Chapter 80.2: Losing Battle

Court Lady

Sun Lingshu held a wine cup in her hand. She was smiling widely as she stood in front of Fu Rou. “Court Lady Fu, back then I was grateful for you. If you did not help me alter my dance costume to become one that rained petals, I would not have become the Crown Princess.”

“Back then, you were a simple and innocent lady from the Sun family. I never thought that you had such a weak will. After you became the Crown Princess, you suffered a little setback and turned to walk the wrong road. You turned into a crazy woman. If Lu Yingying was the one who had entered the Eastern Palace, she would not have become like you. Because I did not like Lu Yunji, I helped you to defeat Lu Yingying. My selfish ways have caused harm to others, I am extremely regretful.” Fu Rou looked coldly at the smiling face in front of her, she was a complete stranger.

A cruel expression appeared on Sun Lingshu’s face. “You are not allowed to talk about Lu Yingying! That despicable woman. She did not manage to seduce the Crown Prince so she sucked up to Imperial Mother and made Imperial Mother pressure me. She almost made the Crown Prince accept Lu Yingying as a concubine. His Highness can only have me in his heart, no one can steal His Highness’ love! When the Crown Prince ascends the throne, I will be the Empress and I will kill that despicable woman!”

Fu Rou sighed, “You have really gone crazy.”

Sun Lingshu laughed out loud. “Isn’t the Royal Palace most suitable for crazy people? You are not as crazy as me. That’s why you are the one that will be dying.”

Two palace maids grabbed hold of Fu Rou. Sun Lingshu grabbed onto Fu Rou’s chin and was about to pour the poison wine into her mouth. A guard dashed into the room. “Crown Princess, bad news. The enemy has infiltrated the Eastern Palace...ah!”

The guard cried out miserably as a sword pierced through his chest. He then collapsed onto the floor, showing the person that killed him - Sheng Chumu.

“Sheng Chumu!” Seeing how he was safe and unharmed, Fu Rou immediately forgot about her surroundings as delight shone over her face.

When Sheng Chumu saw her he could not help but freeze. He never expected to see Fu Rou in the Eastern Palace.

Sun Lingshu pulled out a hairpin and pressed onto Fu Rou’s throat. She spoke viciously, “Sheng Chumu, how dare you enter the Eastern Palace. When the Crown Prince returns, you shall die!”

Sheng Chumu smirked, pretending to be calm as he mocked, “Are you sure that the Crown Prince can return? The Crown Prince has gone insane and secretly sent people to assassinate Prince Han. However, since I am now in the Eastern Palace, where do you think Prince Han is?”

Sun Lingshu was frenzied. “Prince Han...he should be…” She had definitely seen the signal. Prince Han should be dead!

Fu Rou felt Sun Lingshu panic and immediately struggled. 

Sun Lingshu became alert and the end of the hairpin cut Fu Rou’s neck. “Stop moving or I will kill you!”

Sheng Chumu was startled but maintained the same expression. “Prince Han has gone to the Royal Palace. The Crown Prince is also at the Royal Palace now. Do you want to know what Prince Han did to the Crown Prince?”

Sun Lingshu knew that something must have changed. “I want to see the Crown Prince. Bring the Crown Prince back to the Eastern Palace right now. If not, the woman you love will die before your very eyes!”

Sheng Chumu pretended not to care. “She used to be the woman I loved. But that is not the case anymore.”

Sun Lingshu did not believe him. “Who are you lying to? If you did not care about her, you would have fought your way in already. Why would you still be talking?”

“Sigh, although we have cut off all relationships, we once had a past. If you want to kill her, go ahead. At most, I will help her take revenge. Kill her and I will kill your son.” He stretched his hand out and showed a bundled baby. The reason why he bothered talking so much to Sun Lingshu was actually to buy time. He was waiting for Ye Qiulang to bring the Imperial Grandson over. 

“Xiang’er!” Sun Lingshu was so shocked she seemed to lose control. “Return my child back to me or I will kill her!”

“Dream on.” Sheng Chumu caught her off guard as he threw the doll behind him. 

Sun Lingshu ran out without caring about anything. As she saw her son in Ye Qiulang’s arms, she knew it was too late. She had fallen into their trap. She was restrained by Zong Jianxiu.

Fu Rou opened her mouth but did not know where to start. As she saw Sheng Chumu walk to her with her solemn face, she thought that he was going to treat her coldly again. However, he suddenly hugged her. 

“I am useless. Even if I make ten thousand resolutions and cut myself ten thousand times to break it off with you, I still cannot help but dream of you. When I see you being restrained by others, I was so scared that my soul left my body. You made a u-turn at death’s door, it is as if you were reborn. Can we forget about everything that happened in the past?” Sheng Chumu spoke what he truly felt.

However, Fu Rou pushed him away and looked back at the box by the corner. Her eyes were filled with sorrow.

Sheng Chumu rambled on, “The Eastern Palace is finished, the power struggle in Chang’an is stable now. The sky has cleared after the rain. Be it Prince Zhou or Yan Zifang, they can go to hell. Rou’er, don’t lie to me anymore and I will not upset you anymore. Let us return to the past. Let us go back to how we were in Guangzhou. Can we live the rest of our lives in happiness? I know that I was absurd in the past and made many mistakes. But I really can’t live without you. After going through so many hardships, can you give me another chance? Oh right, Lian Yan’er, I really have nothing on with her.”

