Chapter 28.1: Early Autumn Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

In Ganlou Palace, Sheng Chumu stepped forward and knelt down. He expressed that he was incapable and was not worthy to marry the Princess. He asked the Emperor to retract his order.

The Emperor was furious. The reason why he betrothed Princess Xinnan to Sheng Chumu was because Sheng Xiaojing had always asked him for her hand. Who would have known that as soon as he agreed, they no longer wanted her. Were they looking down on his daughter?

Sheng Xiaojing kneeled down alongside his son. “Your Majesty, please calm down. Our Duke Lu Residence received your generosity and the princess’ hand. We are all overjoyed. The reason why Chumu is asking you to retract your marriage order is because of difficult circumstances.”

Lu Qi took the chance to step on them. “Could it be that he is interested in other women? You dare to compare the royal princess to an ordinary woman and even choose the ordinary woman over the princess!? Not only are you stupid, you must be crazy. You are simply disregarding the royal family’s peerless beauty. Moreover, you are not taking into account His Majesty’s generosity.”

Sheng Xiaojing looked at the Emperor. “Your Majesty, there is nothing of this sort. Princess Xinnan has always been my ideal daughter-in-law. The reason why Chumu cannot accept is because...this issue is really not nice to hear. I am afraid that saying it will pollute Your Majesty’s ears.” Sigh, he could not even relax during his retirement days. Because of his two sons, he had to deceive the Emperor.

The Emperor urged, “Get to the point.”

Sheng Xiaojing hesitated as he steeled his heart. “Your Majesty also knows that Chumu was a playboy in the past. He went to a lot of brothels. As a young boy, he did not know how to restrain himself and...contracted an illness.”

The Emperor narrowed his eyes. He had a feeling but continued to ask, “What illness?”

“It''s...when couples are together they have to consummate. He has a little trouble...getting it to stand.”

Lu Qi accidentally guffawed.

The Emperor froze. “There is an illness like this?” He turned to Sheng Chumu, who had been silent. “Sheng Chumu, is this true?”

Sheng Chumu gave a troubled look. “Yes. I am very embarrassed about this and have never told anyone before. Actually, part of the reason why I suddenly stop going to brothels and stop indulging myself in love affairs is because of this illness. I am extremely grateful to Your Majesty for wanting to betrothed Princess Xinnan to me. However, if I hide my own problem just to be Your Majesty’s son-in-law, I will be depriving the princess from happiness. I cannot do that to the princess.”

The Emperor only half-believed him. “Can’t this be treated?”

Sheng Chumu was awkward. “I have secretly been visiting the physician and have taken several prescriptions. Unfortunately, as of now, it doesn’t look to be improving.”

The Emperor finally understood. “It's true that no one would be willing to speak of an illness like this. The fact that you can tell me this honestly proves that you are loyal to me.”

Sheng Xiaojing continued, “Your Majesty, although Chumu’s illness does not seem to be improving now, it might improve in the future. If Your Majesty does not mind, Princess Xinnan could marry into our family first. With Your Majesty’s blessing, Chumu’s illness could become better…”

“It will be good if you could heal, but what if you can’t? What would happen to my daughter then? Sheng Xiaojing, have you gone muddled from wanting my daughter as your daughter-in-law? There is still two months to Princess Xinnan’s birthday, I haven’t written my decree yet. Let’s drop the topic on Princess Xinnan and Sheng Chumu.” The Emperor was unhappy.

Sheng Xiaojing dangled his head. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Sheng Chumu had to fight back the joy he was feeling. “Thank you for understanding, Your Majesty.”

Having witnessed the entire scene, Lu Yunji spoke, “Your Majesty, Duke Lu has contributed and achieved numerous feats in his lifetime. Now that his eldest son has this illness. I feel very sorry for him. Passing on the family name is not a small issue. If I may suggest, Your Majesty should call for the Imperial Physician now to give Sheng Chumu a check up. Let’s see if it is really serious.”

Sheng Chumu objected, “Your Majesty, it is very embarrassing to speak of an illness like mine. This matter regards Princess Xinnan’s happiness and that is why I had no choice but to say it. Duke Chen clearly just does not believe me.”

