiao Jin's Growth

Child of Light

Volume 2: Chapter 11 - Xiao Jin's Growth

“Boss, boss.” Just as I finished preparations to go to class, Ma Ke came to find me. “What is it?” “Boss, I found out who beat up yesterday.” Ma Ke told me while he gasped for breath.

“Who is it?” Ma Ke’s words caught my interest. “Boss, it seems there is still hope. That man is the elder brother of the girl I’m chasing! Haha. It seems like I still have hope.” Ma Ke excitedly explained.

“Oh! Really? That’s not bad then. You don’t need to take revenge then.” “Of course I’m not taking revenge anymore. How could I possibly beat up my future wife’s older brother!?”

“What! Your relationship hasn’t even begun yet! What grade are they in?” Hearing me ask this, Ma Ke seems to become a bit discouraged.

“That girl is pretty good, she’s in the third grade, so she’s older than us by two years. She also majors in water element magic. Her older brother is an influential figure, he’s the chief for the fourth grade. He majors in fire magic. I heard he’s one of the academy’s top ten!”

“Wow! Yet you still dare to tease his younger sister. I genuinely admire your courage.” I said as I rejoiced in his misfortune. “The power of love is great. I must persevere. To persevere is to gain victory.” Ma Ke’s face was brimming with enthusiasm. I smiled and said: “Go do your best then. Just don’t get beaten to death by other people.”

“So annoying, you’re actually discouraging me. Let’s quickly go to class.” While listening to the teacher’s lecture, I was paying attention to Ma Ke. It looks like he’s planning something. In one moment he’ll frown and in another he’ll giggle. It’s kind of funny. I threw a paper ball at him. He quivered then pouted at me. Just as I was distracted, I heard the teacher say: “Zhang Gong, answer this question.” “Ah! Oh. Yes.”

“What is long range teleportation magic?” The teacher saw that I wasn’t properly paying attention to the lecture so she deliberately picked me.

Haha. Unexpectedly she ask me this one. I calmed my mind.

“Long range teleportation magic uses spatial magic as a basis to instantly move long distances. It’s like opening an imaginary passage in space to travel through. With advanced spatial magic, other people can be teleported too, but the success rate is very low. Unless the mage has extremely high control of magic, they generally won’t use it.” I orderly answered the question and proudly gave Ma Ke a glance.

“Correct. You can sit down now. Zhang Gong, your answer was very good, but in the future you need to pay attention to the lecture.”

Somewhat embarrassed, I said: “Yes teacher.” Having been warned by the teacher, I didn’t dare to let my mind wander again. I concentrated my attention and listened to the whole morning class. Tired, I wanted to immediately go sleep.

With great difficulty, I endured until noon. After me and Ma Ke finished eating lunch, this fellow went to go conduct a large scale project of picking up girls. This fellow really is an early bloomer. I just want to go back and take an afternoon nap. Otherwise I’ll have dark circles under my eyes which would damage my image of being a great hero.

After some beauty sleep, I felt that my whole body was brimming with light element. Although it can’t grow anymore, the power all over my body is still pretty good. I opened the window curtains to see what’s outside. Wow! It’s already night. I slept for quite a long time. That’s no good, I need to quickly go and eat dinner. Otherwise there won’t be any dinner left.

With lightning speed, I ran to the dining hall. Still not bad. Although dinner is about to end, they’re still selling food. I quickly took enough food for three people like I was a gale sweeping up dead leaves.

“Wow! That’s the Light Rice Bucket! You see, he can eat so much.”

“Yea, he’s like a pig.”

From behind me came the sounds of laughter and whispering. They still care about how much other people eat! Truly annoying. I’ll just ignore them. I have a good temperament. I accelerate my eating speed. After I finished eating, I ran back to the place where I encountered the white robed old man and summoned Xiao Jin.

In comparison to me, this fellow eats very little. I eat rice while he eats my painstakingly assembled light element! (Is it really exhausting? Isn’t it assembled by sleeping!?)

Wow! He grows very quickly. He’s not eating all that for nothing. “You’re a small rice bucket. You can eat so much too!” Xiao Jin just kept rubbing himself against my hands. He already grown to three times his original size when he was just born. He’s two feet long now and as wide as a cup of water. “Let me see the progress that you’ve made recently.”

After saying this, I began giving Xiao Jin commands in my mind. Really not too bad. He didn’t eat all that light element for nothing. Right now Xiao Jin can already use all of the elementary light magic that I can use. But it seems that he still can’t absorb light element directly from the air.

(Authors note: Growth type magical beast grow very quickly in the beginning and can learn all of their master’s magics. Ranked magical beast can only learn magic according to the rank. As magical beasts grow in rank, their physical attacks also increase of course.)

I cheerfully returned Xiao Jin to my body. “Xiao Jin, we’re going to go back and continue sleeping. You just need to continue growing properly.”

My silhouette gradually faded. From a tall tree appeared that time’s old mage. “This youngster’s magical beast doesn’t seem to be an ordinary growth type magical beast. It’s growing too quickly. I don’t know what kind of special features it may have. This child will surely develop in a unique way in the future. I must make him my disciple. Hehe.” It truly isn’t respecting the old.

Without knowing that someone is scheming for me, I returned to the dormitory. Green hair is also here.

“Zhang Gong, last time was my fault. Please don’t be mad!” Testing the waters, Green hair said this to me.

“No problem. Just don’t make trouble for me in the future and that will do. I want to go sleep now.”

“Zhang Gong, I heard that your friend Ma Ke was beaten again today. It seems pretty miserable for him!”

“Ah! Really? Thank you Green hair, I’ll go see him.” Throwing off my sleepiness, I immediately arrived next door.

Wa. No way! He’s even more wretched than yesterday.

“Ma Ke, how come you didn’t find a teacher to help treat you?”

“Boss, you came. I didn’t dare because I’m afraid of being expelled. In the academy, personal fights will cause you to be expelled. (But public competitions are allowed)”

“What good will telling me do? Great light elements, your friend requests you to save the creature before me.” Even though I laugh at Ma Ke’s persistence on pursuing the girl, he still is my younger brother after all. How could I possibly not care about him! This time this fellow will grow to have a long memory. Ma Ke said something and immediately disrupted my train of thought.

“Boss, thank you! Today she told me her name.”

I wildly fell. I looked at him with an expression as if I were looking at a freak.

“Boss, why are you looking at me like that?”

“If she told you her name, then how come you still got beaten?”

“Hehe. I found out when her brother called out her name. Her brother said that if I still keep looking for her, he’ll break my leg. It seems that I’ll have to wait. Not having a leg is not so good. Boss, do you know any methods to treat a broken leg???” Ma Ke exposed his idiocy to me. Fortunately his roommates haven’t returned yet. Otherwise, with such an embarrassing younger brother, I wouldn’t have the face to meet people.

From within Ma Ke’s dorm room a miserable shriek could be heard.

“Boss, don’t hit me anymore. It was my bad. Please spare me…..”

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