Volume 2: Chapter 14 Xiao Jin’s Battle

Child of Light

Volume 2: Chapter 14 – Xiao Jin’s Battle

I brought together all my magic power and began chanting my strongest spell– Light Severing Sword. I intended to deal with Hai Ri in one all-out strike.

I sensed that all of the nearby fire element went berserk. With Hai Ri rocking back and forth the entire arena became scorching hot. A layer of thick fire element gathered onto his body and hid him from plain sight. Currently, Hai Ri was in a huge fireball at the center of the arena, swaying back and forth. My vision became blurred, and I immediately closed my eyes and used my body to sense Hai Ri’s location. I know that he is currently gathering fire element and when he stops, he will dispatch his ultimate strike. There is no skill involved in this exchange of pointers and Hai Ri’s absolute power is certain to be stronger than mine.

“Boss, be careful. This is the advanced fire spell, Raging Inferno. I did not expect it to be used this way. I originally didn’t learn this spell because of its slow chant and long casting time.” Ma Ke had yelled from the outside.

“Big brother, how are you going to use such a large spell? What’s to be done if an accident occurs?” It seems that this young girl was still kindhearted. My heart was secretly touched.

“Little sister, be at ease. I have control.” Said Hai Ri from within the fireball.

It turns out that he has control, haha. That’s a relief. Let’s see if I can endure his long charged attack.

I have already secretly requested light element to gather to the point that I can use Light Severing Sword (however I had to get the light element’s approval in order to gather magic power at a greater speed.) Now, I’m waiting on Hai Ri.

All of the traces of fire returned from the sky and converged in front of me. Hai Ri thickly surrounded with fire elements coldly said, “Let us settle this match in one move.”

“Raging Inferno!” Following Hai Ri’s voice, a huge wall of fire rushed towards me. How fierce!

“Light Severing Sword!” An innumerable amount of light element began to form a sword resembling a ray of light and faced the wall of fire head on.

Light Severing Sword’s might is not inferior to that of Raging Inferno, but my magic power was inferior compared to Hai Ri’s. Therefore, my Light Severing Sword naturally was suppressed by Raging Inferno. However, Raging Inferno’s advance had also been suppressed. The only thing I could do was slowly advance.

When I came into contact with the spell, I became aware of the unexpectedly large gap in power between me and Hai Ri. It took all my might to gather enough light element to barely withstand it. I silently prayed to my heart, “Light element uncle and auntie, can you help me? I can’t endure much longer.”

My forehead is already soaked with sweat. Hai Ri’s wall of fire is only five meters away from me. Looking at Hai Ri’s appearance, it seems like he still has a lot of power left over.

The light element had understood my prayers. They gathered together at a slightly increased speed. The magic power’s gathering speed gradually gave me an advantage. Although the light element’s output is greater, the period of time that I had to endure greatly extended.

Right now, Hai Ri was surprised. He had not assumed that my magic was so strong. Being able to withstand this attack this long is already pretty good. Right now he felt that maintaining Raging Inferno’s attack has begun to cost a great deal of power. That’s why my magic power could still unexpectedly endure.

“Fine! It seems that you can still endure. Then I’ll let you see my true strength! Fire element! Ignite! Let your endless, raging flames burn!” This is a fire amplification spell! Even though I don’t know its name, I know it’s definitely nothing good.

Actually Hai Ri was forced to use it, because he felt that he could not maintain Raging Inferno much longer. Had he not increased his power, I could have turned it around.

Raging Inferno combined with the auxiliary spell, and I immediately felt twice the pressure. The wall of fire rapidly advanced and was right at my side. I’m feel like I’m on the brink of death! I can’t hold on much longer.

My body’s light prism shield slowed down the firewall’s advance. Even so, it still pressed forward centimeter by centimeter. Blood slowly dripped off of the corner of my mouth. I’m already on the brink of collapsing. This damned Hai Ri. You said you had control yet you chose not to hold back.

Hai Ri saw me continue to endure and pressed what meager magic power I had left against the Raging Inferno. I was sent flying, knocking heavily against the defensive boundary. The Raging Inferno had also scattered apart.

“How’s that, Brat? Are you not satisfied? Haha!” Said Hai Ri while proudly panting with a smile.

“Humph! Are you any better than me? What so great about you?” A part of me was not convinced. Seeing Hai Ri proud appearance made my heart feel… However Hai Ri is truly stronger than me. Were it not for me being able to gather magic power faster, I would have definitely lost earlier.

“Well what? You aren’t convinced? Don’t try to make excuses. If you lose, you lose.”

How infuriating! Ah right, I still have Xiao Jin. Doesn’t he still have power? Hehe. However, I did not think this through and made the first mistake of my life. It was a deadly error and had nearly doomed Xiao Jin.

“Hear my name, come forth and appear, Xiao Jin.” Along with my summons, a white light flashed and Xiao Jin appeared in front of me. It was swaying back and forth as if it didn’t know what was going on. It seems that just a moment ago it had been deeply sleeping. (Young magical beasts generally sleep in their master’s body. Without a master’s summon, it wouldn’t wake up.)

“Xiao Jin, hurry, attack that guy.” I used my mind to give Xiao Jin an attack command.

Xiao Jin first looked at Hai Ri, then immediately shot a light arrow at him.

Hai Ri was hit head on. Right now, he also doesn’t have any magic power. He painfully said, “You brat, you still have a magic beast! I also have one.” Hai Ri reluctantly used a wind spell on himself to dodge and summoned his magical beast.

Ah! It’s a Red Fire Tiger.  How powerful! It looks like it should be about a 6th rank magical beast. Not good. As it turns out, he has a magical beast too (almost everyone has one, idiot!)! I must summon Xiao Jin back at once.

Just as I thought of returning Xiao Jin, something strange had occurred.

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