Volume 9: Chapter 11 - Cyclops Demon Beast

Child of Light

Volume 9: Chapter 11 - Cyclops Demon Beast

Damn it, why was I so unlucky? I really wanted to just toss this little fellow over to him. I brandished Sukrad’s staff to shoot a golden light over at him.

The cyclops unexpectedly didn’t dodge or hide. He just waved the large branch towards me.

‘Pu! Chi!’ sounded as the light blade struck on his body. There was only a trace of blood that was left on his chest, but it wouldn’t really result to any damage to his body. I had used an advanced spell but he unexpectedly didn’t treat it as a matter. As I was astonished, his branch had arrived. The strong wind that blew towards me had caused my face to hurt. I didn’t had the time to dodge so I rapidly made my magic power surge outwards. “Hong!” The branch that he had sent towards me blew me away like a baseball. I broke through 5 trees before stopping. Even though I used my magic power as a defence, the impact still made my entire body hurt. It seemed that I couldn’t underestimate him.

After Zhan Hu saw that I was blown away, he angrily hollered, “War God’s Armour!” A blue light shone, encasing his body in the magnificent War God’s Armour. The cyclops was stunned as he expressed fear from his gazes before retreating two steps.

Zhan Hu yelled, “You actually dared to hurt my brother. You shall see how I’ll deal with you.”

When they were confronting each other, I used short teleport to teleport back and scolded, “F*ck, you bastard. You had the gall to dare to hit me. If Xiao Jin was here, I would tear you to pieces.”

Dong Ri said with smiles, “It seems that there are also times when Zhang Gong is aggrieved.”

I fumingly shouted, “You’re good! You also dare mock me. I’ll pass him to you. Big brother Zhan Hu, it has been awhile since I have seen Dong Ri’s skills. Let him do it!”

Zhan Hu chuckled as he put  his War God’s Armour away and he said, “Alright! Dong Ri, he’s all yours!”

Dong Ri puffed out his chest and replied, “No problem!” He had moved in a flash to stand in the forefront. Drawing his Wind God's Bow, the cyclops hollered and charged again due to the lost of threat from the War God's Armor..

Dong Ri coldly snorted and his face became slightly rosy as he yelled out, “The God King bestowed upon me the Wind God's Bow and with it my ethereal arrows will flash rapidly and violently!” He raised his hand instantly, making the Wind God's Bow produce a ‘Weng!’ sound. ‘Hong!’ The cyclops’ head suddenly exploded before us, without any light rays in view. His limbs wavered before he collapsed on the ground like a ruined pillar.

Dong Ri panted a few breathes before he placed the Wind God's Bow back into his body. He then said, “Big brother Zhang Gong, what do you think? My abilities are still good, right?”

I looked at him in astonishment. It seemed that all the God’s weapon were extraordinary; no matter what type of weapon, it had strong powers. I replied, “Dong Ri, you’ve already completely grasped the power of Wind God’s Bow?”

Dong Ri shook his head. “How can it be that easy, even Big brother Zhan Hu hasn’t completely grasped his power. I can only use 30% of the Wind God’s Ethereal Arrows.”

Jian Shan walked over and said in surprise, “Dong Ri, so you’re this powerful. If what you did was only 30% of its power, then how powerful would it be if it’s at full power?”

I replied with smiles, “It’s not impossible for it to be able to ravage the mountains and fill the seas. However, our enemy is much more powerful.” I glanced at Su He, but I didn’t talked about the Monster King.

Jian Shan said in amazement, “You’re so powerful. You’re worthy to be God’s inheritors.” Upon hearing what he said, I hastily glared at him. Jian Shan realized that he had said too much so he quickly changed the topic by saying, “That cyclops should be able to supply us with food for a couple of days.”

Su He seemed to have not heard what Jian Shan had said and walked over. “This is a Cyclops demon beast. The most impressive point of him isn’t his power nor the toughness of his limbs, but rather, it’s his ability to stun people with a light ray from his eye. Dong Ri is so powerful. The beast didn’t even have a chance to use his single eye’s ability before he was killed. Moreover, this was at least an A ranked demon beast, which is also rare among the army troops of the demon race. I’m completely mesmerized by your powers.”

Dong Ri scolded him mockingly, “Stop flattering us. Big brother Zhan Hu, I’ll take a short break. You must cook some sumptuous roasted meat for everyone to eat. Don’t waste my efforts.”

Zhan Hu smiled and said, “This fella should be able to supply us for ten days to half a month. I’ll cook two portions of it today. One is for us to eat in a bit and the other for us to bring along with us on our journey.”

I furrowed my eyebrows and asked, “How shall we cook it? How large of a pot will we need?”

Zhan Hu replied, “Won’t that be easy? We also won’t be eating all of it. We just have to cut off all of its limbs so that we can have it for a couple of days. As for the pot, we can just find a place that has water and dig a large pit. After placing water in it, we’ll be able to start cooking.”

I asked, “How are we going to cook? We won’t be able to heat it up and it’s unhygienic as well.”

Zhan Hu chuckled. “Won’t we be able to separate the meat from the walls of the pit with your magic? As for heating it up, don’t tell me that you don’t know any elementary or intermediate fire spells.”

Damn it, it seemed that he had locked onto me for quite sometime already. Without a choice, I became the second cook for this meal. We had almost completely used up all of Big brother Zhan Hu’s seasonings to cook the cyclops. After everyone had their fill, I called the demon fox out and told her, “Change into your other form for me.”

After a black fog flashed, the demon fox had turned into her other charming form. “Master, do you have any orders?”

I chuckled before I replied to her in cold smile, “When you previously lured that cyclops over, was it a plot against my life?”

The demon fox shook her hand. “No, no! It was Master Zhan Hu that told me to find something larger. I definitely have to find something extremely large.”

I grabbed her by the neck and said, “If you’re playing some trick, you should be wary of me.”

The demon fox replied, feeling wronged. “It really wasn’t my intention. With Master’s power, you shouldn’t have trouble eliminating that single eyed ugly ghost.”

I released my hold before I said, “If I find out that you were lying to me, I’ll let Big brother roast you as well.”

There were two drops of tears that flowed out of the demon fox’s eyes. With a sway of her body, she had turned back to a one tailed demon fox. She ran to a side, ignoring me. It seemed that she was enraged. I smiled a little before I also ignored her.


After a night of recuperating and building up our energies, everyone’s spirit was  better. After packing up, everyone carried some of the remaining portions of the Cyclops demon meat. I told the demon fox, “Little thing, we’re going to fly. If you don’t want to be left behind, quickly come over to me.” The demon fox stared at me with widen eyes before she unwillingly came over and lept onto my shoulder. I pet her furry little head as I said “You’re still angry. We shall count last night’s reprimand to be something that I had wrongly accused you.”

The demon fox angrily chirped out twice at me in dissatisfaction. Her cute looks made me chuckle. I said, “Alright! Alright! I had wrongly accused you.” With that, she leaned on my shoulder without moving in satisfaction.

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