Volume 6: Chapter 6 - Meddling in Others' Business

Child of Light

Volume 6: Chapter 6 - Meddling in Others' Business

There really were a lot of people. Although my body could be considered sturdy, I still used a lot of effort to finally reach the front line. Even though there were still people in front of me, I was able to clearly see the current situation with my height.

The arena was at least 500 square meters in size that had a rope surrounding it. There was an area at the side for distinguished guests, which had ten people in it, and they seemed to be the judges and the host’s family. There was a girl whose appearance was veiled with a light muslin. From her rather good body figure and faintly discernible looks, she was definitely a beauty. She should be the daughter of the well groomed large man sitting at her side, who was likely to be the town’s chief.

In the arena, there were two magicians battling. After looking at their magic powers in detail, their strengths were just too weak compared to me. They were at the level of an Intermediate Mage. Currently, it was the fireball of one opponent against the wind blade of the other; it seemed to be a quite an intense battle.

It was no wonder why there wasn’t any outcome after so many days as they were only rookie magicians. If it were anyone from our Royal Advanced Magic Academy, they probably would have won against that beauty immediately.

Since the strength of the competitors were so weak, my interest decreased drastically.

The wind magician won at that moment, using his agile and ever changing attacks to gain a quick victory.

From the distinguished guest area, an old man wearing a magic robe walked out and announced, “Wind magician Tian Di has won. Are there still any young heroes willing to compete against him?”

Just like that, after they completed three to four matches, there wasn’t anyone that managed to win twice in a row. This was meaningless. The two competitors in the arena were seriously injured, and thus the match ended. This low level competition made me lose interest. Just when I was about to walk away, there was a sudden breeze that passed by. A lean figure appeared in the arena.

As I focused on him, he was that petite youth that did not answer my question previously. He was completely different from before. He straightened his not very sturdy chest and arrogantly stood at the center of the arena. He wore a magnificent magic robe. What surprised me was that his magic robe actually had five stars on it. This was to say that he was a Magic Scholar.

Everyone was startled by his attire. The old magician in charge of judging asked, “Young mage, are you a Magic Scholar?”

The petite youth puffed out his chest and arrogantly said, “Of course I am. I am a Royal Advanced Magic Academy year 3 student. I am the academy's 5th ranked student, Ma Ke Sai De. My major magic is fire and my minor magic is wind.”

His words made everyone gasp. I was unsure if it was because of Ma Ke’s fame or the reputation of the Royal Advanced Magic Academy.

I, who had wanted to leave, became interested in this imposter youth. I really wanted to see how he was going to pretend to be Ma Ke. If I haven’t guessed wrongly, he should be at the Advanced Mage level. Once he fought, he would be exposed immediately.

What was beyond my expectation was that the old magician judge expressed a respectful expression. He respectfully said, “I represent this town’s chief to welcome Magic Scholar Ma Ke to participate in the competition. Are there any competitors who would like to fight against him?”

After a long time, there actually wasn’t anyone that wanted to compete against him. It was no wonder why he didn’t come out at first and waited for his chance when the two competitors from the previous match were seriously injured. After he exposed his name, there probably wouldn’t be anyone who would dare to challenge him. It couldn’t be that much of a coincidence, right?

Even though I disliked meddling, this was related to Ma Ke’s reputation. I shouted from the crowd, “You imposter brat, get down from there.” My voice was loud and clear, as I used magic power to amplify my voice, making it impossible for anyone to know where my voice came from.

The imposter’s expression changed, but it instantly turned back to normal. He said with a clear voice, “This hero shouldn’t tease his younger brother. If you are willing to teach me a lesson, your little brother will be waiting for you here.”

The crowd of audience was in an uproar from what I had said. Currently, due to his beautiful cover up, I was quite impressed by him. However, he ignited my anger.

I used short distance teleportation to move to the center of the arena. “I am the hero that said that you’re an imposter.”

The petite youth obviously hadn’t paid any attention to my looks when we encountered each other previously as he frowned and said, “This friend. If you want to teach me a lesson, please make your move.”

I ignored him and looked towards the judges. “My greetings to the judges, I am not here to participate in the magic competition. The purpose is to protect my friend’s reputation. I hope you will forgive me for doing this.”

The old magician frowned and asked, “May I ask how you know this magician is a fake?”

I said smilingly, “Sorry about this, but Ma Ke is my friend. I just left the Royal Advanced Magic Academy not long ago and was still with Ma Ke two days ago.”

My words instantly attracted everyone’s attention. There were discussions from below the stage.

The petite youth turned green and then turned red. He angrily said, “You’re driveling! I don’t recognize you. You actually dare to use our Royal Advanced Magic Academy’s name to lie to the people. What bad intentions do you have?”

I laughed and said, “I don’t have any bad intentions. The one who has bad intentions should be you. Since you were attracted by that family’s maiden, why don’t you use your own abilities to get her, rather than using someone’s name?”

The petite youth said to the old magician, “I want to have a match against him to clear my reputation, which he has spoiled.”

The old magician glanced at the town’s chief, who indicated approval. “Alright, the match has started. Please stop when you hurt your opponent, and similarly, don’t hurt the audience.” He was worthy of being an old fox. He was quite astute as he knew if one of us was telling the truth, the barrier of the arena wouldn’t be able to withstand the attack, so he reminded us first.

I replied, “Alright, I also want to be enlightened on how you will have the ability to impersonate Ma Ke.”

The petite youth didn’t respond to my words and fired a large fireball at me with all his might. The fireball was scathing with heat as it flew towards me.

He wanted to fight against me with this standard? I didn’t even dodge his attack. Just as I saw the fireball was in front of me, I extended my right hand and that petite youth already realized that his fireball was no longer in his control.

The fireball was held in my hand and was quietly floating there. Its heat made my face flush red.

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