Chapter 44.2: Fire and Blood

Court Lady

Fu Rou walked forward and maintained a calm expression although her eyes quavered with her worry. She did not know what method Chumu used to influence Master Yuan to help him. 

“The sky is full, the people are clear, the beauty is here. Her appearance…” Master Yuan continued, “She is incredibly lucky.” 

Grand Prince Liang roared with laughter. “It seems my taste in women is not bad.” 

Empress Zhangsun continued to inquire, “How about her and Prince Zhou…” 

Grand Emperor said, “Empress, why do you have to mention Prince Zhou? Fu Siyan is lucky and she should serve Grand Prince Liang. You have to give me some face and make me happy right?” 

Fu Rou could no longer maintain calm as she turned around nervously to look at Empress Zhangsun. However, Master Yuan impatiently waved at her and said, “What are you all so anxious about? I am not done speaking. Her luck is in contrast and conflict between the two royal men.” 

Grand Prince Liang frowned, “What are you talking about? Since she is lucky, why would there be conflict?” 

“Fate would differ between each person. Just like water, if a fish was put in it, it would swim freely. But if you put a tiger in it, the tiger would drown. Fu Siyan is strongly affiliated to the element of water but Grand Prince Liang, as the Grand Emperor’s son, has a strong dragon energy around him and is therefore affiliated with fire. If the fire dragon meets water, it will not be a good thing.” Master Yuan shook his head. 

The Grand Emperor did not give up. “What can be done if Grand Prince Liang wants her?” 

“Both sides will meet with calamity.” Master Yuan’s words immediately changed the Grand Emperor’s attitude. 

The Grand Emperor immediately opposed, “This cannot be. I am still waiting for grandchildren from Grand Prince Liang. Grand Prince Liang, let’s leave this matter as it is.” 

On the other hand, Empress Zhangsun was beaming with joy but she asked, “Master, you mentioned both royalties. What about Prince Zhou?” 

Master Yuan shook his head and explained, “As long as the man has dragon energy, he will not be suitable. Prince Zhou is also royalty and naturally will not be suited for her.” 

Empress Zhangsun sighed, “Thank goodness we came or we would have committed a grave mistake. Fu Siyan, you may take your leave.” 

Fu Rou slowly regained her calm expression and bowed to Master Yuan. “Thank you, Master Yuan.” 

She walked out of the grand hall and heaved a sigh of relief before breaking out into a wide smile. Sheng Chumu was smart and quick thinking to take care of the incident. However, Fu Rou was still clueless as to what method he used to get the famous Master Yuan to do as he wanted. 

“My lady, I have finally found you.” A priest caught up to her. 

Fu Rou recalled, “You are the person from yesterday…” 

The priest held a small bottle in his hands. “Senior Sun’s robe really returned to its original colour after being dried in the sun. The pill he made is also complete. This pill is very useful and Senior put in a lot of effort into making ten pills. It can cure a hundred kinds of poisons and save lives. Senior named it Rival King Yama. Even if one is left with a single breath of life, this pill will be able to save the man from King Yama. Senior asked me to give you these two pills to repay your kindness.” 

Fu Rou shook her head. “How can I accept this?”

“This is a gift for you, hurry up and keep it. It is a blessing for you.” The priest shoved the bottle into Fu Rou’s hands and continued, “Senior Sun said that he had used up his lifeblood for this elixir and he would not practice alchemy anymore. The two pills in your hands are two lives. Hurry and accept it.” 

“Then… thank you, Priest.” Fu Rou thought of Sheng Chumu. He was a general and he would be injured someday. She accepted the pills for him and replied, “I should personally go and thank Priest Sun for his generous gift.” 

“It is alright. Senior Sun needs to rest for more than ten days every time after he finishes practicing his alchemy.” The priest bade farewell to Fu Rou and left. 


At the grand hall, Empress Zhangsun stayed behind to talk to Master Yuan after everyone left. 

“Can you take a look at my fortune?” Empress Zhangsun went straight to the point. 

Master Yuan recovered from his mild surprise and laughed, “Your Majesty has the blessings of the heavens and will live to a thousand years.” 

Empress Zhangsun sighed, “Since I asked, I meant it with my heart. Master, you do not have to lie to me.” 

“Your Highness, life fortune telling is a big taboo among all taboos and it would provoke the gods. If I speak boldly, it will not only be bad for me, it would also be bad for you.” A long life may be filled with regrets but a short life could also be meaningful.

“If I wasn’t rest assured, why would I ask this? At the end of the Sui Dynasty, life was in turmoil and people lived like pigs and dogs. Master, you must have personally witnessed that terrible side. Thankfully, His Majesty is wise and has brought peace to the world. To be honest, this is not a situation we can truly be happy with. Great Tang is most afraid of a large internal fight. Many things have happened with the Crown Prince this year and with my illness… I am afraid that if I am gone, the Crown Prince will not be as stable and careful as need be. If things change, the internal court will be in chaos and this would not be good for Great Tang.” 

While Master Yuan was crazy over chess, he was very logical in all other matters. He answered, “I understand your worries.” 

“Since you understand, tell me the truth. How long more do I have?” 


“You just have to nod or shake your head. 

As she spoke, she reached her hand out and spread her five fingers only to see Master Yuan shake his head. She stretched out three fingers but Master Yuan shook his head again. Her expression darkened and she was about to hide another finger. 

Master Yuan interrupted, “Your Majesty, you may not have more than three years. Don’t ask any further.” 

“Not even three years?” Empress Zhangsun let out a long sigh upon seeing Master Yuan’s silence. She asked, “Is there nothing else I can do? Three and a half years would be good too.” 

Master Yuan shook his head and remarked, “Heaven’s destiny can not be changed by ordinary men. However…”

Empress Zhangsun’s eyes brightened, “However?” 

“Your Majesty must find someone by your side to help you in order to prolong your life. For instance, Fu Siyan; she has a strong water affinity while Your Majesty has a wood affinity. Water can help wood. If she stays by Your Majesty’s side, she can be of help.” The heart of the mother of the lands was just any ordinary mother’s heart. 

Empress Zhangsun fell silent for a long while before she nodded. 

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