Volume 4: Chapter 18 - I'm the Mediator

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 18 - I'm the Mediator

The prince smiled honestly and cordially said, “Zhang Gong, don’t worry! Right now, fighting the Magic race is most important.  Duke Te Yi is an extremely selfish person and the three big families are also not united; if they really governed the kingdom, they’d lead the kingdom’s downfall. We mustn’t conduct a coup d’etat right now, but instead find a peaceful method to solve the inheritance of the throne. The commoners are innocent. I definitely won’t let them be harmed by the power battle.” ‘He really is an old fox; he definitely noticed that I care greatly about the commoners and said that to appease me.’  

I nodded. “Alright, uncle. Let’s leave it as it is. I’ll head back first. You just have to wait for my good news!”

After bidding farewell to the prince, Ma Ke and I returned to the academy. On the way, Ma Ke asked, “Boss, what do you think?”

While still walking I said, “Actually, I know that your father is just using me.” As I said that, I looked meaningfully at Ma Ke. Ma Ke just lowered his head and didn’t say anything.

I patted his shoulder. “You don’t need to overthink! I didn’t mean anything much; I just feel a little uncomfortable. However, it’s better to that your father inherit his rightful throne than the opposing powers. Just stop worrying! I’ll definitely help your father.”

Ma Ke grabbed my hand and excitedly said, “Boss, I really don’t know what to say!”

I raised my head to look at the time. “You don’t need to say anything! Let’s walk faster! You return to the academy first. It isn’t too late right now so I’ll visit the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy and find Teacher Di to see if I can get his support.”

At a forked road, Ma Ke and I split up. I quickly arrived at the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. At the familiar academy I had previously attended, the guard recognised me. I said that I had come to find Teacher Di and he quickly let me in.

After reaching the entrance of Teacher’s Di living area, I couldn’t help but remember the past. He cared for me so dearly and was also a lonely elderly man. My heart filled with gratitude for him.

I shouted from outside, “Teacher Di, I am here to visit you!”

When the door opened, Teacher Di walked out of the room and said with a smile, “Why are you back already, after attending the Advanced Magic Academy for only a few days? Can’t bear to leave here?”

I walked over and clung to his arm, acting like a spoiled child. “Of course, I miss you! Haven’t I come to visit you?”

Teacher Di laughed. “You really are a good child. Let’s go inside the room!”

I awkwardly smiled and said, “I didn’t buy you anything and just came over. Are you busy with the Academy’s work?”

Teacher Di reclined in his seat and smiled. “It’s alright. It isn’t that busy as a lot of things doesn’t need me to personally deal with them. To be honest, I am thinking of retiring soon. How about you inherit my position after you finish settling the Monster King problem?”

I immediately waved my hands at him. “No! No! I am too young! How can I become the representative of the school? Isn’t Teacher Long a better candidate to succeed your position? I also think that you should slow down in your work.”

Teacher Di said, “Teacher Long is indeed one of the best candidates, but now he has already gone to join the power battle. He can’t remain calm during such a time. How do you think I can give the academy to him without worrying?”

It seemed that Teacher Di hated the current power battle. 'How am I going to ask him?'

Teacher Di saw me not saying anything. “Did you come back to ask me for something? Just say it, you want me to help Prince Ke Zha.”

I dumbfoundedly replied, “Yes.”, and then snapped back to my senses and looked at Teacher Di with my mouth gaping open. I was in shock. “How did you know? Have you learned a spell that lets you foresee the future?”

Teacher Di smiled, “How could I not understand you? With your relationship with Ma Ke, how could Ke Zha not make use of you to convince me?”

I scratched my head and said, “Teacher, you really are amazing. Prince Ke Zha is indeed trying to make use of me to convince you.”

Teacher Di sighed. “The situation in the kingdom of Aixia is really tense. If you make one wrong move, you will be caught up in the chaos of the war. Since you know that Ke Zha is using you, why did you still come?”

I smiled and said, “I really missed you, so can’t I visit you?”

Teacher Di laughed at my reply. “Stop driveling and tell me the truth!”

I became serious and earnestly said, “Actually, I did come to try and convince you, but it’s not for Prince Ke Zha. It is for the numerous commoners in the Kingdom of Aixia instead.”

Teacher Di got interested. “Hmm! continue speaking.”

I explained, “If you continue to remain neutral and don’t help any side, the civil war will definitely occur. Our homeland will be filled with blood and the commoners won’t be able to continue to live in peace as they’ll inevitably be caught up in the battle. If, at that time, the Magic race was to invade, we would have too many problems on our hands and wouldn’t be able to unite with the other two kingdoms to fight back. Furthermore, in a few years, the Monster King will also appear. Who knows what method he’ll be use to do so? If the human race isn’t united, there’s a possibility that the human race will become extinct. For the future of the human race, I’m begging you to help the Prince Ke Zha. Teacher Di, do you think I am overthinking the situation?”

Teacher Di shook his head, “You aren’t overthinking. That situation might really occur. I’m curious about why you aren’t asking me to support Duke Te Yi and the three big families. Even though I’ll just be a redundant addition to their forces, their chance of victory will be much higher, even though their strength already exceeded that of the Prince. The reason you’re supporting Prince Ke Zha can’t be Ma Ke, is it?”

I replied, “Even though Ma Ke can influence my decision to an extent, he’s not the main reason. More importantly, if the throne is succeeded by Prince Ke Zha, it’ll be logical as he’s current Emperor’s only brother. The commoners and nobles should be able to accept that. If we have the strength to suppress Duke Te Yi and the three big families and let them know that their plans are impossible, I believe they won’t continue to rebel too intensely. After all, they aren’t suited to inherit the throne. At that time, they’ll just try to secure their nobility and life. We just need to make some moves to appease them at that moment. If they rebel again in the future, it will no longer be a problem for us to worry about anymore. I feel that the Prince is really skillful and strategic so he should be able to deal with them. On the other hand, if we were to support Duke Te Yi, it would be hard to say what would happen as Prince Ke Zha is the rightful successor to the throne . Prince Ke Zhadefinitely won’t compromise with them. He also currently holds the entire kingdom’s military power. If we can’t pull out the grass by it’s roots and let him escape, he’ll definitely return to get his throne back. The civil war will then definitely happen. This is why I chose to support Prince Ke Zha.”

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