Volume 9: Chapter 9 - Kindhearted Little Beast

Child of Light

Volume 9: Chapter 9 - Kindhearted Little Beast

Since my magic went back to its previous state, she was unable to talk. Her beautiful large eyes were teary as she gave a pleading look.

I asked, “You have done many malicious things. Why do you feel wronged if I kill you?”

The demon beast unexpectedly shook her head with all her might. It was as though I really had wronged her. Su He said, “Hmm, she seems to have something she wants to say.”

Zhan Hu said, “What else can she say? She is just seeking forgiveness. Zhang Gong, kill her. We’ve to carry on our journey.”

Seeing her beautiful large eyes, my heart softened. I relaxed the light halo that was restricting her. “If you want to run away, I’ll make sure you die without an intact body. I’ll give you a chance to explain yourself.”

The Demon fox called out mournfully before a magic undulation appeared in her body, transforming her to the form we initially saw her in. Her exceptionally captivating body figure still made my heart race. I bit the tip of my tongue and said, “If you’re trying to charm us again, I won’t be that polite anymore.”

The demon fox quickly replied, “No, no! I wouldn’t dare.”

I replied, “Just say what you want to tell us. I don’t have spare time for you to dawdle.”

The demon fox looked at me pitifully. “I’m just an ordinary Demon Fox that unintentionally gained intelligence and learned the cultivation method that you call evolution. However, even though my body needs blood, I have never killed anybody.”

I coldly snorted, “Your words are hard to believe as you were able to cultivate to this standard yet you haven’t killed anybody.”

The demon fox replied, “What I said is the truth. Lord, even though I eat the essence of the demon race, every time I had met a demon, I just make them unconscious and take a little bit of blood from each. I’ve never killed anyone in the process of supplying my body with blood.”

I looked at Su He and asked, “Is what she said possible?”

Su He nodded. “From the looks of it, she doesn’t seem to be lying as there aren’t any black lines at her upper dantian. She shouldn’t have killed anybody before.”

I thought before I replied, “Since you haven’t killed anybody, I’ll let you go this time. You should be more careful the next time you hunt for food. You’re free to go.”

The Demon Fox continuously kowtowed to me while thanking me profusely. I waved my hand and shot a power to lift her up. I said, “That’s enough. You just have to not kill any people in the future. That is the best way to show your gratitude towards me.”

The Demon Fox whispered to me, “My lord, may I ask you a favour?”

I didn’t kill her was already not bad already. Now, she wanted me to grant her a favour? I impatiently replied, “Say it!”

The Demon Fox cautiously replied, “I wish to travel with you.”

I was so shocked that I almost jumped up before loudly rejecting her.

The Demon Fox’s tears flowed down as she cried, “I didn’t kill any of the Demon Race, not to mention any humans. Please accept me.”

I replied, “This is different from you killing or not killing anybody. I can’t bring you along, you should just stay here and cultivate.” It would be a joke to bring her along. With her swaying in front of me, I might do something that would let Mu Zi and Hai Shui down. We were a bunch of hot blooded fellows.

Su He suddenly whispered to the demon fox, “How can he let you to follow you in your current form? Change into your other form.” The demon fox was suddenly enlightened and immediately transformed into a cute single tailed demon fox before jumping into my embrace and continuously licking my face.

I glared at Su He. “What are you thinking? Why did you make her follow me?”

Su He said smilingly, “You don’t know about this but to her kind of fox species, her inborn talent isn’t good so to be able to train to her current state, it should have been really difficult. If she wants to have another breakthrough, she’ll definitely need the protection of God’s power or have a lot of believers that pray towards her. The latter is definitely impossible but for the former, isn’t it you? Your body must have some kind of God’s power that had resulted in her wanting to follow you so badly.”

Hearing what  Su He said, the demon fox strongly nodded her head, indicating her full approval.

I tossed the demon fox to Big Brother Zhan Hu. “Big brother, you also have God’s power so she should be yours. She can even transform into a beauty.”

The furry thing landed in Zhan Hu’s embrace, making him jump in fright. After hearing what I said, he angrily replied, “Zhang Gong! You brat, you don't speak your feelings. No, I shall leave the beauty with you.” He just tossed the demon fox back to me. Just as I wanted to toss her to Dong Ri, I suddenly saw that she began tearing up again. I sighed and said, “Alright! You can follow me from now on. But don’t you dare play any tricks on me. If you do, I’ll abandon you. Most importantly, without my permission, you’re not allowed to change into your seductive form at your will. Do you understand?” I had no choice; who called me to be this kind hearted. I would just give her to Mu Zi as a present in the future.

An elated radiance was expressed in the demon fox’s eyes as she constantly nodded her head in happiness.

Our task hadn’t been completed and we already had two more members.

Thanks to the commotion with the demon fox, everyone felt a little hungry. I asked Su He, “Didn’t you say that there were demon beasts in the mountain forest? Why haven’t we seen any, other than this demon fox?”

Su He smiled embarrassedly before he said, “Meeting a demon beast is mostly by chance. It isn’t something that will be there just by wishing for it.”

The demon fox suddenly jumped up from my shoulder and ran to the front of us before crouching. Her entire body emitted a fishy urine smell. I was stunned before I asked, “What’s she doing? Crapping?”

At that moment, there was suddenly a ‘Sha! Sha!’ sound in the thicket. Zhan Hu shouted, “Everyone, be careful. There maybe a demon beast.”

As expected, there was a huge dog-like demon beast that pounced over at the demon fox. The demon fox nimbly jumped onto the demon beast’s back. She pierced the thorns of her tail into the back of the demon beast, making it wobble in pain before it collapsed onto the ground.

That fishy urine smell instantly disappeared afterwards. Dong Ri said in amazement, “So, the reason for the smell was so that she could catch a demon beast for us.”

The demon fox used her front claws to point at the dog-like demon beast before calling out complacently. Su He walked over and said, “Ah! It’s a D ranked demon wolf. We can eat this.” The demon fox jumped back onto my shoulder and used her big tail to sweep at me as she called out intimately.

I chuckled and said, “I didn’t know that you little thing was so capable. Not bad, I’ll remember your achievement. Big brother, didn’t you say that you know how to cook? We’ll test your skills later.”

Zhan Hu replied beamingly, “No problem. It seems that there’s the sound of flowing water to the left side in front of us. Let’s head over there.”

Jian Shan dragged the demon wolf and everyone headed to where Zhan Hu pointed. A small water spring was seen in front of us, just as we expected. Zhan Hu complacently said, “How is it? My experiences are great, right?”

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