Volume 2: Chapter 24 Advancing Without a Hitch

Child of Light

Volume 2: Chapter 24 – Advancing Without a Hitch

The tournament started. Altogether there are 20 stages in the tournament. Every stage has two proctoring teachers in charge. One of them was responsible for setting up the defensive barrier (Each of the tournament stages had a magic setup array in the center.  This teacher is only responsible for starting the match and maintaining the defensive boundary enchantment.), while the other teacher was responsible for determining the winner.

The magic competition went by very quickly. You only need ability to dominate, then the outcome of the battle can be determined very quickly.

Soon it was my turn. Tian Feng and I walked to the center of the stage and greeted each other.

“Come, let me witness your strength.” I said to him with a smile.

“Very well, I won’t hold back.” Tian Feng had cast a gliding wind enchantment on himself and began circling around me. He started with a lightning fast rush to my side and started to chant an attack spell.

I chuckled in my mind, he had no idea that I excelled at speed. I could easily catch up to him. I cast light prism shield covering me from all directions. I should pay attention to what attack spell he cast at me.

“Free winds, obey my call, transform into a violent tornado.” Huh, it turned out to be the intermediate wind attack spell “Wind Tornado”. It seems to be a probing attack.

Following spell cast of the small tornado, he went to the center of the stage and flew towards me.

I let out a faint laugh, “If intermediate attack spells are all you are capable of, you’ve already lost.”

I softly waved my magic staff, “Tear open the space before you, and swallow everything foreign.” This is the spatial spell “Dimensional Decapitator”. Currently I can already skillfully control this spell.

A black crevice appeared between me and the Wind Tornado. After a moment, the wind tornado was completely absorbed. This made even Tian Feng’s breath sluggish, causing his speed to dramatically slow down.

A student in the audience called out in an amazed voice, “A spatial attack spell!”

I willed the Dimensional Decapitator to return, “Do you want to continue?”

Tian Feng helplessly stopped to glance at me, “Forget it, I admit defeat.”

Dimensional Decapitator could indeed be compared with advanced attack spells, but it was quite difficult to control. Seeing me use Dimensional Decapitator with ease, he knew the strength between us differed greatly. Rather than being beaten, might as well take the initiative to admit defeat.

“You are very strong, though it is unfortunate for you to have come across me. Continue to do your best.”

“In the future, I’ll come back and challenge you again.”

“I’ll be ready any time.” The current me was no longer afraid of the challenge of any person, because I was fully confident in my own strength.

Due to the rules of the preliminary competition, everyone must everyday compete in two matches. That’s why when I went back to the dormitory, Ma Ke also returned a moment later.

“How are things going, Ma Ke?”  Looking at his brand new magic robes, I asked with a smile.

“Is there any use in saying? A cast of Raging Flames of the Burning Heavens already settles it.” Ma Ke was also talented in magic. With his teacher’s knowledge and his own hard work, such a worthy opponent is rarely found amongst second years.

“Let’s go, first we’ll go eat, then we’ll come back and rest. We still have a match in the afternoon.”

Afternoon’s match as far as I’m concerned should also be quite easy. The year’s overall strength is little different than Tian Feng’s. After only a few blows, they concede.

At the preliminary contest’s final match, I came across a fire mage of great strength.

“Are you from class A?” He seemed familiar.

“That’s right. I know I might not be your opponent, but I would still like to spar with you a bit.” He had yet to be defeated from his previous matches.

“Then let’s do this.”

Unlike Tian Feng, he hadn’t dare to send any probing attacks. He first cast a defensive spell and immediately followed up with an advanced fire attack spell.

“Passionate flames, hear my call and take on a worldly form, become an endless, raging flame, burning everything before you.”

This is Raging Flames of the Burning Heavens. It’s always this old spell. How bothersome.

I held my hands high and raised my head, “Great light element, my friend, use your gentle light to purify everything before you.” What I used was Purifying Light. This purifying light is not the same as before, it is something I created. Purifying Light was originally a divine protection spell, meant to use in a large area to remove different kinds of abnormalities. Yet the one I created not only produced this result but also forms a thick, protective barrier, becoming an advanced defense spell.

He used all his might to urge the burning flame to continuously charge into my Purifying Light. Within the defensive barrier, I leisurely looked at him. I had always thought that forcing a person off the stage was quite embarrassing for them. Still they had to know when to withdraw. I was waiting for his magic power to run out, so he would forfeit.

At this moment there was an unexpected change, the head of red hair stood upright and said, “Burn, my life’s flame.”

The proctors in the audience all stared blankly, “Why would this student burn his own life energy? This will reduce his lifespan. What a competitive child. “Life’s Flame is a fire mage’s means of igniting their own life in order to release a greater level of magic. In other words, his Raging Flames of the Burning Heavens was originally a rank six spell, by igniting Life’s Flame, it is possible to immediately escalate it to a rank seven spell.

The fire outside the barrier from its originally fiery red, gradually became darker. Then it changed into a somber, dark blue. The pressure against me immediately increased.

“How unexpected. You still had a skill like this. Look, this is my true strength, don’t you concede now!” What I sensed from him wasn’t inferior to that to Hai Ri’s.

“Great light elements, please allow me to borrow your formidable strength, let the infinite light of the earth shine.” Light attack spell, Brilliant Empire, a seventh rank light spell. This is currently the most powerful spell I could use.

Following my chant, I slowly floated above the ground, a blinding white light covered me from head to toe. My magic robe was fluttering behind me. The golden magic stone on my magic robe released a golden light.  The white light that I released was projected, brightening the stage. I raised my head. Within my Upper Dantian, the gold dan released a third of my magic power to cover my body. The rays of light that earlier surrounded me shrank back for a second and then suddenly burst forth. The blue fire was rapidly engulfed by my white rays of light. The match’s barrier after continuously enduring, started to show cracks.

“This student is so competitive. He’s only in the second grade yet he can already use rank seven spells. These second year students have such powerful magic, they can already use rank seven spells. Have they already reached the level of a magic scholar?” The two proctors immediately poured their energy into maintaining the barrier.

After the barrier stabilized, my opponent had already fallen to the ground and had not risen. All of the people present were temporarily blinded by the magnificent white light I had released.

In truth, I could only exhibit a third of this spell’s strength. That’s because I am only able to use a third of my magic power, even so it is still a rank seven spell. However, he raised the rank of his spell with great difficulty, I could cast the spell without assistance, but the attack light spell was also at least as powerful as a normal rank seven spell. That being said, dark and spatial magic attack spells are slightly more powerful than the other elements but also require more strength to use. Not only did he exhausted his Life’s Flame but it had also begun to dim.

“Great light elements, act for your friend, I humbly request you to save the being before me.” I quickly cast a Spiritual Restoration spell on him. My Spiritual Restoration spell had the power of an absolute advanced class restoration spell.

As they regained their vision, it became clear to everyone present that I was ultimately the victor.

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