Volume 6: Chapter 17 - The Dragon's Gift

Child of Light

Volume 6: Chapter 17 - The Dragon's Gift

I laughed and said, “What’s there to thank me for? Xiao Jin is your child after all.” In my heart, I sniggered, ‘This Dragon King is really silly. If he doesn’t want Xiao Jin to go with me, can I beat all of the dragons? Won’t it still be his call? Now, I am just doing someone a favor at a low cost.’ Actually, the one that was silly wasn’t the Dragon King but rather our leading actor,  as he didn’t know that Xiao Jin had formed a contract with him. Without his permission, Xiao Jin would be unable to leave him. If he died, Xiao Jin would also die. This was why the Dragon King used every possible means to make him promise not to allow Xiao Jin to die with him.

The Dragon King replied, “How about this? Since you agree to let Xiao Jin return, you are the benefactor of our Dragon clan. I will impart to you a special Dragon language spell from the Dragon clan. What do you want to learn?”

This was great. I really had to think this through. My eyes lit up. “I want to learn how to break through magic seals.” This spell had saved me a couple of times. It was not bad to have the power to eliminate all kinds of magic seals.

The Dragon King astonishingly nodded his head. “You really know how to pick. This spell in the dragon language is an advanced spell. I will impart this spell to you.”

The Dragon King’s body shone with gold light. Two cold lights shone out from his large eyes before deeply piercing into my own . Instantly, there were countless strange symbols that appeared in my mind. The Dragon King said, “This is the chant to break magic seals. If you want to use it, you just have to read exactly as it appears. .”

The chant was very simple. It was just like a little tongue twister. I replied, “Thank you. Is Xiao Jin’s closed door training going well?”

The Dragon King replied, “It is currently going well. I used a few treasures of the Dragon clan to increase his power and life force. He has matured too quickly so his foundation is still unstable.The eight elders and I will take turns to help train him. You don’t have to worry about him. After a year and after his close door training has ended, I will let him find you. No matter where you are, he will always be able to find your position. You can totally be reassured about that.”

I nodded. “I feel relieved that way.”

The Dragon King said, “After resting for a day, you can leave this place tomorrow.”

The last day with the dragon clan was the busiest day by far. Almost all of the dragons gave me some kind of presents. As the dragons had the hobby of collecting, they had all given me different kinds of gemstones, a big piece of diamond, different colours of magic crystals, other rare products, et cetera. My spatial space was filled to the brim with gifts.

Seeing them so passionate, I was a little embarrassed to just leave as I had taken everything that they gave to me. Haha! ‘I am rich! After heading back and selling this off, I will at least have a few tens of thousands of diamond coins. HeHe! I won’t be afraid to treat Mu Zi to good food in the future.’

After awakening from my money dream, I packed my belongings. Actually, there wasn’t much to pack. I just changed a set of new clothes. After that, I walked to the Dragon King’s hole to bid him farewell.

The Dragon King wasn’t there. There was only White Queen there in the hole.

I asked, “Aunt White Queen, where is the Dragon King?”

White Queen smiled and said, “The Dragon King is currently helping to train our child. He told me to tell you that you don’t need to bid him farewell and tell you to stay safe. Child, you are leaving. Aunty does not have anything good to give you. I will give you this. This is something that I inadvertently picked up many years ago. There were a lot of them at that time.” After she said that, a white light floated towards me.

I extended my hand forward to receive the white light. As the light ray gradually dulled, it was an exquisite magic staff. It was roughly 1.2 meters long. Its body was made up of an unknown metal was shining with gold light rays. There was a light green dragon on the staff’s body. The dragon head was the staffs head piece. Its mouth had a large transparent gemstone between its jaws, the dragon eyes made of two red gemstones. Two dragon wings slightly opened on two sides of the magic staff. The green dragon staff looked like it was alive. It seemed that his entire body was carved out of a large piece of gemstone. A precious light ray illuminated the entire magic staff. The magic staff kept on emitting power. I knew that it was definitely a top grade magic staff.

I fondled with the magic staff and said, “Aunty, thank you for this gift. This present is too precious.”

White Queen said smilingly, “This magic staff is not very useful to our Dragon clan. It is known as Sukrad's magic staff. This was the weapon that the Dragon God Sukrad used that year.”

I asked in amazement, “There is also a Dragon God?”

White Queen nodded. “There definitely is. The Dragon God was not in charge of our Dragon clan. He was just responsible for our interactions between the God clan and our Dragon clan. His power was also extremely strong. He unfortunately sacrificed himself during the Great God and Monster War. Before he died, he left this magic staff to us. I will pass it on to you today. Even though it is much weaker than your Radiant Holy Sword, you should be able to use it with your current strength. You can keep and use it.”

I replied emotionally, “This gift is too precious. I thank you for this, Aunty.”

White Queen shook her head. “You don’t have to thank me. We also have selfish motives. I only hope that you will protect our child’s safety in the in the future. It will be your greatest gratitude to us.” She had spoken so honestly. However, even if that was the case, I was still  thankful.

I rode on Ice Blue’s back and waved saying my farewells to the crowd that came to send me off. Ice Blue expanded his enormous wings to fly through the clouds and into the sky.

I asked him, “How is that stupid green dragon?”

Ice Blue replied, “It is all thanks to you holding back that Uncle Xiao Qing only suffered superficial wounds. His condition isn’t bad. After resting, he should be fine.”

I laughed and said, “When you head back, tell him that I have given him a name called Blank Green Head.”

Ice Blue obviously didn’t understand what Blank Green Head means. He elatedly replied, “Ah! That’s great! After I head back, Uncle Xiao Qing will definitely be happy. Even though he didn’t say, we all know that he has been envying us because of our names.”

I sniggered but didn’t say anything.

Ice Blue had flown  me to the entrance of the Cloud and Mist Mountain Range before reluctantly heading back. My mood was indescribable great. This was extremely good. Even though I had experienced some difficulty, I had settled Xiao Jin’s matter and also got the support of the Dragon clan. The burden on my shoulders lightened a little.

After settling this matter, I should head home to visit my parents. There was still a month’s time before school reopens. I could still make it.

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