Sheng Xiaojing added, “Your Majesty, I would not dare to lie to you.” Oh my god, even if he was beaten to death, he had to finish his lie. 

“Sheng Chumu, are you feeling guilty? You are just pretending to be sick so you don’t have to marry Princess Xinnan, right?” Lu Qi felt that Sheng Chumu was resorting to tricks. He was clearly rejecting the marriage with Xinnan for Fu Rou.

The Emperor became suspicious once again. “That’s enough. Let the Imperial Physician check what illness you have. See if he will be able to heal you. I am also concerned.”

When the Imperial Physician came, he led Sheng Chumu to the side palace to check. Sheng Xiaojing was extremely flustered. Lu Yunji saw this and felt confident.

“Duke Lu, why are you so anxious? Are you feeling guilty?” The old man was so gullible. Did he think that he could fool everyone with just words?

Sheng Xiaojing wiped the sweat off his forehead. “I am fit and my metabolism is high. I naturally sweat a lot.”

Lu Yunji sneered, “Sweating is good, at is better than bleeding. Soon we will know whether you will be sweating or bleeding.” 

Sheng Chumu reappeared. His head was lowered as he raised his robe and continued to kneel.

The Imperial Physician went up to the Emperor and reported to him quietly. When the Emperor heard his report, he looked sympathetic. He waved for the Imperial Physician to leave. At the same time, he called on Sheng Xiaojing.

“As a father, I understand how you feel. Do not be too upset. There are many people in the Great Tang, there is hope for a cure.”

Sheng Xiaojing almost smiled crazily. With much difficulty, he forced himself to look sad as he lamented, “Yes, Your Majesty is brilliant. I feel much better after hearing what you said. We will slowly try to heal him. There is hope.”

Both the Lu father and son were stunned. They did not know that Yan Zifang had given Sheng Chumu a secret Persian pill with amazing effects. Moreover, Sheng Chumu would never do something he was uncertain of.


Very soon, Princess Xinnan received the news. She quickly called Fu Rou over and hugged her, jumping excitedly.

“Head Seamstress Fu, Sheng Chumu successfully rejected the marriage!”

“Really?” The huge stone in Fu Rou’s heart settled.

“Yes! Imperial father even gave him a bunch of medicine.” At this point, Princess Xinnan paused and her gaze became sympathetic. “Head Seamstress Fu, you have to be mentally prepared…” She leaned into Fu Rou’s ear and spoke.

Fu Rou’s mouth gaped open. It took a while before she could find her own voice. “He...he really…”

“The Imperial Physician checked him. He is telling the truth.” Princess Xinnan held onto Fu Rou’s elbow as if to support her. “Head Seamstress Fu, don’t be upset. It should be treatable.”

Fu Rou was shocked that Sheng Chumu would use this kind of excuse to reject the marriage. She did not even think how it would affect her. As she understood what Princess Xinnan meant, her neck reddened.

“What is there to be upset about? Princess...Princess, you are so precious, how  can you say this kind of thing.”

Princess Xinnan was in a good mood. “I am considering how close we are. Just take it as child talk.”

Fu Rou felt extremely awkward. “If you have no other instructions for me, I will take my leave!”

As Princess Xinnan looked at Fu Rou’s retreating back, she shook her head and patted her heart. “Luckily I like Chuling instead.”

Fu Rou ran all the way to the Imperial Garden before finally slowing down. Her heart was pounding and she smacked her chest to calm her breathing. Great, Chumu successfully rejected the marriage. They have overcome another obstacle!

“Are you crying by yourself again?” Prince Zhou approached and sounded quite excited. “Your Sheng Chumu seems to have an illness.”

“I don’t care.” Fu Rou turned around with a smile on her face. Why did everyone think that she would be bothered by it?

“You don’t care?” Prince Zhou assessed her expression. He could not find any signs of deception. “But this concerns your entire life.”

“As long as he is Sheng Chumu, I don’t care if he has a thousand illnesses.” Fu Rou bowed briefly. “I will be taking my leave. I have to find a spot where I will not be disturbed so I can bask in joy.”

Prince Zhou watched her leave speechlessly. Dejected, he punched a pillar.

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