Volume 9: Chapter 36 - The Demon Emperor Awaits

Child of Light

Volume 9: Chapter 36 - The Demon Emperor Awaits

Uncle Firewood said, “I understand. It’s because of Mu Zi, right? I really don’t understand love aspects, so you’ll have to rely on yourself. However, Mu Zi doesn’t seem to despise your current look. What are you going to do? Are you going to abandon her?”

My heart shuddered as I heard his words. “Even if that’s the case, I can’t ruin Mu Zi. How can I, an ugly person, be compatible with her Goddess-like looks? I can’t let her live her life in misery. She’ll be able to forget about me as time passes.”

Uncle Firewood was stunned. “I didn’t think your feelings would be that deep. Is love so great? Let’s not talk about this now, and keep your dispirited looks away. We have to deal with the business at hand.”

I took in a deep breath. “Where are the divine instruments being kept?”

Uncle Firewood thought and said, “They’re top grade, so it should be in the Demon Emperor’s armory.”

I asked, “Will it be heavily guarded?”

Uncle Firewood shook his head. “That place doesn’t have any guards.”

I was startled. “How can such an important place be unguarded? That’s impossible.”

Uncle Firewood said wryly, “Even though there’s no guards, it won’t be easy to sneak past the Dark Demon Dragon.”

I was greatly alarmed. “Can it be…..”

Uncle Firewood nodded. “That’s right. The weapon armory is beside the Demon Dragon’s resting place. With the Demon Dragon guarding it, it’ll be more terrifying than a few thousand soldiers. Moreover, there’s magic restrictions in it. Your teleportation spells will be useless. The only one that can enter and exit without restrictions is the Demon Emperor.”

I said frowning, “What do we do then?”

Uncle Firewood replied, “Actually, the Demon Dragon won’t be a problem. With our combined strength, we don’t have to fear it. What I’m most afraid of is we’d alarm the rest. It wouldn’t be good if we got surrounded by guards. There’s only one chance. If we fail, it’ll be hard to infiltrate the armory.”

I nodded. “What you said is right. We’ll have to improvise- each step we take.”

Uncle Firewood replied, “When we break in, you’re to dash in and find the weapons. I’ll stall the Demon Dragon outside the armory. It won’t give any sound for a short while.” Upon saying that, Uncle Firewood gave off an intense sense of confidence.

Actually, even with his War God power, it wouldn’t be enough to deal with the Dragon, but there wasn’t any alternatives.

We wore night attire to secretly infiltrate into the inner palace, and then directly went to where the Demon Emperor rested when night came.

Uncle Firewood replied, “After this building, we will be where the Demon Dragon resides. Be careful.”

It was incomparably dark, as even with our sight, we could only clearly see what was within ten metres of our front.

I closely followed Uncle Firewood. When we reached an enormous courtyard, the Demon Dragon was awe-inspiringly before us. With two of its wing wings covering its head, it was in deep sleep.

Uncle Firewood gave me an eye indication to charge towards the Demon Dragon. I rapidly dashed in without any hesitations.

The Demon Dragon’s sensitive sense immediately detected us. When it wanted to open its mouth to roar in anger, Uncle Firewood immediately used his powerful battle spirit to seal its mouth. Blue light permeated the area. Uncle Firewood used his divine light battle spirit to enclose him and the Demon Dragon within. As expected, not a single sound was heard.

The dark magic that was given off by the Demon dragon was constantly blocked by Uncle Firewood. Uncle Firewood didn’t attack it, but used his battle spirit to form a boundary, not letting the Demon Dragon to dash out.

When I thought that the weapons were with my reach, I heard a heavy sigh.

The Demon Emperor’s tall and eminent body figure blocked my path.

While I was stunned in place, pale with fright, the Demon Emperor didn’t attack me, but just looked at me bewilderedly.

Uncle Firewood was obviously oblivious to what was happening here as he continued to stall the Demon Dragon.

The Demon Emperor moved in a flash to the border of the boundary and extended a finger at it. ‘Pu!’ Before I could react to stop it, the boundary broke.

Uncle Firewood didn’t panic in shock and moved to shield my body.

The Demon Emperor stopped the Dark Demon Dragon from roaring before asking Uncle Firewood, “Uncle, is it worth doing this? It can’t be that you don’t know that he’s a spy from the human race, right?”

Uncle Firewood and I stunned as the Demon Emperor had already figured out our identity.

Uncle Firewood sighed and took down the black cloth from his face before replying indifferently, “Qi Meng, when did you figure it out?”

The Demon Emperor smiled and replied, “When  I heard the report from my subordinate that there was an expert with a blue battle spirit with the human, I knew that it was you. Let me ask, excluding you, who possesses a War God’s power? After you saved those humans, I knew that you would return for the weapons. The Dragon God’s staff is an exceptional treasure so I waited here for you guys. As expected, it is as I’ve predicted.”

I couldn’t bear not to ask this. “Since you already knew about it, why did your dare to face us by yourself? Aren’t you afraid that the combined power of us may bring you to a disadvantageous position? Even though you’re powerful, you still wouldn't be our match if we were to work together.”

The Demon Emperor sniggered in disdain. “If it weren’t for my uncle, I wouldn’t even reply to your question. Uncle Firewood is the supervisor of the kingdom. Even if I were to think that everyone was a traitor, I’ll believe that my uncle isn’t as the majority of my powers were trained by him. My trust in him is beyond the trust in myself.”

Uncle Firewood eyes moistened. “After so many years, I never expected that you remembered this old fart.”

The Demon Emperor replied respectfully, “How can I do that, uncle? You’re our race’s top expert. Since I feared that I might interrupting your training, I didn’t come to disturb you, but in my heart, you’re forever the top expert to me. But why are you helping the human’s spy to invade my race?”

Uncle Firewood looked at the Demon Emperor with complicated emotions as he indifferently said, “After so many years of ruling, Qi Meng, it can’t be that you still don’t know what’s beneficial to the race, right?”

The Demon Emperor was stunned. “What is it?”

“Peace and harmony.”

“Peace and harmony?”

“That’s right, only with peace and harmony, can we continue to flourish. You should have understood this point.”

“But Uncle, it can’t be that when our race has resided in this bitter and cold place, the human race has the populous and affluent areas. How do you want me to lead my citizens to prosper in such a barren place?”

Uncle Firewood replied, “That’s not the most important issue now. It can’t be that Zhang Gong hasn’t told you about the Monster King right?”

The Demon Emperor frowned. “Uncle, it’s something that he had fabricated. You believe  what he said? The Monster clan was already eliminated by the God’s clan a few thousand years ago. Why would the Monster King reincarnate now?”

Uncle Firewood sighed and replied, “Child, I believe what he said. If he wasn’t acknowledged by the God King, how could he receive God’s inheritance and the God King’s companion sword? Don’t you feel this is strange?”

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