Volume 4: Chapter 21 - Exchanging Titles

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 21 - Exchanging Titles

After half an hour passed, over ten empty plates lay in front of me. The food was really good. It was the best meal I’d had since birth. I patted my stomach in satisfaction, then exhaled deeply and looked at Mu Zi.

Wow! ‘This can’t be happening- she’s still eating. She really knows how to eat!’ There were many empty plates in front of her too, and I remembered her taking some food from my dishes.

I dumbfoundedly passed her a serviette and said, “Take your time to eat! Don’t choke on it!”

Mu Zi took the serviette and wiped her mouth. She indistinctly said, “You should also eat, I won’t be so polite anymore.” After she finished saying that, she continued to eat.

I stared at her, stupefied, until she completely finished all of the dishes she’d ordered.

Mu Zi let out a long breath in satisfaction and wiped her mouth. “That’s great! It’s been some time since I had such a good meal.”

I curiously asked, “You’re too formidable! I concede. Doesn’t your stomach feel bloated after eating so much?”

Mu Zi simple-mindedly said, “I don’t feel bloated at all. My metabolism is really good. Moreover, I haven’t actually eaten a lot. Waitress! Please bring me two more portions of deep fried dragon meat, a set of blue whale wings, 2 portions of dessert and 2 portions of ice cream.”

After she ordered more dishes, I hurriedly said, “I’m already filled to the point where I couldn’t possibly eat any more! ”

Mu Zi looked at me. “You may not be able to eat anymore, but I’m still hungry. Those dishes were for me!”

On the sidelines, I watched in awe as she wiped out yet another pile of food. Mu Zi patted her stomach. “That’s really satisfying and wonderful! Alright! You can settle the bill already. I’m not eating anymore.”

I secretly wiped off my cold sweat. She had finally stopped eating.

I called the waitress over and asked for the check, which she promptly brought. “Mister, the total will be one hundred and three diamond coins, four gold coins and eight silver coins.”

I cried out, “What! Isn’t this robbery? So much?” I looked at the waitress in disgust. She patiently explained, “Mister, the ingredients here are rather rare. For example, the dragon meat costs two diamond coins per portion...”

‘No wonder Mu Zi told me to bring more money! I’ve been thoroughly cheated for wanting to treat her.’

Mu Zi said from the side, “Ah! It costs so much now. I used to spend only seventy diamond coins for a meal previously. I’m sorry you have to pay so much money.”

What else could I say? I took my amethyst card from my spatial dimension and passed it to the waitress. The waitress respectfully took it from me and said, “We’ll give you an eight percent discount for using an amethyst card. Please wait for a moment.” After hearing her words, my heart felt slightly better.

Mu Zi anxiously asked, “What was that useful card you used to get discounts? I want to get one of those as well!”

‘I won’t offer to treat Mu Zi to more meals in the future. My White Rice Bucket title should go to her.’

Mu Zi suddenly looked pitifully at me.

I asked, “What’s the matter?”

Mu Zi bashfully said, “Can I get another liter of Ascending Jade Tide to drink in the afternoon? It’s really nice and is only five diamond coins.”

I instantly felt as if the sky was spinning and the earth going round. “Alright! Whatever you say!”

I don’t know how I returned to school as when I snapped back to reality I was already in class for the afternoon lessons.

Mu Zi nudged me. “What are you thinking about so deeply? Do you also want to drink some Ascending Jade Tide?”

I replied, “Oh! I’m not thinking of anything. You can drink that by yourself.”

The female student in front of Mu Zi asked, “What are you drinking? It has a sweet scent.”

Mu Zi replied, “It’s Ascending Jade Tide. Here, have a taste!”

The female student gasped, “Wah! It’s actually Ascending Jade Tide. I heard it’s really expensive. You’re really loaded with money.”

Mu Zi pointed at me. “It wasn’t my money. Zhang Gong bought it. I can share some with you.”

The female student enviously looked at Mu Zi. “He treats you so well. He’s handsome and his magic spells are very powerful. You’re so lucky!”

Mu Zi pouted. “If you like him, you can have him.”

I quietly listened to their conversation until that part. I angrily said, “Mu Zi! What did you say?”

Mu Zi turned to me and said, “I haven’t even agreed to be your girlfriend! Why are you being so fierce?”

I instantly became speechless. ‘She indeed hasn’t agreed to be my girlfriend. It looks like I wasted my diamond coins.’ I just collapsed on the table. For some reason, my heart felt really painful.

Maybe it was the Ascending Jade Tide that I drank. The female student wasn’t bad as she supported me by saying, “Mu Zi! How could you say that to him? Your words are really hurtful.” Mu Zi remained silent.

Finally, class ended and I immediately rushed out of the classroom. I was unusually moody.

I met Ma Ke after walking for a short while. Ma Ke, who had a face overflowing with happiness, stopped me and said, “Boss, it’s great! We succeeded!”

I gloomily asked, “Succeeded? In what?”

Ma Ke curiously replied, “Boss, what happened to you? Are you in a bad mood? Obviously the success I was talking about is the successful formation of the alliance. Today, Teacher Di went to the prince’s mansion to visit my father. After talking for the whole morning, they finally reached an agreement. In the afternoon, they went to find the other three Magisters. Teacher Long can’t be counted on, but the other two Magisters, the academy’s principal and vice principal, both agreed to support father.”

‘This is really a good news!’ I replied, “That’s great! When shall we make our move?”

Ma Ke replied, “My father said that in order to avoid unnecessary clashes, it would be better to start settling the problem as soon as possible. They decided to find Duke Te Yi and the three big families to negotiate terms tomorrow.”

I replied in shock, “So soon?”

Ma Ke continued to explain, “Initially, father wanted to ask you to come join them, but Teacher Di said that you’re our secret weapon and that we shouldn’t let the opposing forces know about you.”

I replied, “How am I supposed to be a secret weapon? Anyway, I’ll just wait for the good news tomorrow and just head back to the dormitory.”

Ma Ke asked, “Boss, what happened today? What made you so irritated? Let’s go out for a good meal!”

I hurriedly waved my hands at Ma Ke, fearful of the thought of eating again. “No! Wait until everything is settled, then we’ll celebrate. I don’t know why, but I feel extremely tired today so I’ll head back first.”

Ma Ke replied, “Alright! I won’t disturb you anymore. You should feel better after a night’s rest.”

After bidding farewell to Ma Ke, I returned to the dormitory and lay on the bed. My heart was roaring like the sea. ‘Why did Mu Zi make my heart hurt so much? Could it be that I have really fallen in love with her? No, that’s impossible! What’s so good about her? She’s neither beautiful nor gentle! Yet, Mu Zi’s silhouette continues to appear in front of me.’

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