Chapter 26.3: Evil Intentions Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

Fu Rou came to check on Official Situ, only to see her lying on the couch, her face devoid of colour. Her body was as limp as a piece of paper and looked as if she could be blown away. Fu Rou could not help but feel like crying.

“Official Situ, are you feeling better?” Fu Rou did not wish to think negatively.

“I am old and useless. I don’t think I will ever be able to see the river in my hometown.” Official Situ did not complain or hate anyone. She simply believed that this was her fate.

“Official Situ, please do not think that way. Take your time to recover, you will eventually become better.”

Fu Rou saw the Crown Prince enter and bowed wordlessly. Along with Wu Zhangyi, Fu Rou left the room.

Fu Rou asked Wu Zhangyi, “What did the Imperial Physician say?”

Wu Zhangyi shook his head and sighed, “The Imperial Physician said that this was just a matter of time. The Empress personally issued the instruction to hit her hard and those that were carrying out the punishment did not dare to hold back. Even a young and strong person won’t be able to hold out against a hundred strokes of the cane, let alone Official Situ who is already old.”

Fu Rou asked again, “Is Official Situ still unwilling to say why she got hit?”

Wu Zhangyi shook his head, indicating that Official Situ’s lips were tight. However, Fu Rou guessed that this matter had something to do with the Crown Princess. On the day that Official Situ went to bid farewell to the Empress, she was exuberant when she left. She heard that the Empress was also in a good mood and rewarded Official Situ with quite a lot of things. However, the Crown Princess later entered Lizheng Palace and thereafter, the Empress punished Official Situ and she became the state she was in now.

Fu Rou thought of how Sun Lingshu had always targeted Official Situ. If Sun Lingshu had taken her revenge without taking into consideration other people’s lives, she would be going overboard.

At this moment, the Crown Prince sat beside Official Situ’s bed. This was the person that had raised him from young. Now she had one foot in her grave because of his mother, yet, there was nothing that he could do. 

Official Situ opened her eyes and was extremely surprised. “Your Highness, why...have you come to my small residence? This is not appropriate.”

The Crown Prince held back the sadness he felt. “I have come to see you.”

“Her Majesty did not punish you right?” Official Situ was only concerned about the Crown Prince.

“Don’t worry about me. How are you feeling?” The Crown Prince wanted to cry.

“I am afraid that I won’t be able to serve you any longer. The only regret that I have is that I will not be able to see you ascend the throne and accept the bows of the citizens.” This was also Official Situ’s only wish.

“Don’t speak so demoralizing…” The Crown Prince was choked with emotions. “I will get you the best medicine. You have to recover and live till I ascend the throne. I will definitely punish the Crown Princess.”

“Your Highness, you must get along with the Crown Princess. Jealousy is a natural trait of every woman. Furthermore, she is also pregnant. She is your wife and you will have to live with her for your entire life. Don’t make it such that you two will never be able to get along.”

“I did not consider the overall picture. This is my fault. I implicated you.”

Official Situ’s eyes were shining with tears. “I don't have any children. The most fortunate thing that I have was Her Majesty giving birth to you and allowing me the chance to take care of you. Your Highness is brilliant, smart and very cute. Even now as I close my eyes, I can picture your small smiling baby face. Young people tend to make mistakes. Your Highness is still young, it is okay to make a small mistake. Do not take it to heart. Don’t feel upset for an old woman like me. I am worried that after I leave, there won’t be anyone beside you that knows you well enough. Your Highness, you must take care of yourself. Do not read until too late in the night, you will harm your yuan energy. You must also watch what you eat. Do not eat too much of what you like. Otherwise, it will hurt your stomach.”

The Crown Prince nodded. “I understand. Official Situ, I remember everything that you have taught me.”

Official Situ’s voice became softer and softer. “I can’t bear to part, I can’t bear to part ah...Your Highness, even though this is not appropriate but...I wish to touch your face for the last time. Just like when you were young…”

The Crown Prince held onto Official Situ’s hand and placed them on his face. Tears fell from his eyes. A person that truly cared about him was about to die. Now he had one less.

Official Situ smiled as her breathing became shallow. Her eyes shut, never to open again.   

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