Chapter 37.1: House Thief Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

Lu Hanxing kneeled in front of Lu Yunji. He was indignant but did not express it. Instead, he pretended to be extremely remorseful of his actions. 

Lu Yunji took a sip of his tea before saying, “Get up, this is nothing serious.”

“Uncle, although you think this way, I still feel that I have let Lu Qi down. You have warned me numerous times to not let my lust get the better of me. Yet, after drinking too much yesterday night, I saw a beautiful servant in the garden. I did not stop to think...luckily Lu Qi came in time to stop me. It was only then did I realise that she was the maid from his study.” Lu Hanxing did not dare to stand up.

Lu Qi snorted, “You only found out after? It is not Yin’er’s first day in our residence. How can you not know who she serves? You are always up to no good in our residence. Now that you have offended me…”

Lu Yunji cut him off. “Don’t harp on it. She is simply a slightly more beautiful servant. Hanxing has already acknowledged his mistake and you have already hit him. This matter shall end here. You are not allowed to use this to make things difficult for Hanxing in the future, do you understand?”

Lu Qi was depressed but did not dare to challenge his father’s decision. He reluctantly agreed.

“Thank you, Uncle.” Lu Hanxing finally got up. He raised his head and smirked at Lu Qi. 

Lu Qi found his smile annoying. It was as if Lu Hanxing was challenging him.

Lu Yunji did not notice this. “Hanxing is at the age where he is young and vigorous. It is no wonder he makes the mistake of chasing after girls. Ultimately, it is my fault as your uncle. Your mother has sent me several letters asking me to settle on a marriage for you. In these past two years, many things have happened, resulting in the delay of this matter. Recently, I have been looking around and have settled on a family. Assistant Minister Zhao’s daughter is from a good background and has a decent upbringing. She will be a good wife and loving mother.”

Lu Qi noticed the abrupt change in Lu Hanxing’s expression, and his mood suddenly improved. 

“Uncle, I am in no rush…” Lu Hanxing wanted to take things slow.

Lu Yunji continued, “You are foolish to say this. Although you are in no hurry, your mother is. As the son-in-law of Assistant Minister Zhao, it will greatly benefit your career.”

Lu Hanxing brought up his mother. “We should send a picture of the Zhao family’s daughter to my mother and let her decide.”

Lu Yunji’s expression did not change. “I have already written a letter to your mother. She asked me to make the decision. I think we should settle on the Zhao family’s daughter.”

“Uncle!” Lu Hanxing blurted out, “That person is so ugly. I do not want to marry her!”

Waves of unhappiness could be detected from Lu Yunji’s tone. “Oh? You are not willing?”

Lu Hanxing mustered up his courage. “Marrying someone as my wife affects my entire life. Once I marry her, I have to face her everyday. I don’t wish to marry someone so ugly. She has to at least be pleasant to the eyes. She can’t be so ugly that the entire Chang’an will treat me as a joke.”

Lu Yunji’s eyes were icy. “You really think this way?”

Lu Hanxing trembled slightly before gritting his teeth and replying, “This matter concerns my future happiness. I think that we should be more cautious.”

“Are you saying that I am not being careful?”

Lu Hanxing still could not detect his uncle’s emotions but his knees weakened in fright. “I do not dare to think that way.”

Lu Yunji sighed, “If you think that way, I cannot blame you. Your father passed away so long ago and I have always treated you like my son. I never thought that this day would come. After all, we are not directly related. I am an old man and want to interfere in everything. I am even bothering about my nephew’s marriage. No wonder I am being despised. Every man aspires to make their own mark, I should not hold you back. From today onwards, you are relieved from your military officer duties. Lu Hanxing, you are to leave my residence.”

Lu Hanxing fell to a kneel as he shouted, “Uncle!”

Lu Qi sneered, “Congratulations, Cousin. You can finally choose your own wife. I never even dared to wish to be so free.”

Lu Yunji continued, “The sky is high for birds to fly. You can fly. Didn’t you despise Assistant Minister Zhao’s daughter for being ugly and that you are unwilling to marry her? I would like to see if the people in Chang’an will treat you as a joke without me as your uncle. Get out. You can leave and find your pleasant looking wife. In the future, no matter how great you become, you will not be related to my Duke Chen Residence.”

“Uncle, please do not be angry. I know my mistake! Marriage is a big thing and one’s parents should make the decision. Uncle, you are like a father to me. I will marry whomever you want me to marry.”

