Chapter 37.3: House Thief

Court Lady

Lu Qi walked into the study room and saw Fu Yin drawing. When he saw her, he felt happy for no reason. 

“Yin’er, what are you drawing?” He smiled and walked forward.

“Didn’t you ask me to get along well with Sister Ling Long? I don’t know how to do other things but I can draw. I want to draw a picture for Sister Ling Long. Maybe this will make her happy.” Fu Yin placed down the brush and held up the picture. She smiled and said, “Look, does it look like her?”

“That’s a good idea--” Lu Qi suddenly fell silent as his gaze became icy. Fu Yin pretended not to see the change in Lu Qi. ““How is it? Does it not look like her?”

Lu Qi did not answer her question directly. “Yin’er, Ling Long is wearing--”

“A pearl dress. Sister Ling Long looked extremely beautiful when she wore the pearl dress. It is hard to forget the sight of her in the dress. Hence, I drew her most beautiful image.”

Lu Qi pressed, “When did you see Ling Long wear this?”

“A few days ago. At that time, I was thinking that Young Master was so nice to Sister Ling Long and gave her such a pretty dress…”

Lu Qi did not listen to her finish and stormed out.

“Where are you going?” Fu Yin rushed out and called out after him. She was not in a rush nor was she startled. She slowly rolled up the picture and threw it into a basket before walking out. Ling Long had hurt her time and again. It was time for her to get back at her.

Soon, Ling Long was dragged to the back garden. At the same time, Housekeeper Wu handed a small box over to Lu Qi. It was filled with pearls. Lu Qi snorted and Ling Long immediately fell to a kneel.

“I have always loved pearls. I saved for many years to buy these.” In a panic, her lies became ridiculous.

Lu Qi did not bother beating around the bush. “How did Yingying’s pearl dress fall into your hands?”

Ling Long was startled. “I didn’’s not! It’s not!”

“I have a witness who saw you wearing the dress.” Lu Qi glances at Fu Yin. Fu Yin lowered her eyes.

Ling Long immediately knew that this was Fu Yin’s revenge. She gritted her teeth, “It was you? You bitch, you just want to harm me! I knew it. I knew it since the day you entered. You are an evil witch!” She cursed hysterically as she threw herself at Fu Yin. However, she was held back by a guard.

Fu Yin took a step back and Lu Qi lightly took her hand. “Don’t worry. I am here.” He then turned to Ling Long. “Tell me. How did the pearl dress fall into your hands?”

Ling Long shouted, “I have been wrongly accused! That vixen is trying to harm me! I have always done my best in serving you. Young Master, why do you not believe me?”

Lu Qi scoffed. He ordered the guards to punish Ling Long. The sound of stick hitting flash could be heard along with Ling Long’s miserable cries. Initially, Fu Yin looked on happily. However, when Ling Long seemed to be struggling to catch her breath, she could not bear to watch on any longer. She even hesitated as to whether to help Ling Long plead for mercy.

Coincidentally, Lu Hanxing walked over. Seeing Ling Long get beaten, he could not help but speak up for her. “How much trouble can a dumb servant make? Lu Qi, you shouldn’t get too angry. Just beat her for show.”

Lu Qi spoke icily, “She dares to steal Yingying’s pearl dress. It won’t be a pity if I beat her to death.”

Lu Hanxing’s face twitched. “Oh? She is so daring. No wonder you are so angry.” He felt guilty and wanted to escape. “I recalled that I have other things to do. I shall head out and will take my leave first.”

Ling Long was in disbelief. “Lu Hanxing, you are not helping me after seeing me get beaten. I will not help you hide it any longer.” She turned to Lu Qi. “Lu Hanxing is the one who gave me the pearl dress!”

Lu Qi’s gaze crossed between Ling Long and Lu Hanxing. All of a sudden, he realised that there was something going on between the two of them and his expression darkened.

Lu Hanxing blew up in frustration. “You bitch, don’t randomly accuse others! Since when did I give you the pearl dress? You are the one that stole it and you are trying to blame it on me?”

Ling Long let it all out. “When Old Master and Young Master were imprisoned, you were the one that told me that you took all the valuables in the residence to bribe officials to save their lives. However, you took half of the valuables for yourself. You kept the pearl dress. You lusted over me and gave it to me in the end.”

“Shut up! Absolute nonsense! I will beat you till death!”

Ling Long did not care. She had to protect herself. “It is you! You’re the one who stole the pearl dress!”

“All of you better shut up!” Lu Qi coldly instructed Housekeeper Wu, “Punish all those that stole according to the house rules.” He was not going to let others laugh at him for getting taken advantage of.

Ling Long was horrified. “Please have mercy on me. I am innocent! I did not steal it, it was Lu Hanxing--”

Housekeeper Wu dragged Ling Long away.

Fu Yin had not been at the residence for long and did not know how they were going to punish Ling Long. She thought that the most they would do would be to throw her out of the residence.

Lu Hanxing did not even glance at Ling Long. Instead, he smiled crookedly. “Lu Qi, you are smart. You figured that that slut was trying to frame me…”

Lu Qi grabbed onto Lu Hanxing’s collar and dragged him to the study room.

Fu Yin heard punching and kicking sounds. She also heard Lu Hanxing’s cries of pain and knew that Lu Qi was teaching him a lesson. But deep down, she was slightly worried about Ling Long. She rushed down the steps and ran in the direction that Housekeeper Wu left. For a moment, she could not find them. She then caught sight of Housekeeper Wu walking out of their small courtyard, along with others. 

Fu Yin waited for them to go afar before heading into the courtyard. She pushed open Ling Long’s door. She was intimidated by the sight she saw. A rope was hanging from the beam and Ling Long was dangling in midair. A moment ago, she was alive and kicking, now she had turned into a ghost.

Fu Yin stumbled out of the courtyard. She never thought that just because of her selfish motives of not wanting to get bullied anymore, she would cause someone else’s death. 

As she ran, she saw a black figure. She immediately held onto the wall to stop herself. She saw Lu Hanxing walking away with a limp. Although his nose was bruised and his face was swollen, he was still alive!

Fu Yin furiously dashed into the study room and shouted at Lu Qi. “Why?!”

Lu Qi was bewildered. “What?”

Fu Yin stared straight at Lu Qi. “Ling Long is dead. Why is Lu Hanxing still alive? Lu Hanxing was the one that stole the pearl dress. Although Ling Long was in the wrong, her fault lay in accepting stolen goods. Was it necessary to kill her while the thief remains alive?”

Lu Qi’s expression turned solemn. “Are you questioning me?”

“Yes, I am questioning you.” Her body trembled as she thought of how Lu Hanxing had caused her mother’s death. “Why did you let Lu Hanxing live? He has done so many evil things. Do you think just beating him up for show is good enough? Why didn’t you kill him!”

Lu Qi slapped Fu Yin. “If you want to know why, let me tell you. Ling Long is just a servant. Although Lu Hanxing is useless and always causes trouble, he has the surname Lu and is still a member of our Lu family. And--” He lowered his head and coldly whispered Fu Yin’s ear, “Don’t forget. You are just a servant. Now get lost!”

Fu Yin furiously glared at Lu Qi before running out.

Lu Qi clenched his right fist and punched the study table. He was feeling frustrated. How dare she glare at him? Did she think that he would coax her just because she acted pitiful? Ridiculous!


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