Chapter 83.1: Karma Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

It was late at night. Fu Rou was beside Concubine Yan’s bed. Prince Zhou sat by the side, holding a book in his hands. However, he could not focus a single word, his attention was completely on Fu Rou.

“I heard…” 

“Don’t mention him.” She already knew what he wanted to say.

“Him?” He pretended not to understand. “Who is he?”

Fu Rou did not reply as she helped Concubine Yan tuck the blanket properly.

“I heard that someone went against you in the Internal Attendant Department.” He watched her expression carefully. “I heard that some general even drew his sword out and pointed it at you. He did not even care about your past relationship.”

“It is because he was heartbroken over his elder sister and younger brother. The anger overcame him and he acted rashly.” In the end, they were still going to talk about Sheng Chumu?

“I was also heartbroken because of my mother, that's why I wanted to interrogate Situ Zhen.” He brought up Sheng Chumu just to find a scapegoat for himself.

“People who act quickly often do not consider their actions. Sometimes when we act in the heat of a moment, we have to pay the price. I thought Your Highness knows the palace rules well. It is not like you to act rashly.” She is forced to be prejudiced. She was afraid power had eroded everyone here.

“Is that why you did not give me face? It was for my own good?” On the contrary, he could somewhat understand why Sheng Chumu raised his sword at her. 

“To him, or anyone else. I have never meant them harm. If every word and action is born from kindness, it will naturally get good results.” She only wanted to do what was right.

“It is easy to say but things don’t often go as one desires. What if you don’t get a good result eighty to ninety percent of the time?” He was not as benevolent as her.

“Die with no regrets. At least you will have a clear conscience.”

Even if she had to go alone and the people around her started to disappear, at least she knew the road in front of her was bright.

Prince Zhou suddenly grabbed onto Fu Rou’s hand and stared deeply into her eyes. “Don’t die. A person like you must live well.”

Fu Rou asked, “A person like me? What kind of person am I?”

“A kind, loyal, upright...fool.” He can't do it, so all he could do is to slowly let go of her hand.


Another day passed, Concubine Yan remained unconscious. Because of Yu He’s insinuations, the Emperor specially invited various famous physicians into the palace. As long as they could cure Concubine Yan, they would be rewarded with money and could enter the Imperial Physician Department.

Several famous physicians came. However, they were unable to do anything. There was only one physician left. The imperial physician outside spoke to him first. He thought that since the man was young and hot-blooded, he might speak frivolously and wanted to chase him away.

However, the Emperor called him in.

When Prince Zhou saw who it was, he was shocked. He never thought that Fu Shui would use this method to openly enter the palace once again.

Fu Shui was self-assured and confident. “Long live Your Majesty. As long as Your Majesty allows me to give Her Highness acupuncture, I will be able to wake Her Highness.”

The imperial physician still objected. “This person wants to use acupuncture on Her Highness’ three points, the Baihui, Yintang and Fengchi points but does not know how deep to go? This kind of incompetent student are only out for the money. Please consider carefully, Your Majesty.”

Fu Shui replied, “I have learned from my father since I was young and have cured several people. I am not incompetent. I don’t know how deep the needle should go in because Her Highness’ illness is uncommon. According to what my father said, when treating uncommon diseases, one has to be able to change according to the situation. You cannot just stick to old ways of acupuncture. You always have to check the patient’s reaction and how the needle feels and make amendments. Your Majesty, please give me a chance. I believe that I will be able to wake Her Highness up with my acupuncture.”

Prince Zhou received several looks from Yu He and understood. This was a plan that his mother, Yu He and Fu Shui had set up a long time ago.

Prince Zhou chuckled bitterly and muttered, “Imperial Father, so many physicians have come to assess Mother’s condition but they were all helpless. Only he dares to speak up. Let him try it.” He was born as a son but was merely a chess piece. How pathetic.

Fu Rou could see the instability in Prince Zhou’s expression but did not know the reason why. She took an objective and partial stance. “Her Highness’ body is precious. It is already out of the ordinary to let outsider physicians treat her. Moreover, this treatment method is special. It is too risky. Perhaps we should properly assess his medical abilities before making a decision?”

Yu He spoke, “Your Majesty, all the invited physicians have been assessed by the Imperial Physician Department. They are all proficient in medicine.”

Prince Zhou kneeled and requested, “We cannot afford to delay Mother’s treatment any longer. Please make a decision as soon as possible, Imperial Father.”

The Emperor finally nodded and spoke to Fu Shui, “If anything happens to Concubine Yan, do you know what the consequences are?”

“I will put my life on the line. I will definitely cure Her Highness!” Fu Shui talked big.

However, after the acupuncture, Concubine Yan remained unconscious. The Emperor was furious. “An incompetent physician!”

Fu Shui looked slightly panicked, “Your Majesty, I have absolute faith in my acupuncture. It must be because Her Highness has been unconscious for a while and needs a longer time to wake up.”

However, the Emperor had no patience and immediately called for people to drag Fu Shui out. 

Yu He suddenly spoke, “Your Majesty, maybe we should wait a while. Perhaps Her Highness is about to wake up.”

