Chapter 51.3: Fleeting Happiness Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

Fu Yin had a vacant look on her face as she walked slowly down the street.

Every morning, she would hate herself when she saw Lu Qi sleeping beside her. Revenge, revenge. In the end, she was the one that suffered the retaliation. She shared the same pillow as her enemy and in her tummy, she bore her own flesh and blood as well as that of her enemy’s. Every time she thought of this, the love and hatred in her heart would clash and she would feel herself crumbling.

“...Yin’er, you are daydreaming again.” Lu Yingying ran over. “I called you a few times.”

“Let’s go back.” The noise was making Fu Yin’s head hurt.

“I brought you out because you’ve been looking so depressed and worried these few days. ” Lu Yingying dragged her and walked into a wine house. “As a person that has been through this, let me tell you that you should not keep your troubles to yourself. You should find a nice place and talk to someone about it. You will feel much better.”

Fu Yin laughed, “The nice place you are referring to is a wine house?”

“You have troubles and I have troubles too. To people with troubles, a wine house is the best place to be.” Lu Yingying’s expression suddenly turned desolated. “In the past, I never knew that a wine house was such a good place. Ever since I met him, I finally realised…” She was seasoned in downing the cup in one go. 

Fu Yin looked at Lu Yingying. She had always felt like Lu Yingying was hiding a secret. Today she could confirm that the secret had something to do with a man. She could not help but wonder who Lu Yingying liked. Lu Yingying had to hide it from her brother and father and had to down her sorrows. 

Two wine jars were emptied in a flash. Fu Yin hadn't even finished a single cup. They were all drunk by Lu Yingying.

Lu Yingying held the wine cup and muttered to herself. “...He said that I was not that valuable. Since he looked down on me, why did he give me the Zhenzhu Life-saving Pill? Do you not like me at all or do you like me a little bit but is not willing to admit? No matter what it is, you have hurt me thoroughly. With the memory of one night, I won’t try to ask for anything else. I didn’t do it for you, I did it for myself. In my lifetime, I will not beg you nor bother you…”

Fu Yin looked at Lu Yingying as she lay on the table, seeming to have fallen asleep. She finally dared to say what she was feeling. “Ever since I stepped into your Lu family, I am no longer the cute and kind Yin’er I used to be. I have turned into a bad woman, an unfilial woman and a murderer. I killed Lu Hanxing.”

Lu Yingying suddenly opened her eyes; a look of disbelief was written on her face. “Who did you say you killed?”

Fu Yin did not know how to respond and stared wide-eyed as Lu Yingying ran out of the wine house. She rushed to chase after her and grabbed onto Lu Yingying’s sleeve. Pain could be seen on her face. 

“Don’t touch me!” Lu Yingying felt like her expression was hypocritical and immediately shook off Fu Yin’s hand. She turned back and glared. “You murderer! Second Aunt has done so many favours for me and my brother. If not for her, Elder Brother and I would have died a long time ago. My cousin is her only son!”

Fu Yin was unstable and fell backward a few steps. A horse was galloping fast towards her. The rider saw someone in the way and immediately pulled on the reins and bellowed, “How dare you block my way? I will kick you---”

Fu Yin lifted her head in shock.

“Oh, it is a pretty lady.” The rider was Grand Prince Liang and his attitude immediately changed when he saw it was an attractive woman.

Grand Prince Liang was assisting Prince Zhou to settle the case when he slept with General Fan’s concubine. The Emperor was furious and removed him from the case. Grand Emperor had also reprimanded him and he was in a horrible mood. Who knew that a pretty lady would fall in front of him. 

Lu Yingying recognised Grand Prince Liang and knew his reputation. She did not want to help but as she thought of Lu Qi, she eventually walked beside Fu Yin and greeted Grand Prince Liang gracefully. 

“Greetings, Grand Prince Liang. I am Lu Yingying.”

“Lu Yingying?” With such an extraordinary beauty like Lu Yingying, Grand Prince Liang no longer looked at Fu Yin. “This surname--”

“My father is Lu Yunji.” Lu Yingying brought up her father. “The one who dashed out in front of Your Highness is a servant from my household. Your Highness, please be magnanimous and forgive her. I will discipline her once I get back.”

Grand Prince Liang’s eyes curved and he smiled. “Okay, I will give you face today.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Lu Yingying glanced coldly at Fu Yin. “Servant, are you not going to follow?” Fu Yin lowered her head and walked quickly after Lu Yingying. 

Grand Prince Liang gazed at Lu Yingying’s back view for a long time, with a lecherous smile on his face. 

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