Chapter 79.2: Shoot Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

By the lake on the outskirts of the city, Prince Zhou was lying on a huge rock and suntanning, with his hands tucked behind his head. Unlike the brutal and bleak winter in Chang’an, the weather was good here. The yellow grass was slowly turning green again, spring was about to come. 

Someone came to the huge rock and smiled. “Blood is flowing in the city but you are enjoying the peacefulness here.”

Prince Zhou glanced to the side, it was Fu Shui. 

“Didn’t you run pretty quickly too? On such an important day, you should be staying by the Crown Prince side and watching the show unfold. If you think you can gain anything from me, I am afraid I am going to let you down. You should look for my mother.”

He was just a chess piece. He was not even as important as Fu Shui. Fu Shui was the chess player. 

“Can’t I be like you and occasionally find a peaceful place to enjoy the scenery?” Fu Shui did not mind the snide in Prince Zhou’s tone. “Yan Zifang’s secret message is about to arrive.”

Prince Zhou smiled. “The Crown Prince thinks victory is in his hands. He would never expect that the person he trusted most to betray him right from the beginning. From the start, he was bound to fail.”

Yan Zifang had sent Ma Haihu to send a message to the Emperor in the Hot Spring Palace. In the letter, it was written that the Crown Prince had been bewitched by Grand Prince Liang and was going to kill Prince Han and take over the palace. 

Prince Zhou continued, “You really choose the best time to get Yan Zifang to send the letter to the Hot Spring Palace. If you sent it any earlier, Imperial Father would rush back in time to save Prince Han and Prince Han would not die. Any later, the Crown Prince would gain control after killing Prince Han and take over the throne, causing Imperial Father, who is outside of the capital, to lose everything. Then the entire world would belong to the Crown Prince. As long as the letter is not sent too early or too late, it will ensure that Prince Han will die and Imperial Father will rush back in time to gain control. The Crown Prince will not obtain victory. Fu Shui, you are really talented. Everything has been calculated by you.”

“Thank you for your praise.” Although Fu Shui could not hear any hint of genuine praise. 

“However, you are also stupid.” Alas, Prince Zhou still had things to say. “There was once a person that was going to be the ruler of the world. He looked to you as a friend and trusted you. However, you conspired against him and betrayed him, causing him to lose everything. Have you ever thought that if Li Chengqian were to ascend the throne, he would bring you riches and power? He might even give you more than what my mother would give you?”

“I have always been planning hard for your future. Now as we are about to succeed, you are saying such words that sway one’s heart. The one that is stupid is not me, it is you.” Fu Shui did not understand Prince Zhou.

“If the Crown Prince is dead, will you be upset?”

“No.” Fu Shui’s expression did not change. 

“You are an emotionless person.” Prince Zhou could not bring himself to admire this kind of person.

“I am someone that wants to achieve my own dreams. For this, I can lie, hurt others and do anything. Of course I can be heartless and emotionless.” Although the Crown Prince treated him well, it was a pity that he was the son of Li Shimin. 


Du He led an army to try and control the East City. Lu Qi was supposed to capture the city gates but was stopped by Yan Zifang. 

“If I were you, I would not go to the city gates.”

Lu Qi was puzzled. “What did you say?”

Yan Zifang spoke the truth. “The Crown Prince is bound to fail. We have no need to perish with him.”

Lu Qi suddenly drew out his sword and pointed it at Yan Zifang. “I knew you were up to no good!”

Yan Zifang’s expression did not change. “You can kill me but you won’t be able to save the Crown Prince from failure. The Emperor has already received the letter exposing the Crown Prince’s plot. The main army is most likely in the midst of returning to the capital. The Crown Prince’s new chair has not even been warmed and he is about to receive the fury of the Emperor’s main army. He has no chance of winning. All the Crown Prince’s henchmen will be wiped out.”

“Only we know about the Crown Prince’s plan, who would send a secret letter to the Emperor?” Lu Qi suddenly looked fiercely at Yan Zifang. “You…”

Yan Zifang openly admitted, “Of course it was me.”

“You traitor!” Lu Qi swung out at Yan Zifang.

Yan Zifang blocked his sword with a single move. “I have never truly sided with the Eastern Palace. However, as your saviour, I would warn you one last time. The Eastern Palace is about to go down. Your only way is to leave Chang’an.”

Lu Qi bellowed, “Why should I believe you?”

“You can choose not to trust me. However, I have already given up claiming my contributions to the Crown Prince and admitted to you that I was the one that wrote to the Emperor. Do you think I would lie to you? Let me tell you. I am actually with Prince Zhou.” Yan Zifang took out a badge.

Lu Qi was shocked. “This is Concubine Yan’s trusted item! You…”

Yan Zifang replied, “Right from the beginning, Eastern Palace was being played and controlled by Concubine Yan. Concubine Yan knows all about the Crown Prince’s plan.”

