Volume 2: Chapter 2 Entrance Examination

Child of Light

Volume 2: Chapter 2 – Entrance Examination

First thing in the morning, Teacher Xiu woke me up with lessons. He made me repeat some details regarding the exam. Then he brought me to the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy.

“Teacher Xiu, why are are we here so early. There’s still a long time before the exam.” I said as I yawned. In these last two days I’ve nearly been bothered to death. Everyday Teacher Xiu would explain all of the exam’s rules, exam details and so on. Just from all his talk my head has grown bigger. Originally I wanted to hatch my magical beast egg and take a look at what it is. However, Teacher Xiu wouldn’t permit it, saying that before the exam I need to have ample amounts of vigor and physical strength. He’s even more nervous about the exam than me.

“First, look at the situation. Zhang Gong ah. As long as you act in accordance to teacher’s method, then the exam should be finished without any problems.”

“Yes, I know.”

An hour of waiting is as long as a year as far as I am concerned. (Due to Teacher Xiu’s endless nagging.)

“Okay, you can go in now. Zhang Gong, do your best!” Teacher Xiu gave me a thumbs up.

“OK.” I gave him a thumbs up too.

Entered the academy. Wow. It’s worthy of being counted as the number one academy. It’s very unique. There’s a big practice ground that has an area of 15 000 square meters. Ah, there’s also a lot of people. Teacher Xiu told me that this year there is roughly 10 000 students taking the exam. In the end, only 200 students will be qualified. Ah, only 1 in 50 will be admitted. At this time there was a magic broadcast (Through a magic crystal, sound can be amplified and spread): “All the students who came to take the test, according to your registration number line up from east to west. For every 600 numbers, make one line. Follow these instructions in an orderly manner. Go line up in according to your registration number and prepare for the first exam.

My registration is 1503, so I’m in the third line. I went to the third line and lined up accordingly. Looking around, I see that all the examinees are wearing gorgeous magic robes. In comparison my plain clothes aren’t flashy at all, so all the surrounding examinees look at me with a gaze of superiority. Some even spit in disdain and say ‘even a commoner dares to take the exam’.

Hmph! What’s wrong with commoners? Are commoners not people? So what if your family has a bit of power.

“Examinees, quiet down. The first exam will now begin. All the examinees from each line, according to your registration number, go up to your line’s proctor one at a time to begin the exam.” There was another broadcast.

Altogether there are twenty lines and for each line there are two proctors. One is responsible for directing the student on the exam, the other is responsible for recording the grades. The first exam is actually very simple. The teacher just needs to use a magic crystal to measure one’s magic achievements and see if it meets the requirements.  The whole entrance exam has four parts. Two hundred students will be admitted according to their overall score.

As I waited, I was very bored. Ah, why’s it so slow?

One hour later.

“Number 1503, come up.” At last, it’s my turn.

I arrived in front of the teacher. “Hello teacher. I am examinee 1503.” Teacher Xiu taught me that I must be courteous in order to leave a good impression on the teacher. Maybe it’ll score me a few bonus points.

“You can start the test now!” The proctor nodded at my smile.

I began condensing magic power and placed my right hand on top of the magic crystal. From my forehead, light element rapidly gathered then flowed through my right hand and into the magic crystal. The magic crystal began emitting a faint white light. As I released more and more magic power, the white light also grows more and more dazzling.

“That’s good enough student.”

“Thank you teacher.” I stopped releasing magic power.

“Your magic power is strong. You’re learning light magic? Learn well. Once you reach the rank of advanced mage, light magic is very powerful. Go recover in the rest area while you wait for the next exam.”


I feel pretty good about this exam; there shouldn’t be any problems with it. I look at the examinees in front of me. Not a single one of them could release as much magic power as me. Hehe. I proudly smiled.

The next exam tests magic perception. The testing method is also very simple, one just needs to fire off their most powerful spell within a magic barrier. Exam in the afternoon. We’re not permitted to leave during midday, but the academy supplies lunch for us. After eating, I slip away to go to take a stroll and wander around the academy grounds. This place sure is big! Apart from the main field, there are also many smaller practice grounds. The academy also has many buildings. The campus grounds are very elegant. Everywhere there is green grass like a cushion, inviting you to sleep on. Furthermore, there are many groves, rock gardens, fountains and so on. Indeed, it’s pretty good. I see that coming here to study wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

The afternoon exam began. The examinees are split into 10 different practice grounds. Every practice ground has 5 proctors. Each proctor will give a score. Add all of their scores together and that’s the score for this exam.

Wow. An intermediate magic academy’s entrance exam is really abnormal. Most of the examinees magics are of the intermediate class. Some are even casting advanced class spells. The competition is very fierce. What are the proctors whispering into each other’s ears? From the smiles on their faces I can see that they’re very pleased with this examinees results.

It’s my turn on the field now.

“Number 1503, use your best magic.”

“Yes teacher.” I straightened my body then raised my left hand.

“My name is Zhang Gong Wei, great light elements, assemble in front of me and block and reflect all evil!”

A never before heard incantation! Despite all of the proctors’ suspicions, a light prism shield appeared on my left arm.

“This is….. Light Shield?? No way. Light shield is an omnidirectional defensive magic.” After discussing among themselves, the proctor in the middle said: “Examinee, please explain the properties of this magic.”

“Yes. This magic of mine was created with Light Shield and Light Mirror as a base. As a result of combining the two, the new spell has both defensive and reflective properties. Those two were originally elementary class defense spells but now after merging them, the new spell can stop 6th rank attack spells.

All of the proctors looked at each other in astonishment. Finally, they reached a conclusion, a genius. (Fusing magics is very difficult, especially fusing two of the same element. I fused two elementary spells to create an intermediate spell, so how could they not be amazing?)

Haha. Another obstacle passed.

While harboring excitement in my mind, I walked away from the academy. (Due to there being many people left over, the last two exams will be conducted tomorrow.) How can it be this simple? Haha. Recalling the astonished faces of those proctors makes me want to laugh.

As soon as I exit the academy’s gates, I see Teacher Xiu. Seeing his anxious expression, for the first time I felt that originally Teacher Xiu is very adorable.

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