Volume 4: Chapter 31 - Dauntless Attack

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 31 - Dauntless Attack

Si Feng Ri suddenly raged and said flatly, “From Feng Liang’s injury, I estimated that you had already reached the border of becoming a Magister. Being able to reach this stage so young probably wasn’t easy. However, your ability is still too far from being a Magister. I shall let you experience what fighting a real Magister is like and you’ll pay the price for hurting my grandson.

I tightly held my magic staff and unyieldingly stared at him. “Alright! Enlighten me with your skills! I am only a junior, so I won’t be courteous.” After saying that, I waved my magic staff and a magic and battle spirit imbued blade I had previously prepared appeared.

I had already thought of how to fight him. Let’s see if this fusion spell could gain any advantage against Si Feng Ri. It wasn’t the same as the practice two days ago when I held back my attack when sparring with Teacher Zhen and Teacher Di. Even if Si Feng Ri wouldn’t kill me, he would put me into a near death state. I must fight with all my might!

A white battle spirit shot towards Si Feng Ri’s head.

A fiery red colored ray was emitted from Si Feng Ri’s body while he simultaneously shot another ray from his staff with a wave. When the white and red rays of light came into contact, a subtle impact sounded in the air. Contrary to the expectations of everyone, I wasn’t pushed back by Si Feng Ri’s attack, but Si Feng Ri was pushed three steps back. My team cheered wildly, but Duke Te Yi leaned on the banister and kept on staring at me.

His expression flashed signs of shock first, then anger. He was so angry his face burned red.

Judging from this attack, it would seem that I was at an advantage, but this was due to the enemy underestimating me. I planned to make Si Feng Ri pay for looking down on me. However, he moved just three steps back; proving that he was extremely powerful.

I didn’t have enough time to use the fusion spell again, so I cast four light blades at Si Feng Ri (I won’t be knocked back from the spell that way). I managed to block Si Feng Ri’s violent attack using the light blades.

Si Feng Ri said, “Good, child, you have some moves. Omnipotent flames, become a violent flame to incinerate the enemy before me, Buddha's Fury!”

With Si Feng Ri as the center, fire elements gathered around him to form a vortex, making it difficult for me to breathe.

That spell won’t be easy to counter.’ I hurriedly chanted my spell. My power wasn’t comparable to his, so I must not fight his spell head on. “Light elements! My great friends! I plead for you to use your powers to become endless light rays of stars and eliminate the enemies in front of you----Bright Star’s Shine!” I was familiar with  this spell and had such great control over it that  even Teacher Zhen suffered a little from this spell.

Si Feng Ri had completed chanting his spell. The huge number of reddish gold flames formed an enormous humanoid shape and shot towards me. His flames were reddish gold in colour. Although it couldn’t be compared to the power of the green flames previously, it was a large area spell.

Light elements unceasingly gathered around me and formed limitless golden light rays around me. I condensed them to form nine golden light stars and shot one star after another at the Buddha’s Fury spell.

Teacher Di, who was spectating the match, exclaimed, “That’s a good move! Zhang Gong is really smart.”

Teacher Zhen praised him. “That youngster really is a talented child. He has done well in countering the strong spell indirectly by focusing at one spot of the spell.”

As the nine golden stars met with the violent flames in midair, the first star was rapidly swallowed. When it had nearly engulfed the first golden star, the second gold star had arrived and supported the first star. It managed to stop the violent flames from advancing. The nine golden stars fused to become one giant star in front of the violent flames. When the two strong forces collided, it exploded. The whole battle arena was filled with light ray showers and fire sparks.

Si Feng Ri and I were forced to move backwards. In that previous attack, we tied, neither one of us gaining any advantage against the other.

Si Feng Ri was unable to accept the fact that he was forced to a tie with a junior and shouted in anger, “Come forth, phoenix!” ‘What sort of spell is this with such a short chant? What is a phoenix?’ A few question marks appeared in my mind.

Something weird happened and the whole arena heated up drastically. Even the spectators outside the arena felt the heat. A piercing screech sounded in the air and a huge phoenix appeared above Si Feng Ri.

Teacher Zhen, Teacher Di and Teacher Long exclaimed, “The legendary magical beast -- Fire Phoenix!”

The High Priest also opened his long closed eyes and mumbled, “It’s really a fire phoenix! How did Si Feng Ri subdue it? It is not an ordinary beast.”

I was stunned by the sudden appearance of that large beast. ‘What is that? It could actually change the atmosphere! It’s too terrifying!’

The Fire Phoenix  had a black halo on its head and was impatiently flapping its wings. Si Feng Ri’s originally red hair turned a dull yellow and his red face paled. It was obviously difficult for him to control that phoenix. He coldly laughed and said, “I shall end you now. Even if it means disqualification in the competition, I don’t mind it!” My strong powers had aroused killing intent within Si Feng Ri. He knew that in a few years, my ability would only increase and wanted to eliminate any future threat.   

Teacher Di saw that I was in a daze and shouted, “Zhang Gong! Summon Xiao Jin!” Teacher Di didn’t know whether the Five Clawed Golden Dragon would be able to fight against that legendary beast, but it was the best counter solution at that moment.

I heard Teacher Di’s reminder. ‘That’s right! He has a phoenix, and I have a dragon. I still have Xiao Jin!’ I shouted, “Come forth! My lifelong partner, Xiao Jin!”

A strong golden light shone and Xiao Jin’s enormous body appeared at the center of the arena.

When Xiao Jin appeared, it shocked everyone as no one had seen a dragon before, as they were considered a myth. Who could have seen it?

When Xiao Jin felt my fear, he let out a roar and shielded my body by standing in front of me. Si Feng Ri exclaimed, “You also have a powerful magical beast, but it is incomparable to mine so just kick the bucket already. Attack, Fire Phoenix!”

The Fire Phoenix  made a cold sounding screech and charged at me. I shouted, “Xiao Jin, go forth!”

Xiao Jin didn’t listen to my order but just voiced a few chants briefly. I didn’t have the time to ask him what was he doing and shot a light blade at Si Feng Ri.

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