Lu Qi was still suspicious. “My father and you are enemies. Why would you save me?”

Yan Zifang fell silent for a moment. “I want Lu Yingying.”

Lu Qi misunderstood and thought he was a pervert. Lu Qi grew furious. “You want to humiliate my sister to get your revenge. I will kill you!”

Yan Zifang blocked his move and did not do more. It was obvious that Yan Zifang was holding back. “With the Eastern Palace’s failure, your father and you have pledged loyalty to the Eastern Palace. Grand Prince Liang is also doomed. Other than me, who reported to the Emperor, who else can protect your sister? If Yingying does not follow me, she would truly be humiliated! Now, you have two choices. You could follow the Crown Prince and get destroyed by the Emperor’s army; with you and your father branded as traitors, Yingying will be banished as a slave. Or you can protect your own lives and hand your sister to someone that truly loves and can protect her. Choose!”

Truly loves Yingying? Lu Qi was slightly confused. However, as he saw Yan Zifang’s determined gaze, he unknowingly believed him slightly. As he thought till here, he shouted out loud. He knocked Yan Zifang’s sword away before turning to leave.

Yan Zifang knew that he was heading in the direction of Duke Chen Residence.

As soon as Lu Qi returned to the residence, he instructed Housekeeper Wu to pack their luggage. He returned to his own study to burn some documents. As he was burning them, he thought of Fu Yin. He then threw down the things in his hands and walked out. Unexpectedly, he knocked into Fu Tao.

Fu Tao was startled. Sheng Chumu had informed him and he knew things would get chaotic today. He intentionally avoided Lu Yunji and Lu Qi. He was here to take Fu Yin away.

Lu Qi was confused and did not think too much about Fu Tao’s appearance. He even thought that Fu Tao would be a good assistant. 

As the two of them walked into Fu Yin’s garden, Fu Tao saw that the windows were hammered shut with nails and wooden planks. There was even a chain as thick as a wrist around the door. He could not help but become furious. However, when he saw Lu Qi smash down the door, he was slightly confused.

Fu Yin was calm as she saw Lu Qi walk in. “You are finally here.”

A glimmer of hope flashed in Lu Qi’s eyes. “Were you waiting for me?”

“That’s right. I was waiting for you to end all of this. End my pain as well as yours. Ever since I have decided to follow you, I have been living in pain everyday. I had countless nightmares and have always been awoken by them. Now, what I really want is to end everything.” Fu Yin had thought things through. Only death could free her.

“Okay, I will give you what you want.” Lu Qi suddenly drew his sword. As soon as Fu Tao saw this, his expression hardened and he silently took out his dagger. He approached Lu Qi quietly.

Fu Yin noticed and her breathing quickened. As Fu Tao raised the dagger, she could no longer continue sitting and pretending. She ran over and hugged Lu Qi, turning her own back to Fu Tao.

Fu Tao was shocked but seemed to realise something and quickly put away his dagger.

Lu Qi did not see anything. Fu Yin’s hug made him feel that warmth had seeped into his bones. However, in the next moment, his eyes turned icy.

“How many more times are you going to do this? Are you going to play with my feelings over and over again? Don’t you hate me? Don’t you want to kill me? Wasn’t Du Ning the guy you love most? Who do you think I am? In order to survive, you are now willing to hug me?” He suddenly pushed Fu Yin away and shouted out loud. He lifted his sword and swung it down.

The wooden table in front of Fu Yin split into half. Lu Qi shouted, “Xi Tao! Take this woman away from Chang’an!”

Fu Tao thought that things were going his way and went to help Fu Yin. Fu Yin suddenly thought of their child. “No, I don’t want to go. What about my child? I want to see my child!”

Lu Qi’s voice lowered, “You never wanted to give birth to him. What right do you have to see him? Xi Tao, take her away!”

“Yes.” Fu Tao forcefully dragged Fu Yin away. Once they got out, he lowered his voice to explain. “The Crown Prince wants to kill Prince Han and take over the throne. My teacher is already prepared. Lu Yunji and Lu Qi had pledged themselves to the Crown Prince a long time ago and they are about to be in trouble.”

“What?” Fu Yin wanted to get rid of Fu Tao’s hand. “I want to take my child together!”

Fu Tao did not let go. “I heard Lu Qi instruct the housekeeper to send the child out of the city. Let’s leave first, we can’t stay here any longer.”

“Lu Qi…” Fu Yin was worried.

“I am afraid that he will be running away faster than you and me. He has already instructed the stables to prepare the fastest horse.” Fu Tao made up lies. At this time, bad people will bring about their own self-destruction. As for good people like them, they had to let heaven lead the way.

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