Lu Qi jeered, “That’s right. In a marriage, what is important is that the girl is virtuous. Who cares if she is a little ugly? With my father as your backing and Assistant Minister Zhao as your father-in-law, Cousin, you are extremely fortunate. You should know how blessed you are.”

“I am indeed fortunate, I was foolish for a moment.”

Lu Yunji helped Lu Hanxing up. “You are someone that has been through a battlefield. Yet, you still become depressed over such a small matter. Be happy. The Duke Chen Residence is finally going to have a marriage. We will choose an auspicious date and I will personally bring you to the Zhao Residence to request for marriage.”

Lu Hanxing walked away dejectedly. Lu Qi pursed his lips, “That brat can only serve our Lu family for his entire life.”

Lu Yunji did not approve of his words. “What are you saying? You also have the surname Lu, if you don’t serve the Lu family, then who are you serving? And you.”

“Me?” Lu Qi could not react in time. 

Hanxing’s marriage has been settled, you are next.” Lu Yunji narrowed his eyes. This was of utmost importance.


On this day, Yan Zifang was on duty when he passed by an alley and heard a girl scream for help. He knew that there were good and bad people even under the Emperor’s watch and people should not meddle with other people’s business. Moreover, he used to be a pirate and did not want to create trouble. 

Unexpectedly, Ma Haihu could not stand it. He could not stand to see the weak getting bullied and stepped forward to take a look. 

Lian Yan'er was the girl that screamed for help. She was a famous courtesan in all of Chang’an. She was close to Sheng Chumu when he was still a playboy. Now that Sheng Chumu was devoted to Fu Rou, she had left the scene. However, it was easy to leave the scene but not easy to find a new life. She was frequently judged by those around her. When she met with someone familiar, they were often not someone she could nod and greet. She had to hide from them in fear. Even when she came out to buy things, she had to take a more secluded road. Unfortunately, today she met with two of her biggest headaches. They were people she could not offend and absolutely hated, the Emperor’s son-in-law, Du He, and an Official’s son, Zhang He. When compared to Sheng Chumu and his two brothers, Sheng Chumu and his brothers were considered good and pure. 

When Ma Haihu dashed out, Lian Yan’er was startled. She did not think that anyone would dare to go against these two.

When Zhang He and Du He found out that Ma Haihu was a military officer in General Zhenhai’s army, they laughed. In Chang’an, any random person would have a position higher than a military officer. What they did not expect was although Ma Haihu’s rank was trivial, he had enormous guts. When he saw that he could not get through to them with words, he used his fists to greet them.

Yan Zifang waited for a while. However, as he saw that Ma Haihu had yet to come back, he naturally went to look for him and joined in the fight. The fight grew and came to the attention of an Official’s son who was patrolling the city, Xu Liangping. 

Xu Liangping was cowardly and Zhang He’s father was his supervisor. Moreover, the Emperor’s son-in-law was also involved. He knew which side he should stand on and immediately asked his guards to capture and beat up Yan Zifang and Ma Haihu.

Lian Yan’er could not bear to see them get beaten up and shouted for them to stop.

Zhang He slapped her. “How dare you make a sound. It is all because you don’t know how to appreciate favours, you bitch!”

Ma Haihu shouted, “Stop it! If you dare, come at me. What’s the point in hitting a lady?”

Zhang He snorted, “You already look like a bear and you dare to argue! Official Xu, what are you waiting for? Quickly drag them away, let them have a taste of prison food. They think they can do over their lives now that they have stepped on land and gained their freedom. Wishful thinking. Wait until your next life to try again.”

Du He clapped and hooted. All of a sudden, he saw a familiar face in the crowd. The person had pleasant eyes and looked carefree. It was Concubine Yan’s internal attendant, Yu He, and he was giving Du He a look. Concubine Yan was the Emperor’s beloved consort. Even if Du He did not want to be bothered with him, he had to show some manners. He walked over to Yu He.

Yu He spoke, “If I did not come in time, you were about to make a huge mistake.”


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The names are so similar and confusing in English. many "He". Hehehe! LOLOLOL
This scene may seem insignificant, but remember this is how Lian Yan'er meets Ma Haihu.

Yu He is the eunuch that serves Concubine Yan. 

I would suggest watching episode 22 for a better understanding. The drama did a very good job on episode 22 to prepare you guys for what's to come in the future. 

Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far! I know some parts are very fast paced, and may seem confusing, but it will all comes together at the end.