Volume 7: Chapter 1 - Assassin in the Palace

Child of Light

Volume 7: Chapter 1 - Assassin in the Palace

After returning to the dormitory, I couldn’t fall asleep as I lay down on my bed. I truthfully couldn’t be apart from Mu Zi.  Even though we hadn’t known each other for a long time and Mu Zi didn’t have any special characteristics, other than her magic and appetite. But my heart had already been locked onto her. Her every frown and smile moved me. Seeing her in such pain, how could I feel good at all.

As I tossed and turned restlessly in bed, a sharp flute tune suddenly sounded outside. Someone was shouting loudly, “All students are to immediately gather at the training field! This is an emergency! All students are to immediately gather at the training field. This is an emergency!”

What happened? They were calling all of us to gather this late in the night. This was the first time this happened since I first entered the academy.

I tidied my uniform and ran to the training field, holding the staff. I saw Teacher Zhen and Teacher Lie stand grimly at the training field. When Teacher Zhen saw that the majority of the students had come, he shouted, “Students, time is pressing. A rescue signal have just suddenly sounded from the palace! I am unsure what happened. All year 5 students and year 3 Zhang Gong and Mu Zi are to immediately follow me and the vice Principal to enter the palace. Make haste!” Ma Ke was living in the palace and the Hai Yue three siblings had returned home.

Looking at Teacher Zhen’s face, I knew something major had happened. I teleported to his side and asked, “Teacher Zhen, what is going on?”

Teacher Zhen frowned and replied, “I also don’t know what is going on. The sentry on duty suddenly saw the fireworks that are signals for assistance come from the palace. Something major must have happened. Let’s go! Where is Mu Zi?”

I looked in every direction but didn’t see her. I replied, “I don’t see her anywhere. It may be because she was too tired in the day so she hasn’t woken up. I will go find her.”

Teacher Zhen replied, “Forget it! Don’t call her. We must make haste immediately and if we don’t head out now, we will be too late!”If there was danger, it would be better that Mu Zi didn’t go. I also didn’t persist and teleported out with Teacher Zhen.

Teacher Zhen had brought the 100 of us quickly into the palace. From a far distance, we could see blazing flames soaring all over the palace. I heaved a sigh of relief and said, “So, it is just that the palace caught fire. Teacher Zhen, you don’t need to be anxious.”

Teacher Zhen’s expression darkened. “No, it isn’t that simple. Let’s quickly head in.” He shouted at the 5th year students behind him, “Everyone, pay attention! As we head in, you are to simultaneously extinguish the fire. Be careful!”

After he said that, he gave me an eye signal before heading in first. I hastily followed behind Teacher Zhen, the palace was abnormally disordered. Teacher Zhen pulled a guard and asked, “What happened?”

The guard replied panting heavily, “There… There are assassins. A large group of black clothed people invaded. They are extremely powerful. The guards and the Royal Mage Union suffered severe casualties and injuries.”

Teacher Zhen and I were astonished. I asked, “It can’t be Duke Te Yi, right?”

Teacher Zhen replied, “It is still uncertain. Let’s hurry into the inner palace. They must be here to assassinate the Emperor.”

Teacher Zhen and I shot towards the depth of the palace. There was suddenly a few black clothed people fighting with the people from the Mage Union in front of us.

Teacher Zhen shouted, and a dimensional slash struck.

There were five black clothed people. When they saw us charging over, two people were dispatched from the team. There was thick black fog being released from their hand. I shouted, “Teacher Zhen, it is dark magic. Be careful!” After I said that, I immediately struck a light blade at them. The light and dark magic went against each other. The opponent's’ magic was obviously not as skillful as I was, and the black fog immediately dispersed from my attack. The remainder was absorbed by Teacher Zhen’s dimensional slash.

Teacher Zhen and I were mutually overwhelmed with shock and simultaneously shouted, “Demon race!”

The black clothed person facing us coldly said, “It is too late even if you find out now. Your Emperor may have already been killed by us. Haha!”

Teacher Zhen and I knew that time was pressing. I said, “I will give this two to you to deal with. I will deal with the other three.” With Teacher Zhen’s power, even if his opponent used dark magic, they definitely wouldn’t be his match.

I used teleportation to go past them and headed towards the other three Demon race’s men. There were only three mages from the Royal Mage Union bitterly fighting on. They would soon be unable to fight. I knew this wasn’t the time to be lenient. I gathered the fusion of magic and battle spirit spell and struck them with all of my might.

The three dark magician immediately dispatched one of them to try and block the light blade I had shot out. The fusion spell’s power could be seen as it had effortlessly broke his defensive spell and cut him in half.  

I raised the Sukrad's staff highly and chanted, “Light Elements, my friends, please turn into unceasing Holy light to eliminate the enemies before you!” As I had experience in fighting with the Demon race, I knew no matter if it was offensive or defensive spells with light magic, it would cause them severe injuries.

The two Gold Dans in my body quickly rotated. The gold light surged out from my body and struck out like lightning. I used a defensive spell so I wasn’t afraid that I would harm the people from the Royal Mage Union. Thus, even though the attack was an advanced spell, I had used all of my strength.

The remaining two dark mages mournfully let out blood-curdling screeches under the shine of the Holy light. Their entire body seemed to have caught on fire. They rapidly burned and quickly turned into ashes.

At this moment, Teacher Zhen had already dealt with his opponents and ran over. Looking at him, he seemed to have used up a lot of his energy. We pulled the people from the Mage Union who were crouching on the ground as they panted profusely. Teacher Zhen anxiously asked, “What happened? Quickly explain!”

The mage recognised Teacher Zhen and said as he panted, “Principal, you should quickly go! We don’t know how many assassins there are. They all use dark magic and are extremely powerful. It is impossible to stop them. Our Royal Mage Union has suffered disastrous losses. They may already have attacked the interior of the palace.”

Teacher Zhen told me, “Zhang Gong, let’s quickly head in.”

As we moved, Teacher Zhen told me, “The dark magic is too powerful. The two that I had dealt strenuously with should be only at the Advanced Mage of the Demon race. It looks like the best way to defeat them is with your light magic. Don’t ever hold back and use your quickest speed to deal with them!”

I replied, “I understand.”

We consecutively met with three to four small assassins that we eliminated at rapid speed like a gale that blew away dead leaves.

There was a lofty palace in front of us. Teacher Zhen said, “Let’s quickly go! It should be the inner palace in front of us.”

When we dashed into the inner palace, we saw a far from good situation. There were 100 black clothed Demon race’s member with their faces masked currently invading the inner palace.

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