Volume 3: Chapter 4 First encounter with Magic Race

Child of Light

Volume 3: Chapter 4 – First encounter with Magic Race

Not yet finished talking, she fell down.

That isn’t possible. My “Holy Light” is a defense type spell, it doesn’t contain any offensive qualities. How did it become like this?  While I was completely confused, the young woman in charge took out her hand.

She murmured many incantation verses. On her hand appeared a dark violet sphere.  With a wave of her hand, she did not attack me but rather aimed at the girl named Ling Zi. Ling Zi seemed to feel much better. She no longer trembled and started to breath deep breathes.

What kind of magic is this? I’ve never seen it before. “Young woman, what magic did you use? I’ve never seen it before.” I curiously asked.

The sound of the young woman’s beautiful voice came, “Don’t let him run. Kill him.”

“Stop. I only said a few words yet all of you want to kill me. You’re all too fierce.” By the time I finished speaking, they had already surrounded me. I continuously strengthened my defensive enchantments, waiting to see how they will handle me.

Their leader still hadn’t acted, it was only that the eight had surrounded me under her command. They had started to form a circle, I believe they are using a martial skill. However, I discovered they actually haven’t moved. Not good. They started chanting an incantation.

A thick, black fog came out from their bodies and completely enveloped me. I protected my body with Holy Light and when the black fog touched it, it made a fizzling sound. It seemed to be some sort of corroding acid. I immediately felt a large increase in pressure. It was truly formidable but Holy Light continued to resist it.

“Oh Great Light Elements, I request you to allow me to borrow your formidable power. Allow the limitless light of the earth to shine!” The current Brilliant Empire was unlike before, I could fully control the spell’s strength and position. So naturally, I surrounded them using an area release spell. Following my chant, I slowly floated off the ground, surrounded in blinding white light. I lifted my head and the gold dan within my upper Dantian enveloped my body with a third of my magic power. The radiance surrounding me shrunk back for a moment and then instantly burst forth. The white rays of light rapidly engulfed the black fog, counter attacking the surrounding eight women. I held back, not using my full strength. I didn’t want to kill. I still had a lingering fear when I remembered the scene when I had first killed.

In face of the eight women’s critical situation, their leader rapidly cast a ring of purple energy, wrapping around them and protecting them from my Brilliant Empire’s attack. Their defensive spell was obviously hurried. Although they managed to react against my attack, they were still injured to an extent.

The eight women’s cloaks were all destroyed by the threads of light element, exposing their form fitting magic armor. A few cracks had appeared on their armor. Ah, what beautiful girls. Not only were their appearances beautiful but even their figures had no flaws. Even I, who held little interest in women, had a quickened heartbeat.

But when I lifted my head, I was astonished. It was impossible words to describe the beautiful scene before me. This was beauty unlike that of Serene Dream Lake. To compare the two would be like comparing a glimmering ember and the luminous moon.

Their leader wasn’t in the same, sorry condition as her eight subordinates. But the cloak that concealed her face had fallen off, revealing her indescribably beautiful appearance. It was that beautiful scene that stunned me.

So beautiful, so very beautiful. Out of all the beautiful women I’ve met, they are incapable of being compared with her. She by no means held a vulgar beauty but a delicate and graceful one. If all the woman of the world were to be compared, she alone would stand above the rest. I, who had never wavered before, started salivating.

The beautiful woman saw me act like a lecherous pervert and noticed her own cloak had fallen off, quickly covering herself. “Teacher, quickly, help me kill this pervert!”

An eerie voice arrived, “Who dares to vex my little princess?” A chilly wind blew, the ice cold voice removed “passion” from my heart, and not even a sliver remained.

In the wake of the terrifying voice, a black smoke flashed. Then at the beautiful girl’s side appeared a completely bound bamboo pole. To say he was a bamboo pole would wouldn’t be a slightest bit an exaggeration. Although I couldn’t clearly see his stature, it would appear that out of his entire body, only the palm of his hand could be considered wide.

“Teacher, it is him. He already knows our secret and have seen our appearances. Quickly, help me kill him.”  This beautiful woman is truly not capable of love. How could such a sweet voice say such vicious words, so readily willing to kill?

“Beautiful woman, you are very vicious. However, I like that. How about we become friends?” I frivolously tried to stop her.

Without waiting for her to speak, the bamboo pole had float over. Approaching me, he released a formidable, imposing pressure, rendering me unable to breathe. A master! I went on guard. A true master. Aside from Teacher Di or Teacher Long, I haven’t encountered anyone else capable of making me feel this pressure.

I immediately became wary, covering my body with light element and defensive enchantments.

That shady, ominous voice emerged once more, “So it turns out to be a light magic boy. Aren’t those who learn light magic few in number?”

“Who said very few? How would you know, bamboo pole? Right now, light magic is very popular throughout the continent and I am the worst one!”  Humph, I must confront and mislead him. But I hadn’t expect that these precise words had allowed humanity to avoid a calamity.

“What did you say, is this true? The continent’s people use light magic? The intelligence I received as not as such.” He is truly frank and outspoken, unable to differ lies from truth.

I deliberately put on a serious face and said with exceptional earnest, “Of course it is true, do I have reason to lie to you?” Of course I do, you can’t tell lies from truth, even with your life on the line, hehe. Within my mind I sinisterly laughed.

“Teacher, don’t listen to his nonsense. Kill him first, you cannot let him reveal our secret.” The beautiful woman yelled from the side. This beautiful woman is really out to get I, her daddy. There isn’t a single good thing about beautiful women. In the future, I’d better not take a beautiful woman for a wife.

“Fine. I’ll first settle this, and then you’ll go out and verify.” The bamboo pole began chanting an incantation, “Mighty god of darkness, your servant humbly requests you, become an insatiable devourer. For this, I willingly offer my soul.”

Though I was ignorant, I could feel that his incantation used dark magic. I loudly yelled in surprise, “Magic race!”

A black shadow emerged from behind the Bamboo Pole and came flying at me. I immediately cast Brilliant Empire trying to meet his attack. But something unexpected happened. The black shadow did not engage with Brilliant Empire but rather turned into a large cover, gathering Brilliant Empire’s pillar of light and trapping it within. I lost control over my spell, and soon the light element within the black cover gradually faded away.

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