Chapter 93.1: Golden Branch Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

As it neared midday, Fu Rou had been sitting in her office for half a day. It was not that she did not do anything, but she has done whatever she could. She was now just waiting for the news.

Zhenzhu walked in. “Court Lady Fu, the princess wants me to inform you that she has no way to get out of the palace and Imperial Guard Sheng has not returned either. She wants me to ask you what is so urgent that you are in such a rush to find General Sheng. If it is really urgent, Her Highness said that she will think of another way. After all, she is the Princess. She can force her way out and no one can do anything about it.”

Fu Rou chuckled bitterly, “There is no need. Zhenzhu, thank you for coming over. Please help me to thank Princess Xinnan.” Now that Concubine Yan was in charge, she will not tolerate Princess Xinnan’s wilfulness.

Zhenzhu took her leave.

Fu Rou stretched her palms out and stared distractedly at the bottle for a while. “I can’t gamble. I cannot afford to gamble. But, Prince Qin has to stay alive!” She took off the bottle cap and moved it closer to her mouth.

“Court Lady Fu, I finally…” Yang Bo’s head peeked out from the door. He was smiling.

Fu Rou was startled and the bottle in her hand shook. A few drops spilled out and evaporated into smoke as soon as it touched the ground. 

Yang Bo’s face changed as he rushed in to snatch the bottle away. He poured the poisonous liquid into the flower bed underneath the window. “I saved your life. But you don’t have to be courteous. Why would you do something so stupid? If you have any difficulties, tell me. I will definitely help you.”

Fu Rou shook her head. “Even if I tell you, you can’t help me.”

Yang Bo protested, “If you don’t tell me, how do you know that I can’t help you? You look so downhearted. Are you really the Court Lady Fu I know?”

Fu Rou plucked up her courage and told him everything that happened.

“So someone is using your family to threaten you and you have to die in order to protect your family.” Yang Bo understood. “So you chose to die?”

Fu Rou was helpless. “Yes.”

“What if midday passed and you still haven’t died?”

“Then my parents, sister, nephew, second uncle and auntie will all be in danger.” Fu Rou sighed, “But I can’t leave the palace and have no way to tell them the news nor ask someone to save them. It’s almost time.”

Yang Bo suddenly pursed his lips. “It is not that there is no idea. From what it seems now, you only have one choice, which is to die in order to protect your family. However, I can still help you with the method of death.”

Fu Rou did not understand. Yang Bo’s eyebrow rose. “Court Lady Fu, when people in the palace are given poison wine to commit suicide, do you know where the poison wine is from?”

Fu Rou’s expression shifted slightly.

“That’s right, granting poison wine is done by the internal attendants.” Yang Bo carefully flipped his belt. He revealed a second layer beneath his belt. He pinched out a small item and handed it to Fu Rou. “Chief Cao secretly hid a kind of medicine and I, coincidentally, picked one that dropped.”

Fu Rou took it. “Could this be...a medicine to fake death? But why would Chief Cao hide something like this?”

“Think about it, Chief Cao has served for so many years and has sent out so many imperial orders. He has seen many people die after being granted poison wine. He is afraid that he would be one of them one day.” Yang Bo thought that it was normal.

Fu Rou gave Yang Bo a letter. “In my will, I wrote that I hope to be sent to a crematorium outside the palace after I die so that my family will be able to bring my ashes back to my hometown to bury.”

“Good. When the time comes, I will beg Chief Cao to let me personally send your body out of the palace. I will then find a desolate place and wait for you to wake up. No one will know anything.”

Fu Rou looked at the pill. “Will this really work?”

Yang Bo shrugged. “I can’t help you with this, I have never tried it. I heard that this thing really hurts people. When you consume it, although you will not really die, you will feel a pain equivalent to death.”

“I am not afraid of pain as long as I can live.” Fu Rou tilted her head upwards and lifted her hand.

Yang Bo shouted, “Wait!”

Fu Rou paused and looked at Yang Bo in confusion. Yang Bo said, “Court Lady Fu, I have never tried this pill before and don’t know if it works. If you don’t wake up after consuming it, will your spirit seek revenge on me?”

Fu Rou wanted to laugh. “In order to save my family, I was ready to give up my life. You have given me a thread of hope. I will not seek revenge on you, I will only pray for heaven to protect you.”

Yang Bo quickly waved. “There is no need to protect me. Just don’t come and scare me at night.”

Fu Rou tilted her head upwards. Yang Bo shouted once again, “Wait!”

Fu Rou sighed, “What now?” Shouldn’t she be the one that is hesitating?

