Volume 9: Chapter 38 - Mu Zi's Journey

Child of Light

Volume 9: Chapter 38 - Mu Zi's Journey

After hearing what the Demon Emperor had said, Uncle Firewood didn’t make any remarks. I understood that what the Demon Emperor said was the truth.

After I pondered for a while, I said, “In that case, can’t you move some of the troops from the frontline back to rear the Demon beasts?”

The Demon Emperor shot a glance at me and said, “You’re too naive. Do you think that the Human race are herbivores? Once they see that some of the troops had retreated, they would immediately use that opportunity to raid the troops. They may even continue their attack, plotting to eliminate my citizens. The Demon race’s animosity with the Human race is extremely deep.” Actually, whenever I remember Prince Ke Zha, who tried to plot against my life, who was his life’s benefactor, just because I helped the Demon race, I trembled with slight fear to this very day.

The Demon Emperor remained silent for a while before saying, “There’s actually a way that may allow you to gain some time.”

I asked anxiously, “What will that be?”

The Demon Emperor shifted his gaze from the moon back to me as he replied seriously, “That’s for both sides to withdraw their troops and sign a treaty that forbids invasion. It’s the limit of what I can compromise.”

After hearing what he said, I thought, ‘Firstly, what is the probability for this to succeed? I’m currently a traitor to the Kingdom of Aixia. How am I going to convince the three large Human kingdoms? Secondly, is there a motive for the Demon Emperor to suggest this? If he were to go back on his promise and suddenly attacked the Human race when they retreat, won’t I become a traitor to humanity then?’

The Demon King looked at me with locked eyebrows. “Will that be difficult to accomplish?”

I nodded. “Can you promise that both of the races will simultaneously retreat?”

The Demon Emperor smiled sweetly. “You don’t have to worry about that. Not to mention that my clan has a strong alliance with the Valiant Mist Empire, with my strength, it’s guaranteed that I can convince the Emperor of the Beast race to make our troops retreat simultaneously. That matter should be what you’re most uneasy about. You must thinking whether it’s a plot for me to strike against the Human race, going against the promise, once they start to retreat.”

I chuckled awkwardly before saying truthfully, “I’m really worried that it will be that case as even though you govern the Demon race, you must also listen to the opinions of your subordinates. I doubt that they will let go of that opportunity.”

The Demon Emperor dusted his robe. “It’s completely unnecessary to have such thoughts. Not only does my race have integrity, for the proof of my point of interest in doing this, I’ve consented my most beloved Mu Zi to head back to the Human race with you, that should be the most best guarantee to you. Even if we want to eliminate your race, we’ll do it just and honorably. Moreover, Mu Zi, the main successor to the my throne, will be in your hands. What else would you be wary of? To tell you the truth, from the subordinates’ point of view, the majority of them are against the dispatch. There definitely will be more than 50% of them against the war. No matter which side I support, it’ll definitely be advantageous to me. Now, it’s your turn to give me a reply on whether you can convince the three human Kingdoms.”

I felt much comfortable after hearing what he said. From the depths of my heart, I really didn’t want a war to break out. Since the Demon Emperor had showed his sincerity, even if it would be difficult, I wanted to give it a try.

I abruptly raised my head and looked resolutely at the Demon Emperor. “If you keep to your promise, even if I were to sacrifice my life, I’ll try my best to convince them. If it really can’t be done, I won’t involve myself if you decide to invade the Ström Fortress and will continue to pass any information regarding the Monster King to you.”

The Demon Emperor broke out in a laughter. “Great! Great! Great! I really didn’t misjudged you. You’re really courageous and is worthy of Mu Zi’s affection. This will be the highest classified information for both of our races. However, I will tell you that even if you succeed in doing those, I’ll only give you a period of two years to give me concrete evidence on the Monster King existance. If not, I’ll recommence the attack and fight to the very end against the Human race.”

Uncle Firewood placed his hand on my shoulder and lamented, “This should be the best outcome.”

I nodded. “Two years time is more than sufficient. What I need to do now is to head back and convince the three Kingdoms to pull back their troops. Your Majesty, if I succeed in convincing the three kingdoms, how am I to contact you?”

The Demon Emperor suddenly sighed. “The main drive for me to do this is Mu Zi’s persistence towards you, in addition to uncle’s support. I can’t help but make a risky bet. I’ll pass a military seal to Mu Zi, giving her the rights to mobilize the troops. Once you succeeded in negotiating, Mu Zi will be able to deploy the million troops of the Demon race. I’ll also notify the Beast race beforehand so that they would retreat at the same time. I’m going to place Mu Zi’s safety in your hands. If something happens to her, I’ll dismember your body into tiny bits, even if I’ve to go to the ends of world.” Upon saying that, an intense killing intent surged out from his body. The Dark Demon Dragon gave out a soft roar. It was obvious that it was communicating with his owner.

My heart hurt on the mention of Mu Zi. I said dejectedly, “Even though Mu Zi and I are destined to meet but not fated to be together, she’s still the one I love the most. No matter who it is, if they want to hurt her, they must walk over my dead body. If something were to happen to Mu Zi, you don’t have to look for me. I’ll appear before you to kill myself as my punishment.”

The Demon Emperor nodded in satisfaction. “Alright, you can head off now. I’ll arrange for Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo to meet with you at the west entrance of the city tomorrow morning. Uncle, are you still going back to the Firewood house? It must be hard on you.”  

Uncle Firwood chuckled. “I’ve already never been so happy as I am today after so many years. Your Majesty, don’t worry. I’ll definitely not bother you when I’m in the palace. I’ve already gotten used to the Firewood house. If you need me for anything, you just have to find someone to notify me.”

I took a cloth from the dimensional pocket to cover up the radiance filled Sukrad’s staff. I bowed deeply towards the Demon  Emperor. “Your Majesty, I’ll take my leave.”

‘En!’ The Demon King agreed.

Uncle Firewood and I looked at each other before soaring into the sky.

As the Demon Emperor looked at our leaving figures, he shook his head and sighed. “You should be satisfied this way.”

Mu Zi, whose face was covered in tears, came out from the dark corner. She kneeled down before the Demon Emperor and exclaimed in tears, “Father, thank you! Thank you so much!”

The Demon Emperor held Mu Zi up and used his hands to wipe her tears off her face. With a benevolent gaze, he said in smiles, “Be good, don’t cry. I’ve done what you’ve wanted. It’ll really depend on both of you to succeed in getting together. Zhang Gong is indeed an exceptional talent. If I can make use of him for my Demon race, it’ll be great. With his and Ke Lun Duo’s assistance, it will be as easy as reaching in a bag to obtain the world.”

Mu Zi said displeased, “Father!”

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