Volume 2: Chapter 21 Meeting Ma Ke Again

Child of Light

Volume 2: Chapter 21 – Meeting Ma Ke Again

I lightly caressed Xiao Jin, huh? What’s this? Unexpectedly, I felt what seemed to be a very large protrusion sticking out of his body. I asked Xiao Jin (using telepathy), what is this? Xiao Jin replied that he also didn’t know. Furthermore, that was not the only one.

I immediately got away from Xiao Jin’s embrace and carefully observed.

Sure enough, below his abdomen were five small protrusions. It seemed as if there were bones sticking out. On top of his back, between his three golden stripes sprouted upward two sheets but they weren’t very distinct. Ah, what’s this? Don’t tell me that Xiao Jin isn’t a serpent? No, I should ask Teacher Di.

I continued to play around with Xiao Jin for a while. Seeing the sky quickly brighten, I had Xiao Jin withdraw.

Xiao Jin’s progress is amazing. I could feel the strength of his magic power. Not only that, but Xiao Jin seems to still have outstanding changes that I still don’t know about. Also, his abilities have improved accordingly and gained a few unique abilities. As for what they are, even Xiao Jin still doesn’t know. In addition, compared to his previous self, he now provides me with cultivation and I also feel a stronger, more intimate bond with him.

With the sky bright, Teacher Di came.

“Did you rest well yesterday, Zhang Gong?” Teacher Di asked softly, putting down what was in his hand.

“Well enough.” Delicious, so good, I continued eating. Not taking of notice of Teacher Di, I threw myself into the sea of food.

Striving to finish it, “Teacher Di, you’ve brought such delicious food, why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Humph, you’re the kind of brat that only after eating, will you be at your strongest.” Teacher Di said with a discontent voice.

“Don’t be like that. Am I not talented at learning magic?” I began to employ the spoiled child strategy. (Since I’m still a kid.)

“Fine, blow your own trumpet. Whether or not you have talent will depend on today’s performance. There isn’t much time, only seven days. I hope you can learn useful magic in that time. You must take this seriously. “

Seeing him speak in earnest, I dare not joke around, “Yes, Teacher.”

“You haven’t gone outside for quite a while. Let’s go outside and have a walk on the grass.”


How refreshing. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a breath of fresh air. I gave myself a large stretch and breathed deeply. Even if the sunshine outside was a bit dazzling, this feeling is truly comfortable. Teacher also hadn’t disturbed me, letting me have some free time for the moment until I’ve calmed down.

“Very well, I am going to start teaching now. First I’m going to give you a lecture on advanced magic theory. Do you know what kind of magic I use at my level?”

“Do different levels have different methods of using magic? In order to use magic, all you have to do is recite a chant. Is there anything else to it?”

Teacher Di gave me a tilted glance, “Observe, this is true magic.” He waved his hand outwards and white rays of light came out the palm of his hand. Like a sharp blade, they split open the huge rock in front of us. It’s upper half slid to the ground.

“What? Is that really magic?! There was no chant. Just a wave of a hand could produce such a result. Teacher Di, how did you do that?”

“Hehe, this is the strength of a Magister. With my understanding, ordinary spells can become like this. In order to understand magic elements, you must be exceptionally thorough. Therefore, so long as you fully understand an element, it is possible. What I had just used is somewhat similar to a warrior’s Dou Qi slash. In fact, magic and Dou Qi at later levels are to a certain extent quite similar. Later on, you must study well, practice well and strive to the master the method to directly use the elements before you graduate from the academy. But for today what we learn will not be this. This isn’t something that can be easily learned. Only after tempering yourself for a long period of time can you accomplish this. Currently, you only know a few advanced light attack spells. In comparison, defense spells are more important. Wait until the competition is over. Then we will practice the method to control the elements.”

“Teacher Di, you’re so powerful! So it turns out magic can be used in such a way.” I looked at him with an expression of admiration.

“Naturally, I am a magister after all! Let’s not talk about these useless things. First, let’s start with learning this spell….”


Seven days had quickly past. Under Teacher Di’s instruction, I truly learned no small amount, especially in regard to my control over magic. With the support of my formidable amount magic power, I made ample progress toward my control of magic. The golden sphere within my body had also stabilized somewhat.

I had asked Teacher Di concerning Xiao Jin’s change in body. After thinking about it for a long period of time, he then told me that he had never seen such a magic beast. It is possible that this transformation occurred because I had casted the spell “Sharing Life”. Regardless, there is nothing that we can do about this.

With this, I had felt relieved. So long as Xiao Jin is alive and well, I don’t care what form he takes.

Within these seven days, I’ve received a piece of good news. Teacher Di said that 20 days ago, Ma Ke had been made the direct disciple of the Vice Principal. This time we can both graduate class together at the same time. You should also know that the Vice Principal is also a magister.

Tomorrow, I’ll be returning to everyone’s side. When Teacher Di departed today, he reminded me once again to not speak of Xiao Jin’s survival or of me becoming his disciple. Teacher Di sure is an amusing old fellow. His educational method is unusually simple. He just gives you an explanation then lets you go think about it yourself. Or he’ll just give you an incantation and let you go try out the spell yourself. He gives exceptional freedom. Not taking into account his age, he acts like my grandfather, but sometimes he also acts like a child and gets noisy like me. I discovered that I already like this amusing old fellow.


After entering the classroom, everyone looked towards me with astonished gazes. I didn’t say anything as I went to my seat.

“Boss!” My ear heard a familiar voice.

“Ma Ke.” I turned around and replied to my good friend that I haven’t seen in a long time.

We fixed our eyes on each other. Afterwards, we tightly embraced each other.

Ma Ke whispered into my ear: “Boss, I already know about your matter. Do your best during the competition!”

“Yes. You too.”

The bell rung, signaling the start of class. Everyone returned to their seats. In today’s class, the end of term competition rules will be announced.

Tomorrow, the preliminary matches will begin. Recalling the objective Teacher Di gave me, I received a headache.

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