Chapter 21.2: Filial Daughter

Court Lady

Fu Rou hugged a bundle to her body as she rushed along. She frequently glanced behind, afraid that someone would see her. However, whatever she was afraid of would come. As soon as she turned the corner, she bumped into Prince Zhou.

“Today is the ninth of the month. Head Seamstress Fu, I hope you haven’t forgotten.” He was calm and composed as if he knew that he would meet her.

“I…” I completely forgot. Fu Rou hugged the bundle tighter towards her as she kept her elbows tucked in. “I am heading to Princess Xinnan to deliver embroideries.”

Prince Zhou raised his eyebrows. “Delivering embroideries is nothing urgent. I will send someone to deliver it to Princess Xinnan for you. Come with me now.” He grabbed onto Fu Rou’s wrist and pulled her.

Fu Rou could not escape from his grasp. It was only when they reached Lingxiao Palace did Prince Zhou release her hand.

Fu Rou was unhappy. “Your Highness, what do you have for me that is so urgent?”

Prince Zhou could tell that Fu Rou was extremely anxious about the bundle in her arms. “What is inside the bundle?”

Fu Rou froze. “Embroideries…for Princess Xinnan.”

“Open it for me to see.” Prince Zhou did not believe her.

“What’s so nice to see about embroideries?” However, under Prince Zhou’s insistent gaze, she had no choice but to reluctantly open it.

Pouch, spice bag, clothes, etc. Each were made with intricate and outstanding embroidery.

“You made all these by yourself?” Even he could not help but exclaim.

 “Yes, Princess Xinnan likes my work.” Fu Rou did not blink as she lied.

“I like it too.” Prince Zhou was unwilling to let her go, he flipped through them gently. “Why is there only one red flower on them?”

“Your Highness does not like monotone designs but there is someone that likes it.”

Everything in the bundle was made for Sheng Chumu. Ever since Sheng Chumu returned to Chang’an, she had spent every day working on these. It was only after she almost lost him did she realise that he was more important than anything else. In the past, when he asked her for embroideries, she was always reserved and refused to give more. Now, he didn’t need to ask her.

Prince Zhou found it strange. His eyes suddenly flashed. “Huh? Why are there men’s clothes?”

“Maybe Her Highness wants to give it to someone? Her Highness did not say, and I did not ask.” Fu Rou had already prepared herself for his question.

Prince Zhou’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Is this really for Xinnan?”

“Yes.” She could not hesitate at all. The person in front of her knew how to read people.

“Okay, I want this set of clothes.” Prince Zhou picked it out. Fu Rou blurted, “It's not for you.”

“Today is my birthday.” If not, why would he demand that she met him today. “Is it too much to ask for me to have a set of clothes you personally made for a birthday gift?”

“It is not too much, but this set…” This set does not belong to him.

Prince Zhou, however, had already worn the clothes. He lowered his eyes and assessed himself. “It fits just right.”

Fu Rou panicked. “For Your Highness’ birthday, it is natural for you to ask the Seamstress Department to make you a new set of clothes. However, we have rules and cannot do as we please. When I get back, I will immediately make a set for you. However, Your Highness has to return this set to me.”

“I have already worn it. If you want it back, you have to take it off yourself. Come on.” Prince Zhou lifted his elbows calmly.

Fu Rou scolded him internally before packing her bundle and leaving. She could not be bothered to argue with him.

Prince Zhou lowered his head as he looked at his new clothes. Despite having forcibly taken it, he was satisfied.


Fu Rou was fuming as she walked around the lake. How could he do that? It wasn’t his clothes but he forcibly took it. It was like his feelings towards her; it didn’t matter if she wanted it or not, he was forcing it on her. Unfortunately, he was of a high status and she could not offend him.

Fu Rou was distracted by her thoughts. All of a sudden, a black figure jumped in front of her and caused her to shriek in fright.

“Sister-in-law.” Luckily Sheng Chuling shouted in time.

“Sheng Chuling, if you don’t stop scaring people, I will get Chumu to teach you a lesson!” Fu Rou patted her heart.

“I have been wronged. Since when did I want to scare you. I am…” Sheng Chuling felt wronged. He looked left and right, remaining alert. “Guards cannot interact with female officials. I am afraid that someone would see us, so I hid to wait for you.”

Fu Rou knew this too and quickly handed the bundle over to Sheng Chuling. “Help me pass this to your Elder Brother.”

Sheng Chuling did not stand on courtesy as he opened it up to have a look. “Two pouches, two spice bags, three fans. Wow, so many. Sister-in-law, you are too generous. If Elder Brother wears all of this, he would be extremely fragrant. If he adds the three fans to his belt, he will look even more imposing.”

Fu Rou laughed, “You dare to make jokes about your brother and me. Be careful or I will hit you.”

Sheng Chuling guffawed, “Sister-in-law, I am helping you deliver things, how can you bear to hit me…”

“Sheng Chuling!” Princess Xinnan’s shout resounded from across the lake.

Fu Rou immediately turned around and rushed off. 

Sheng Chuling ran around the lake to Princess Xinnan. “Princess, what a coincidence”

Ever since the Qinglou incident, with the help of the Peace Knot and kite, the relationship between the two have vastly improved.

Princess Xinnan pursed her lips slightly. “Who were you talking to?”

Sheng Chuling snickered, “Why? Are you jealous?”

“Are you going to tell me?” Princess Xinnan became suspicious.

“Actually, I was going to tell you. But with this attitude, hmph, I am not going to.” Sheng Chuling thought to himself that he was not going to give in to her princess attitude.

“What are you holding in your hands?” It was hard not to notice the huge bundle.

“It is not for you anyway.” Why is her attitude still like this? Sheng Chuling decided not to tell her.

Princess Xinnan reached out to snatch it from him. Sheng Chuling gripped it even tighter. In the midst of their fight, the bundle tore and the things in it fell out. Sheng Chuling bent over to pick it up. When he saw that the spice bag was covered in dust, he quickly tried to dust and blow it off. This made Princess Xinnan even angrier.

“You are not allowed to pick it up!” Princess Xinnan stomped.

“You are unreasonable. I already said it is not for you, but you purposely tried to snatch it. Now, you don’t allow me to pick it up?”

Princess Xinnan shouted, “That’s right, you are not allowed to! I am ordering you to throw all these disgusting things into the water now.”

“Ridiculous.” Sheng Chuling turned to walk away.

Princess Xinnan glared at Sheng Chuling’s retreating back, wanting him to look back. However, he very quickly disappeared from sight.

Princess Xinnan fumed as she asked Zhenzhu to call for guards nearby. She then asked the guards which palace maids had been around. The guards replied that there were no palace maids, just Head Seamstress Fu.

Princess Xinnan froze initially before recalling that Fu Rou was the one that brought the peace knot to her. So Fu Rou acted like she was helping her on the surface but was actually seducing Sheng Chuling behind her back? Good! Very good! She wanted to see whether a female official would win over her, a princess!

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