As the Emperor looked at Concubine Yan’s pale face, he was extremely anxious and did not listen to advice.

Seeing how Fu Shui was about to be dragged out, Yu He fell into a kneel in front of the bed. He lifted Concubine Yan’s arm and shook it. He cried out miserably, “Your Highness! Your Highness! Hurry and wake up! Seeing you like this is making my heart ache!”

Fu Rou stepped up to stop him. “Chief Yu, stop! Although you are loyal, Her Highness is still unwell. How can she withstand such roughness?”

Yu He ignored Fu Rou and continued to shake Concubine Yan. “Your Highness, please open your eyes. His Majesty and Prince Zhou are all waiting for you!”

Concubine Yan suddenly coughed. Yu He looked pleasantly surprised, “Your Highness?”

Prince Zhou fell to a kneel in front of the bed and looked at her emotionally. “Mother?”

The Emperor’s eyes also flashed; he was worried that he had misheard. Concubine Yan slowly opened her eyes. “It is so bright, what time is it?”

Yu He turned back and dashed out of the room shouting, “Her Highness is awake! Her Highness is awake!”

Fu Shui, who was being dragged out of the door, turned back and smiled.

Fu Rou looked at Fu Shui and then back at Yu He. A strange feeling came over her. 

Concubine Yan was awake and the Emperor was delighted. He thought that Fu Rou had spent a lot of effort taking care of her and allowed her a day of leave. Fu Rou wanted to go back home. Unexpectedly, she bumped into Sheng Chumu outside the palace gates. They were both slightly surprised and the atmosphere was slightly awkward.

Zong Jianxiu saw how Sheng Chumu’s eyes were fixed on Fu Rou and lowered his voice, “General, do you want to go over and say hi?”

However, Fu Rou walked past Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu’s gaze was locked on her. 

Zong Jianxiu mumbled to himself, “Your eyes are about to fall out from staring at her. You should just talk to her.”

An unexplainable surge of anger rushed over Sheng Chumu and he could not stop himself from calling out loudly, “She is extremely well-liked by the Emperor. Do you think we are worthy of talking to her? Stop overestimating ourselves!”

Fu Rou suddenly walked back. “General Sheng.”

Sheng Chumu immediately lifted his arrogant head. “What do you want?”

“Everyone says that General Sheng is good at martial and literary arts. I believe that you are not only good at horse-riding and archery, you must be good in your studies as well, right?”

“I am alright.”

“Have you read the Buddhist scriptures before?”


“Then do you believe in karma?”

“In Court Lady Fu’s eyes, what is karma?”

“Everything has a start and an end. Having bad intent will result in a bad ending, while having good intentions will lead to a good ending. By acting on kindness, not turning to evil deeds in a rash moment, one will find peace in the end even if the road is difficult.” She hoped that he could understand.

“Are things in this world so simple?” He really thought that she was too gullible.

“It is because the things in this world are too complicated. That’s why we have to use the most simple method to not forget who we are.” She has never forgotten her first and foremost intention. It was to leave this place and be with him. “Doing evil deeds will lead to a bad outcome. Perhaps doing kind deeds will eventually lead to good outcomes. That is why I want to ask you if you believe in karma.”

Sheng Chumu’s heart wavered. Prince Han was right and he was not stupid either. He knew Fu Rou had stopped him from killing the Crown Princess to protect him. This was the step that she had given him once again. He was about to step--

“There is no karma, there is only gratitude and grudges.” Prince Zhou interfered once again. He was composed as he walked out of the palace gates. “Sheng Chumu is not a monk, how would he know about karma? A general who has been on the battlefield only believes in gratitude and grudges. I also only believe in that. For example, Court Lady Fu, I have gratitude towards you.”

“How could you possibly be grateful towards me?” Fu Rou’s head hurt. 

“When my mother was sick, you accompanied me every night. If not for you, how would I have survived these past few days? Don’t worry, in the future, I will treat you well.” Prince Zhou intentionally spoke affectionately.

Sheng Chumu’s expression turned frigid.

Fu Rou did not want to explain. If just because of a few of Prince Zhou’s words, Sheng Chumu would turn cold towards her, then she did not want to force him. She turned to leave.

However, Prince Zhou did not finish what he wanted to say. “General Sheng, Court Lady reads a lot but she is becoming a little foolish. She told me about karma last night as well. However, in the long night, with a beautiful lady next to me, anything she says is nice to hear.”

Seeing how Sheng Chumu was glaring at him, Prince Zhou was satisfied and turned to leave. When it came to Fu Rou, he would give up if Sheng Chumu was adamant and did not let go of her. However, if Sheng Chumu lets go of Fu Rou, he would hold onto her even more tightly. He was going to let Sheng Chumu make the decision first. This was already gentlemanly enough of him.

Zong Jianxiu was careful, “General…” He was thinking of how to phrase his words. 

Ye Qiulang ran over from the other side. “General, that brat is running towards us.”

Sheng Chumu regulated his breathing and calmed himself down. He grabbed onto the hilt of his sword and reminded himself not to forget what they were here for. 

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