Yang Bo said, “Wait for me to leave before you consume it. You are the court lady of the Six Offices. After you take the medicine, you will fall to the ground, your heart will stop beating and you will stop breathing. If other people see me in here, I will be doomed. Let’s not make it such that your death is fake and mine is real. I am leaving.” After he walked out, he even helped to close the door. His voice entered from the small gaps of the door, “Wait for me to walk far before taking it.”

Fu Rou sat alone for a while. After she thought that it was about time, she muttered to herself, “Father, Mother, Fu Yin, Shan’er, Second Uncle, Second Aunt, I will fight to live. So you all have to be safe.”

Fu Rou tilted her head back, ready to eat the Fake Death Pill. However, the door was pushed open forcefully. This time, the one who interrupted her ‘suicide’ was Sheng Chuling.

Sheng Chuling stared at the pill in her hands, and immediately took it. “What is this?”

“Don’t bother about me. Give it back.” Fu Rou immediately snatched it back.

“If not for Elder Brother’s orders, I can’t be bothered with you.” He really could not understand the relationship between these two. It made him confused as to what to call her.

“Did Chumu ask you to come? But you are too late, even if you send the news now, it won’t make it in time.” She had no way out.

Sheng Chuling mumbled, “What choice did I have? Yesterday night, Elder Brother was busy trying to send your parents out of Chang’an…”

Fu Rou suddenly grabbed onto Sheng Chuling’s arm. “What did you say? My parents?”

“I came to find you especially for this.” He did not idle. “Elder Brother wanted me to tell you that he has already sent your parents, your sister and your what second uncle...anyway, they have all been sent off to a place that only Elder Brother knows. You can rest assured.”

“Really?” Fu Rou was delighted.

Sheng Chuling looked weirdly at her. “Of course it is true. Did you think I have nothing to do so I came here just to entertain you? I will only do that for Xinnan. Eh? Why are you so emotional?”

“Concubine Yan was lying to me. My parents are safe…” She looked at the medicine in her hand and rushed to throw it away. As she thought about it, she started to feel fear. But when she thought about Chumu, a sweetness came into her heart. “How did Chumu know that Concubine Yan would try to attack my family? How did he send my parents out of Chang’an before Concubine Yan? He is too amazing.”

“Of course, Elder Brother is an exceptionally talented general. He has the ability to predict things. So Sister-in-law--” Forget it, Elder Brother probably will not repeat this again. He should just call her Sister-in-law. “In the future, you better be submissive, respectful…”

Fu Rou looked at him coldly and Sheng Chuling quickly changed his tone. “Actually, Elder Brother values you greatly. Ever since he returned from Daci’en Temple, he has sent someone to secretly protect your family. However, the people that he sent said that he found suspicious people lurking near your second uncle’s house. Perhaps they were here to scout first. Elder Brother was worried that your family would be in danger and immediately sent them out of Chang’an.”

Fu Rou could finally feel relieved. She turned to take out an intricate puppet from the cupboard behind her. “For you.”

“For me? Or for Elder Brother?”

“For you.” She was grateful to him too. “Chuling, you gave me the news that I wished for the most. I know that you don’t lack anything in the Duke Lu Residence and can only give this to you. This was given to me by a subordinate out of respect. Take it for Princess Xinnan, she will definitely like it.”

“Xinnan really likes this kind of children's toy. She is so childish.” Although this was what Sheng Chuling said, he also enjoyed playing with those things. “Thank you, Sister-in-law. I am going to Xinnan’s place for my duty. Do you have anything you want me to tell Elder Brother?”

Fu Rou did not even think about it. “Tell Chumu that he is the most indomitable, mightiest and capable man in my heart.” Now, passing on a message is not easy, she could not be reserved anymore. She had to take the chance.

Sheng Chuling coughed, “Oh my god, Sister-in-law, you usually don’t say romantic things but when you do, it is huge. It is even more cringey than Elder Brother.”

Fu Rou watched Sheng Chuling walk out. Her legs gave way and she fell to the ground.

“Fu Rou ah Fu Rou, Prince Zhou was right. You are too naïve. You almost gave away your life just because of what someone else said. You always think you are smart but you were deceived by your own cleverness.” She let out a long breath and patted her heart. She had a rare moment of wittiness. “I must definitely not let Chumu find out, if not he will scold me to death.”

Fu Rou walked over and picked up the Fake Death Pill and placed it in a small bottle. She shook it lightly and listened to the sound of the pill rolling in the bottle. Her expression became serious. Next time, she would use it correctly.

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omg they completely cut this scene from the drama -_-" It's sooooooooo confusing to watch. Good thing you guys are reading! <3