Volume 4: Chapter 15 - Returning Home to Report

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 15 - Returning Home to Report

I was startled and asked, “It can’t be grave to the point of starting a civil war?” I looked at Ma Ke. He was also in shock. He clearly didn’t know the current state of affairs.  

Hai Shui replied, “Why isn’t it possible? The three main powers are currently all preparing their militaries! Anytime now, they’ll start a civil war.”

I sighed. “War is the cruelest! If war really happens, the commoners will be ones that suffers the most. Furthermore, the kingdom’s power will weaken drastically during a civil war. It’ll disturb the balance between the three kingdoms.”

Hai Shui stared at me for a while, eyes wide. “Wow~ I didn’t expect that you’d analyze the situation like that. It would be great if you joined our Xing family. With your magic power, it should be able to bring the family to it’s peak!”    

I laughed and anxiously looked at Ma Ke. “I think that we should forget about that suggestion as even the problem we currently have with your sister can’t be solved.”

Ma Ke supported me, saying, “Right, right! You should stop putting Zhang Gong on the spot!”

Hai Shui pouted her cute and small lips, “Humph! Sister isn’t the problem! I don’t care! Are you going to tell me if you’re going to agree or not? I’ll just ask my grandfather, okay?” ‘Hai Shui was one of the candidates to inherit the Xing Family so her position in the family was very high. If she really suggested for me to enter her family, the chance of success would definitely be very high.’

I immediately shook my head. “No! Just forget it! I don’t want to be restrained and love my freedom. Moreover, I just offended the Ri family. If I join your family, won’t it lead to conflict between the two families?”

Hai Shui lowered her head and thought. “What you said is right! However, my offer still stands. If you ever change your mind, you must tell me! You carry on having your meals; I’ll head back first.”

As Ma Ke focused on Hai Shui’s back as she left, he said to me, “Boss, thank you! I know that you refused Hai Shui because of me. I really don’t know what…”

I patted his shoulder. “Stop saying such things! We are brothers! Anyway, I won’t join your family as well. Honestly, I hope that this will not result in war! Is peace so bad? We can only continue flourishing ourselves if we stay united. During my previous adventures, I met the Magic race. They didn’t look at our human race with good intentions and rather wanted us gone. If we have an internal war, won’t it be the perfect chance for them to invade us?

“Magic race? Boss, you met the Magic race?”

“Yup! Why?”

“This is a big issue! I will immediately inform my father. The information that the Magic race might invade us is super important!”

I curiously asked, “You don’t need to be this nervous, right?”

Ma Ke rebuked, “How could I not be nervous? The Magic race must have used an unknown method to enter the our Eastern continent. This proves that they have terrible intentions towards our human race. This information is extremely important!”

I scratched my head and thought back to the exquisite, beautiful face of the Magic race’s princess. “The Magic race isn’t that terrifying. They are just like us, living in the world. Why do you look like you’ve met a ghost?”

“The Magic race and our human kind are not the same! They are enemies to all of the human race.”

“Alright! I don’t want to continue arguing with you. Just do whatever you like! Let’s quickly finish our meal! I want to head back to the dormitory for a break.”

Ma Ke left the academy and headed home to report the important information to his father that night.

During the next day’s class, I wrote another letter to Mu Zi. I wrote just a few sentences: “Yesterday when I received your reply, I was extremely elated. I just want to ask you, why do you think it’s impossible for us to be together and want me to not to disturb you anymore? I really can’t stop myself from really liking you. Even though you are very cold to me, I know that you’re actually very kind hearted. Can you please give me a chance? I promise I will forever protect you!” While writing, I no longer thought of revenge. 'Mu Zi’s plain appearance had become so adorable. It couldn’t be that I’d really fallen in love with her? No, it couldn’t be.' I silently reminded myself not to forget to execute my revenge on her.

After I gave her the letter, she replied on the paper, “Stop asking me! We definitely can’t be together. I will never fall for you! Just give up! Hai Shui is the one who loves you. She should be the one that you choose!”

After I finished reading her unkempt words, I focused on her face. She felt my hot gaze and looked at me. I whispered to her, “Please give me a reason?”When I asked that, my heart actually felt a dull ache.

Mu Zi’s eyes showed a complicated expression and she whispered back, “Just don’t ask, okay?”

She didn’t not look as cold, but was actually really delicate.My heart began trembling. I suddenly reached out to hold her cold, yet tender hand. Once I touched her hand, She screamed out in shock and almost toppled out of her chair.

It was the current lesson is with the annoying old mage. “Zhang Gong, what are you doing? It is class time!”

I awkwardly laughed, “Teacher, Mu Zi got scared by a cockroach just now so I just went to support her.” Mu Zi’s face flushed, but didn't say anything. She just looked down at her lapels.

The old man, finding he did not have any evidence to use against me, angrily shouted, “Please take note of that next time! Students, I will teach up to here as it is nearing the end of the class. We will have a test to test your knowledge on magic spells tomorrow. I hope that every student will come to class prepared for the test to achieve good grades for it. There’s a chance for those who fail to be unable to advance to year four!” After saying that, he glared at me.

‘No! This can’t be happening.There’s a test tomorrow? I haven't been listening much in class, and the classes are short. How am I supposed to take the test on the knowledge of spells? It isn’t the same as a test on usage of magic spells! Damn him! I’ll need to rely on Ma Ke this time.’

I whispered to Mu Zi, “You didn’t hurt yourself, did you? How about we have lunch together today?” Mu Zi did not reply, but took out a paper and wrote on it before throwing it to me.

I looked down at the paper. She wrote: “Please stop disturbing me! I am begging you! Now, I am the laughingstock of the class. In the future, please also stop writing letters to me.” When I read her words, my heart coldly shuddered. However, I remembered her reddened face. I knew that she had some feelings for me. Since she refused to join me for lunch, then I would just forget about it. I’ll take it easy for now, but one day I would definitely get her to willingly come into my arms.

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