He pulled her hand, wanting to leave the room. However, she tugged lightly on his hand. 

“Rou’er, is there something wrong?” Was he too late in asking for forgiveness?

Fu Rou brought Sheng Chumu to the front of the box. His eyes became fixed on Chujun’s lifeless face.


Lu Yingying assessed her surroundings. She was in a desolated mountain area. She grew more and more suspicious as she pulled on the reins. “Yan Zifang, where is my brother?”

Yan Zifang had gone to the Liang Residence to look for her. He said that Lu Qi and Sheng Chumu had fallen out and had fought. Yan Zifang said that Lu Qi was injured and even took out his jade pendant and a letter. She was worried about her brother’s injury and followed Yan Zifang out of the city.

Yan Zifang did not say much as he pointed to the front. “You will see him after you turn that corner.”

Lu Yingying decided to trust him one more time as she turned onto the mountain road. She saw a wooden hut amongst the forest. She breathed out and rode to the hut. As soon as she dismounted, she ran into the hut.

“Brother! Brother!” There was no one on the outside, she ran further inside. However, she did not see any sign of Lu Qi.

When she turned around, she saw Yan Zifang close the door. She immediately became alarmed. “You lied to me?”

“I lied to you. The truth is your brother is not injured. At this moment, he should have already left Chang’an. However, I only saved Lu Qi, because I like you and I can’t watch him die.” Fu Rou said before that his actions were still that of the pirate. He admitted to it and he would not change. 

Lu Yingying walked around Yan Zifang and headed for the door. 

Yan Zifang did not hold her back. “Yingying, Grand Prince Liang is not going to survive. You are safe here.”

Lu Yingying turned back sharply. “What did you say?”

Yan Zifang replied, “Grand Prince Liang colluded with the Crown Prince to rebel. He is going to be executed for attempting to rebel.” Moreover, he was the one that sent the letter to the Emperor and he spoke very badly of Grand Prince Liang. Grand Prince Liang’s future was set. 

“Rebel?” Lu Yingying thought back on Grand Prince Liang’s behaviour the past few days. He had indeed been behaving quite strangely. Moreover, the Crown Prince and Prince Han’s struggle was open.

She muttered to herself, “Grand Prince Liang, how can you be so foolish…” The Emperor agreed to let him stay in Chang’an as long as he did not create trouble. He could have had a peaceful life. 

“The Emperor already knows about the Crown Prince and Grand Prince Liang’s plot to murder Prince Han. He is rushing back from the Hot Spring Palace. When the Emperor is back, he will punish the rebels. When that time comes, I am afraid that the entire Chang’an will be dyed red. Grand Prince Liang’s household will also be implicated.”

Lu Yingying headed towards the door again. Yan Zifang could not help but hold her back. “Where are you going?”

She did not turn back. “I am returning to the Liang Residence.”

“A couple is like a pair of birds. When trouble comes, they will fly their own way. Moreover, you were forced to marry Grand Prince Liang! Did you forget what a despicable man he is? Did you forget how he tortured you in his residence? What about the scars on your body? Have you forgotten about those?” He really could not understand. “And don’t you like me?”

She pulled her hand with all her might. “Let go of me!”

“In order to save you, I have been extremely busy. However, you are willing to die with a man that abuses you.” He was not willing to let go, anger burning in his eyes. “Aren’t you hateful?”

“Who is the one that is hateful?” She found it funny. “Back then, I begged you earnestly but you did not care about anything. Now that I am married, you are trying all ways and means to get me back. You're the hateful one, Yan Zifang! That’s right, I did not want to marry Grand Prince Liang but I could not disobey the Imperial Decree. Where were you when I had no choice but to force myself to smile and marry into the Liang Residence? Grand Prince Liang has done many wrongdoings, but he is finally repentant. He is starting to know how to treasure things. I am trying my best to be a wife and I don’t want to betray him when he is at his lowest point. What is wrong with that?”

“You are always thinking about others, but have you thought about yourself? Do you really want to be Grand Prince Liang’s wife? Then why do you try every way to not remain in the same room as him? You are deceiving yourself!”

Lu Yingying was horrified and embarrassed. She slapped Yan Zifang. “How dare you...pry into other people’s privacy.”

Yan Zifang’s expression did not change. “To know yourself is to know your enemy. That is how you can defeat them. Ever since Grand Prince Liang married you, he became my enemy.”

As he spoke, he took off his belt. She became frantic, “What are you trying to do? Yan Zifang, if you dare to violate me, I will bite my tongue and commit suicide!”

He carried her and pressed her down onto the bed. Using his belt, he tied her wrist to the bedpost. He wanted to laugh but did not. “At this point in time, how can I have crooked thoughts?” He then turned serious. “It is dangerous out there. You have to stay here.”

She blushed and could only attack him with words. “I hate you!”

He accepted it calmly. “I deserve it.”

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