Volume 4: Chapter 5 Situation in the Academy

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 5 – Situation in the Academy

“I didn’t expect for you to be this happy at this academy! Looking back to that year where you kept on chasing Hai Yue, you don’t have to worry anymore.” It was clear that Ma Ke’s mood dampened after I mentioned Hai Yue. “How is Hai Yue?”

Ma Ke just raised his head to look at the blue sky without answering and started to sigh.

“What is the matter? Hai Yue should still be studying in the academy.”

Ma Ke nodded. “She is currently still in the academy, She and Hai Shui are in the same year as us, in Class 2, and Hai Ri is in year five Class 1. In my whole life, it seems like there’s never been hope for me to be with Hai Yue.”

I looked at Ma Ke seriously. “Now I know that you are truly serious when you say you have feelings for her. I had always thought that you were just playing around when we were in the Intermediate Magic Academy. I did not think that you were so smitten. Are you still chasing after her? Did Hai Ri forbid you from doing so? By now, you should have gotten together with her already.”

Ma Ke shook his head. “Hai Ri did not forbid me from doing so. He even allows it. The main problem is that Hai Yue has not developed any feelings for me. She just treats me as though I am an insect. I don’t stand a chance at getting her at all.”

I patted his shoulder. “I will not be able to help you in this case. I am in a worse case than where you are now. You at least know who you like, while I don’t have any targets yet. Ha ha, in my opinion, I think that you should be more proactive in trying to get her. With your conditions, how could she not fall for you? Just take it easy and relax!”

“There really is no hope already. She has a boyfriend, the eldest son of the Ri family. I heard that he is the successor of the family and is very powerful. He is called Feng Liang Ri. Although we haven’t dueled, he should not be any better than me. He is the same age as Hai Yue. When our looks are compared, I also should not lose to him, but Hai Yue just continues to choose him over me.”

“It might be that she had a very deep, bad first impression of you. Do you need me to deal with the guy? Even if he is extremely powerful, I will still help you deal with him!”

Ma Ke hurriedly shook his head after hearing what I said. “No! You must not do that! Hai Yue will only hate me more in that case. I have not been interacting with her at all lately. I want to pass my feelings for her onto someone else to get over her, but my heart just can’t let her go! Boss! Let’s stop talking about this. From your tone earlier, you seem to have greatly improved your strength.”

I smilingly extended my left arm and made a slicing motion in the air.  A white, radiant light flashed across, containing a large amount of light elements within it.

Ma Ke was shocked. “Wow, you are so powerful! You definitely have the strength of the advanced class. How did you do that without an incarnation and still get such large effects? This is too unbelievable. Do–Don’t tell me that…”

I nodded my head. “I have already reached the Magister level.”

Ma Ke was elated. “That’s great! After today, the world will have another Magister. I still require a few more years as currently it is just impossible for me to breakthrough to reach that level!”

“You also should not be too impatient! Luck also plays an important role. I can only tell you that you will need to deeply understand the thoughts of the magic elements.”  I smilingly said.

“The thoughts of the magic elements?” Ma Ke curiously asked.

I shook my head. “You must understand them by yourself for it to be useful so you should not ask me how I understood them. Let’s get back to the topic about Hai Yue. You should do something that will make her look at you in a completely new light! You will have a chance that way!”

Ma Ke doubtfully scratched his head. “To be looked at in a new light? I will give it a try! How was your trip this time? Did you obtain the Holy Sword?”

I felt like crying when I heard ‘Holy Sword’. That Holy Sword had completely disappeared after entering my body. I had searched my whole body with mental energy for it, but to no avail. I had promised Teacher Di to never tell anyone about meeting the God King so I couldn’t tell him.

“Don’t even mention it! What a joke! I can’t find it anywhere (this is near the truth), even after making lots of friends!” I told him all about how I met Zhan Hu and the rest of the team. Ma Ke listened with great interest.

“I really wish that I had been there with you!” He showed a longing expression.

I patted his shoulder. “It’s ok! This time you couldn’t come, but there will always be another chance. During the next opportunity, we will definitely be able to become famous in the world.”

“Yes! We will definitely succeed!” Ma Ke’s eyes brightened with excitement.

“Right, Ma Ke! I have just returned to the academy. Can you give me an overview of what is happening?”

“The Royal Advanced Magic Academy is really complicated. It is not as simple as the Intermediate Magic Academy, where it is enough to just practice. The current emperor is aging and has no successor. Therefore, anyone who enters the Advanced Magic Academy will have their status increase greatly as people in power will fight to recruit them. The whole Kingdom of Aixia is currently enveloped by darkness. Aixia is a kingdom that is famous for its magicians so of course the big powers are targeting Advanced Class Magicians.”

I frowned. “It’s so complicated! How many powers are there?” If Aixia had a civil war in the near future over the succession, it would greatly affect the fight against the Monster King.

Ma Ke continued to say, “Currently, there are three main powers. The first is Duke Te Yi. Have you heard of him before?”

I thought for a while. “I think I do remember hearing about him, but I’m not very familiar.”

“He is now extremely powerful as he currently controls the Royal Mage Union and he has a great influence on the kingdom’s economy, so he is a very strong royal competitor. The Royal Mage Union all graduated from this academy. Although there are only five hundred of them, their power is equivalent to that of the whole kingdom. Their power is definitely at least stronger than that of a Magister as the leader of the Royal Mage Union is one of the ten Magisters in the world. He is an earth Magister: Dun Yu Xi. Oh, right! It should be eleven Magisters instead! Ha ha!”

“Stop joking already! Dun Yu Xi is the leader of the Royal Mage Union. Why would he listen to a duke? Shouldn’t he only follow the direct orders of the emperor?”

“That is the most incredible point about the duke. I don’t know if it’s due to bribery or blackmail, but currently, Dun Yu Xi is standing on his side.”

“Who are the other two powers?”

“The two powers are….” Ma Ke suddenly stopped explaining in the middle of the conversation and stared in a fixed direction.

“Hey! Hey! What are you looking at?” I followed to look in the direction that he was looking in.

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