Volume 9: Chapter 34 - Successful Rescue

Child of Light

Volume 9: Chapter 34 - Successful Rescue

I shook my head, forcing myself to calm my racing heart. “Nothing. I’m lucky that you came in time. If not, it would have been really dangerous today.”

Uncle Firewood said, “Zhang Gong, don’t overthink it. Let your friends out before we go any further.”

I was startled, I was so focused on my own misery that I almost forgotten about the most important task.

I told Uncle Firewood, “Try your best to recover your battle spirit. With Xiao Jin’s protection, there shouldn’t be any problems unless it’s the Demon Emperor.” Upon saying that, I sat on the ground and started recovering the disordered fusion power.

Just as I had recovered a portion of my fusion power, Xiao Jin’s sudden frightened emotion was conveyed to me. I was alarmed and distributed the fusion power all over my body before sobering up.

There was a gargantuan amount of soldiers heading in our direction from the Royal City. This isn’t good, I thought as I hastily woke Uncle Firewood up. Uncle Firewood’s expression changed and said, “This is bad. Look at the sky, the Demon Emperor has personally come to look for us.”

As expected, the Dark Demon Dragon’s familiar figure entered into sight. I made a decision on the spot. “Xiao Jin, your body is too large. Quickly get away from here. We’ll meet up in 10 days time.”

Xiao Jin rubbed against me in reluctance. I urged him, “Quickly go! Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.”

Xiao Jin then spread his wings to fly into the distance.

I told Uncle Firewood, “Let’s hurry, we have to find a place to hide. It’s impossible to fight them in our current condition.”

Uncle Firewood nodded. After surveying our surroundings, there were quite a lot of huge rocks. Uncle Firewood said, “Look at what I can do.” After gathering the divine light battle spirit, he heavily struck the ground not far from our location. ‘Hong!’ It resulted to an explosion, forming a large hole. He didn’t stop there as he turned around and walk towards the edge of the God Rended Canyon. He straightened his hand like a knife, with a flourish of his hand, a blue light blade shot out from his hand. Instantly, a colossal rock was cut down from the precipice. Uncle Firewood drew back his hand, moving the enormous stone to the mountain peak they were on. He then said to me, “Quickly, jump into the hole.”

I already understood what he wanted to do so without hesitating, I lept into the hole. When Uncle Firewood saw the nearing Demon soldiers, he lept to my side and moved both his hands, pulling the the enormous rock over us; the entire hole was momentarily covered.

My nose was filled with the scent of earth as Uncle Firewood said, “It shouldn’t be easy for them to find us now. The air is thin in here. Let’s quickly heal our wounds. When our strength is back, everything will be fine.”

Even though I couldn’t see him in the dark, I could feel that he had weakened. The cutting of that enormous rock must have used up most of his strength. Currently, I held complete trust towards this old man.

I whispered, “Xiao Jin killed a lot of the Demon race’s warriors. I apologise to you on his behalf.”

Uncle Firewood sighed. “The situation was quite dangerous at that time, and it was completely due to wanting to protect his master, so I won’t blame him.” After saying just a few sentences, I was already starting to feel a little pressured by the low amount of oxygen so I stopped talking and sat cross legged, focusing on my cultivating.

The fusion power in my body had already begun moving by my will, rapidly revolving. The oppressive feeling instantly disappeared as I had changed from outward breathing to inner breathing. However, I still maintained a thread of consciousness to deal with unexpected situations.

After a while, a frenzied sound came from above us. The Demon military squad had already searched this place.

“Reporting to officer, there doesn’t seem to be any traces of the enemy. Only the gold dragon has flown away.”

Ke Lun Duo replied, “En! They should have escaped by riding that dragon. I don’t know why, but His Majesty’s Dark Demon Dragon seems unwilling to pursue, unexpectedly slowing down its speed. If it weren’t the case, it would have caught up.”

After hearing what he said, I calmed my worried heart before focusing on recovering my strength.

After an unknown amount of time, I felt that I had already recovered 40-50% of my power. I opened my eyes and casted an illumination spell. Uncle Firewood felt the undulation of my spell and also woke up. He didn’t say anything, but fixed his eyes on the enormous rock above us.

After a long time, Uncle Firewood let out a breath. “They should have already left. The air here is too polluted. Let’s head out of here.” With that said, he used the force on his hands, to shift the enormous rock away. We simultaneously lept onto the peak of the mountain.

There was a light breeze at the peak of the mountain. It gave me a feeling as though a life time had passed.

Uncle Firewood said, “I have already recovered 80% of my power. How much have you recovered?”

I replied, “40-50 %”

Uncle Firewood nodded. “Quickly let your friends out then.”

I said, “Please help to protect me while I cast the spell. Great God of Space, I beseech to you to remove the seal and release the captive evil beings.”

I extended my right hand, quickly a hexagram appeared in the sky. The hexagram gave off light, making a small crack that was only big enough for one person to appear. Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest dropped out from it, one by one.

I hastily used a light blade to break their shackles. “Big brother, how are all of you?”

Zhan Hu grabbed on my hand emotionally. “Zhang Gong, is that you? How did you turn like this? I never expected we’d be reunited again.” The strong bond of friendship could be felt through his hands. My eyes moistened while I replied, choked by my emotions, “Big brother, it’s hard to explain in a few words. I have caused you much trouble.”

Dong Ri said, “Zhang Gong, what silly words are you saying? Who would have thought  Su He was an imposter? It seem that our power has been restricted as I am unable to use any. Moreover, all of our divine instruments have been confiscated, excluding Big Brother Zhan Hu’s and mine.”

“Dong Ri, I’ll immediately help you remove the restrictions. Is there any discomfort in your body?”

Zhan Hu replied, “In the beginning, I don’t know what power the Demon Emperor used to infiltrate our body, making us hover between life and death. But after our light elements had been engulfed by that power, there wasn’t any more feelings. It’s only that our powers has been sealed. What happened to your face?”

I nodded. I knew that they only practiced a little light magic so the harm of the dark elements from the Demon Emperor wouldn’t be as bad as mine.

I replied, “I’ll help you recover your powers first. We’re still in the Demon City’s territory so the more the power we possess, the safer we’ll be.”

Upon saying that, I activated the dragon magic’s mysterious runes to break the magic seals.

With my head as the center, a golden halo spread outwards, enclosing the eleven of them.

After the halo dissipated, I immediately asked, “How are you feeling? Have you recovered some of your powers?”

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