Volume 4: Chapter 39 - Hard to Refuse

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 39 - Hard to Refuse

I said in shock, “It looks like my instinct was right. I always felt as though you were hiding something. How about sharing it with me so that I can share your burden? You don’t have to say anything else about Hai Shui. I, Zhang Gong, swear that I won’t marry anyone except Mu Zi. Why do you keep on pushing me to someone else?” I got a little angry after asking that.

Mu Zi shook her head dejectedly, “You will know in the future, but now isn’t the time for you to know. Don’t force me to talk about it, alright?”

I gently said, “How could I force you? I believe that I’ll be able to solve any difficulties in the future, even if they might be extremely difficult. You’re mine forever in this lifetime as I will always hold onto you, so don’t you even think about escaping from me!”

Mu Zi looked at my eyes as I stared into hers. It seemed as though time stilled at that moment. Romantic feelings permeated our hearts.

When the bell rang signaling the end of class, Mu Zi and I snapped back to reality. I had finally developed a relationship with Mu Zi. I was currently exceptionally satisfied.

I took out the amethyst card from my spatial space and held it out for Mu Zi to take. “You can take this card. Whenever you feel like eating delicious food, you can use it to treat yourself. You shouldn’t neglect yourself.”

Mu Zi didn’t take the card, but shook her head instead. “I think you should keep that card to yourself, as I’m bad at controlling my spending.”

I smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. Wasn’t money meant to be spent? Just take it! I don’t need much money anyways. If you eat conservatively, you’ll be able to eat delicious meals for a long time!”

After she heard me said that, she took the card. “You can’t blame me, if I really use up all of your savings in the future. Let’s not go to the Ascending Jade Tide anymore as even though that place is good, it’s too expensive. Let’s go to a cheaper restaurant in the future. I find cheap food is also not bad. I have always wanted to try some out.”

I said, “Alright! Let’s go out to eat tomorrow. You shouldn’t leave school tonight as I don’t feel that it is safe for you to be out alone. I’ll come and find you after meeting Hai Shui, alright?”

Mu Zi shyly nodded her head and said, “I’ll go and eat at the canteen first.”

I replied, “That’s great! You can just wait there for me. After meeting Hai Shui, I’ll come and find you.”

After arriving at the third training ground, it was still early in the evening, even though the sky had darkened already. After a while, the students had their dinner and some of them came to the training ground to train their magic. However, it was completely silent in the training ground at the moment. It was a little chilly as the breeze blew past me, . Hai Shui still had not come. I stood at the center of the training ground; thinking about how to express the fact that I didn’t have any feelings for Hai Shui so that it wouldn’t hurt her feelings badly.

“Zhang Gong, you’re here already. I’m sorry that I came late.” Hai Shui’s dull voice sounded from behind me.

When I turned around, I saw that Hai Shui’s face was a little pale and signs of loneliness could be seen on her pretty face. I said smilingly, “It doesn’t matter as I had just arrived.”

She pointed at a corner of the field and asked, “Can we chat over there?”

I nodded and followed Hai Shui to walk over there.

“Zhang Gong, am I pretty?”

I was stunned as I hadn’t thought that Hai Shui would ask me that. I vacantly nodded my head. “Of course, you’re beautiful. There aren’t a lot of females that can compare to you in the academy.”

Hai Shui dull expressions became excited. The tone of her speech was also higher. “Why don’t you like me then?”

My heart skipped a beat. “Why do you think like that? I definitely like you. Hai Shui is an adorable little girl. How could anyone dislike you?”

Hai Shui emotionally said, “I’m not little! In your eyes, I’m only an adorable little girl? You should know what I meant when I said I like you. Please tell me just which part of me is incomparable to Mu Zi. Tell me!”

Seeing Hai Shui in such an emotional state, my heart felt a sharp pain. I really couldn’t bear to hurt such an innocent and adorable girl, but I couldn’t not tell her the reason. I clenched my teeth. It was better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolonging her agony. “I’m really sorry, Hai Shui. I understand your feelings, but I have already given my heart to someone else, so I’m unable to accept you. Sorry.”

After listening to what I said, Hai Shui was no longer as emotional. She gradually calmed down, but her face became much paler. Sparkling and translucent teardrops rolled down her cheek. She nodded before saying, “Alright, I understand. Zhan Gong, do you still remember the first time we met each other at the arena? You took advantage of the time when I was not paying attention and pushed me off the stage. I really did hate you a little bit at that time, but your image just won’t disappear from my mind. Even after so many years, except for you, nobody has been able to enter my heart. I don’t blame you for choosing Mu Zi, but rather myself for not having the determination to confess my love to you.”

I gently wiped her tears off her face. “Hai Shui, can you stop being like this? My heart hurts, seeing you like this.”

Hai Shui grabbed onto my hand and pressed her cold delicate face against it. “When I first saw Mu Zi and you together, I felt that something wasn’t right, but I consoled myself. However after today when you asked me to treat Mu Zi’s wound, I had already understood that I no longer stood a chance. I saw through your heart. There is only Mu Zi in your eyes. When you look at her, your expression was so gentle. You were that distressed when Mu Zi got injured. You forever won’t be able to love me. Even after knowing that, my heart had already followed you. Zhang Gong, I really love you….”

Hai Shui sobbed soundlessly in my embrace after she tightly hugged my waist.

If I said, I wasn’t moved. I would be lying to myself. I never thought that Hai Shui would have such a deep feeling for me. As I vacantly hugged her, I was unable to console her, as I didn’t know what to say.

A voice suddenly shouted at us. “What are you two doing?” Hai Shui and I abruptly let go of each other. It was Hai Ri, I hadn’t seen him for two years already. He furiously ran over with a fireball in his raised hand. I cast a light shield to block his attack.

He said angrily, “You’re good, brat! You actually dared to hug my sister. I want to see what you’re capable of.” Although Hai Ri was mad at me, I strangely felt warmth. His expression made me remember the time when I helped Ma Ke treat his wounds.

I smiled and replied, “Brother Hai Ri, your temper hasn’t changed at all.”

Hai Ri felt that my voice was familiar. He stopped preparing his offensive spell before curiously asking, “You...Who are you?”

I replied, “I’m Zhang Gong.”

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