Chapter 43.2: Wish Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

Sheng Chujun was wearing a sour face as he looked at the Fuan Temple at the top of the mountain. It was as high as the heavens. The uncountable number of white gleaming stairs was making him dizzy.

It is all his Elder Brother’s fault. He was always coming up with tricks and had spent the past few days sewing flowers. Their mother got frightened that Sheng Chumu was not thinking straight again and has been serving him carefully. When Elder Brother left the house, their mother had also kicked Sheng Chujun out and given him a difficult task. For every ten steps he took, he had to kowtow. He was to head to Fuan Temple to pray that Sheng Chumu will be able to marry the one he wants.

“For brotherhood…” He breathed in deeply as he rolled up his sleeves and climbed. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...bow...this year the worst thing to be is someone’s younger brother. Why shouldn't my brother be the one bowing and praying for me while I go out with girls? My mother is so biased.”

A fragrant wind blew past him as someone lightly bumped into him. After spending so much time amongst the flowers, he was particularly sensitive and immediately turned to look. Oh, a pretty lady. Deep black eyes, refined eyebrows and a white powdered face. It made one feel like squeezing her cheeks.

“Sorry.” The pretty lady was Sun Lingwei.

Ever since Chen Ji’s accident, she had wanted to ask her sister for forgiveness but her sister refused to meet her. She heard that praying at Fuan Temple was very effective and specially came here.

“’s okay.” Sheng Chujun was suddenly filled with energy as he walked in synchrony with Sun Lingwei. With shoulders side by side, he kneeled, bowed and thanked the heavens for being fair.

“My surname is Sheng. I like to read, ride and shoot. I have yet to marry. What about you?”

“My mother said that I should not talk to strangers.” In the end, Sun Lingwei still glanced at him. His eyes were bright, his nose was high and when he smiled, his teeth shined in white. He was handsome. 

“We even kowtowed together, how are we strangers? Who have you bowed sided by side before? There isn’t anyone, right? I am the only one, right? That proves that our relationship is not average.” Sheng Chujun’s greatest talent was smooth talking. It could even be considered the gift of gab.

“Who has a relationship with you? Rude.” Sun Lingwei laughed dryly. The way he put it was new and interesting.

“I was wrong. It is not a relationship, it is fate. Our fate is not ordinary. Hence, we are able to meet and kowtow together at the same place and time.” He managed to make her smile. It was worth it. 

“Frivolous. I am not going to talk to you.” Sun Lingwei sped up.

“You can choose not to speak to me. You just have to listen to me…” Sheng Chujun followed tightly as he chirped on deviously, “...then I picked up my father’s famous large hatchet and chased away the two men that dared to make fun of the ladies. Tell me, don’t you think I stand up for justice? I really hate it when men bully women. There was another time when I was walking in Chang’an’s main street and saw a thief…”

Unknowingly, they had reached that seemingly high and unreachable mountain top.

“You talk the entire way here. Aren’t you afraid that your mouth will dry up?” On the entire way, Sun Lingwei never looked at him straight in the face.

“You are so considerate. You worry that I get thirsty.” Sheng Chujun always found a way to draw their relationship closer. 

“I am despising you for talking so much…” Her ankle suddenly twisted and he caught her.

“I wanted to ask you, what are you wishing for that you kowtow so sincerely the entire way?” 

Women tend to say the opposite of how they feel. They complained that he talked too much but actually loved to hear him talk.

Sun Lingwei naturally did not wish to tell others.

“I know. You wish for a good marriage right? Oh my god, this Fuan Temple is too effective.” He was finally going to be blessed like his two older brothers. 

“How do you know that it is effective?” Sun Lingwei did not understand.

“You came here to wish for marriage and met me as soon as you stepped on the stone stairs. Isn’t it effective? I am right in front of you.” He was better than his Elder Brother and Second Brother. It was a marriage bestowed by heaven.

“Nonsense. Who said that I am here to wish for marriage?” Sun Lingwei blushed.

“You are easily embarrassed. You are blushing just because of this?” He felt a tingle in his heart.

Sun Lingwei ignored Sheng Chujun and walked into the temple. She wanted to take a wishing charm. However, Fuan Temple only gave out a hundred pieces every day and the last piece had just been taken. Sheng Chujun did not care. However, as he saw Sun Lingwei about to cry from disappointment, he went to pester the monks. Unfortunately, it was of no use. In the end, it was Sun Lingwei that had to ask Sheng Chujun to stop making things difficult for the monk.

Sheng Chujun thought about it. “Who cares about the wishing charm, I have…” He felt his inner pocket. “Oh! I have something here that is better than the wishing charm!” He took out Chuling’s peace knot. 

“This is called the Sheng Peace Knot. It can drive out evil spirits, protect and allow one’s wishes to come true. It is very effective. It cannot be exchanged for any amount of money.” Sheng Chujun saw that Sun Lingwei did not believe him. “I may do many kinds of evil deeds but I would never lie to a girl. Let me tell you, this is a secret skill passed down my Sheng family for generations. Do you know how my father, Sheng Xiaojing, gained the Emperor’s high regard? Other than his ability to win battles, more importantly, it was this Sheng Peace Knot. In the past, he used this Sheng Peace Knot several times to guarantee the Emperor’s safety. The Emperor was extremely pleased and conferred him the title of Duke Lu. Also, Princess Xinnan was sick last month. My brother sent her a Sheng Peace Knot and she immediately recovered. When it was Princess Xinnan’s birthday, she did not ask for anything except to plead with my brother to give her a few Sheng Peace Knots.”

Sun Lingwei’s eyes lit up. “Are you speaking the truth?” She then thought, “If you have such a good thing, then why do you need to come to Fuan Temple?”

“I…” Sheng Chujun had to give an excuse. He could not expose his elder brother’s secret. “...came to train. Climbing a mountain and kowtowing can train my legs and my waist. My amazing figure is all due to rigorous training.”

“How about I buy one from you?” Sun Lingwei did not want to make a wasted trip.

“You can’t. Because this thing can only be given to someone who is fated. We are fated so I will give it to you.” Human relations were much better than money.

Sun Lingwei hesitated but eventually accepted it. She urgently needed good fortune for her and her sister to make up.

“May I ask for your name?” Sheng Chujun took the opportunity.

Sun Lingwei was startled. “How can I tell others my name so easily?”

Sheng Chujun looked disappointed as he saw Sun Lingwei leave. Ah, after so long, he even gave her a gift and yet he could not even get her name. He had failed miserably!

Sun Lingwei suddenly turned back. “If my wish comes true, I will definitely return to repay the wish. I hope we will be fated to meet again.”

Sheng Chujun jumped up and waved enthusiastically. “Okay, we will meet again if we are fated!” When it comes to fate, it is not a coincidence. Anyone with a will, will find a way.

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Sheng Chujun is also shameless like his brothers... Haha.